Dalglish: Spurs were the better team


Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish admitted that Tottenham were the better team in our 2-0 win at Anfield.

A superb Rafael van der Vaart volley and penalty from Luka Modric meant that Spurs are now back in fifth place ahead of Liverpool.

“They probably played better than us on the day,” Dalglish, who signed a three-year deal to remain as manager earlier this week, told Sky Sports.

“I don’t think Pepe (Reina) had too many saves to make, but then we never did enough at the other end either to make it decisive for us.

“It is a disappointing way to finish the season in our last match at Anfield, but I don’t think it takes away from the fantastic job we’ve done since January.”

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  1. I've seen many a Liverpool fan complaining about Howard Webb and his refereeing as if he only made terrible decisions which affected them. Webb did have a poor game. He should have sent Suarez off for violent conduct and he should have booked Maxi for a clear dive. These were clear cut decisions that he got wrong and failed to apply the rules of the game correctly. (see Kabul's sending off against Newcastle, the letter of the law was applied there!).

    The penalty, their gripe, it might have been outside the box, it might have been shoulder to shoulder, but, if a Spurs defender went in like that in a shoulder charging fashion I would be anoyed at them for being reckless.

  2. Howard Webb had the worst game ever in the world cup final, if he had had balls he'd have sent off four in the first half. His missus got him right.


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