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Peter Crouch is looking for Tottenham to put the disappointing defeat at Sunderland behind them by reaching the FA Cup final.

Crouch will face his former side Portsmouth in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley on Sunday, with a possible date against Chelsea or Aston Villa awaiting the winner.

Spurs also have difficult Premier League games coming up against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City as they look to get back fourth place.

“We’ve got some important fixtures coming up now so we’ll work hard this week and start by trying to get the right result next weekend,” he told the official Spurs site.

“Sunderland was a big disappointment but we’ve done well this season especially away from home, where we’ve won games people might have thought we’d lose.

“We’ll pick ourselves up and make sure we finish the season strongly.”


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  1. I need to apologise to my fans when i seen Sunderland performance against Liverpool the alarm bells where ringing in Davspurs head. You see i headed for Yorkshire on Thursday to visit to my Mother in-laws, my Daughter got me a dongle for my Lap top .I tried to get it to work but to no avail the signal was weak just like our performance and my warnings never got printed .This was our Gossip dossier that me and the Rumourman and the North West Cockerel pieced together and Technology and not the FA prevented me from telling my doubting fans How Wunderland would play faster and better than when they had played against the the Bunnies Liverpool. I must repeat this is only fiction of my imagination and is until they catch the cheating swine's a million pound bet with paddy power away from the truth. Here is my findings firstly the Referee Mr Mason he spent four years at Liverpool University and is a member of the famous Uni football team still to this day he must have friends in the city at least three judging by the penalty's he gave . Secondly we had a far better Goal different s but with the three Goals Sunderslow gave Liverpool and the five they should have scored we would be only one goal ahead of the cheats sorry i mean Liverpool. Thirdly i quote Bobby Gould comments on Talk Sport he said all the years of watching Football i have never seen a team chase the ball like Sunderland and whatever they have had i want some tomorrow, also this quote the from the Daily Star sports writer Ian Murtagh the red cats tore into a Spurs side who in the first half at least had no answer to the pace energy and zest of there opponents. This and our injury's all helped in the Liverpool and Sunderland plot to gain points for Liverpool and Jones is Transfer to The red faces if they finish fourth. I could tell you how the bunnies helped Sunderland to speed up there very slow pace at LIVERPOOL to in the words of Gould Football he has never seen before well i have and i have seen what makes it and no one believes it even my own Fans so lets clap Sunderland for getting that extra Tempo to beat Spurs just like Stoke Wolves and the late scorers Birmingham have done. Everton and Liverpool have both had some of there own medicine used against them and ruined there plot to get that fourth spot , wake up Harry its targeted point steeling with Tempo from a bottle if you believe Paddy Kenny cough Mixture. Keep the Faith i am back and watching our opponents and Bellamy and is ex teamLiverpool closely. COYS

  2. Interesting stuff.

    Not wanting to nitpick an otherwise watertight argument, but if Sunderland can get guaranteed wins by taking this so called 'energy' why don't they take it before every match? Then they could win the league.

  3. the reason is in the sudden deaths last year and Paddy Kennys 9 month ban weight loss and illness and also me highlighting cheats i have done this in every game except wolves Stoke at home and you would go grey if i told you who i discovered taking this drug two years ago. And if they catch players they don't tell you and me they go missing with injury's for months they did in training and the team suffer a slump till desperation sets in Like Sheffield utd did when Paddy Kenny failed is test for Ephedrine till The FA excepted is excuse he accidently bought it in a chemist for a bad chest . When i highlighted our ex player Andy Reid had lost loads of weight Sunderland where flying he disappeared they went crap and now they are back after flirting with Relegation a few weeks ago. Andy lost twenty two pounds on Sunderland's run why couldn't he lose it when he played for us and why wouldn't Ireland use him when he was playing well the reason Fifa are proper testers and another player i Highlighted amongst many was Man Citys Ireland he to is missing please dont question me i have evidence and uk sport confirmed to me its rife there words not mine and they cant catch them or the FA wont let them.


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