Spurs end interest in Damiao


Andre Villas-Boas defended Spurs’ transfer-window policy and practically ruled out another bid for Leandro Damiao.

Many Spurs fans were left frustrated at the lack of an arrival of a new striker at Tottenham which leaves us with just Jermain Defoe as our only senior striker while Emmanuel Adebayor remains on international duty.

Internacional claimed last night they did not let Damiao leave for White Hart Lane because Spurs’ offer, reported to be £13million, did not meet their valuation of the player.

“We’ve approached this market very sensibly,” the Tottenham manager told a press conference.

“I’ve said in our conversations that if (the Damiao bid) was going to go out of proportion, we would step out of it.

“We have made it public before that he is a player that we chase, but we couldn’t agree on the full conditions so we’ve moved on.”

“No I don’t think (it will happen in the summer),” Villas-Boas said. “It’s probably finished now.”

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  1. Good I'm sick to death of him. We need to get CL qualification in the bag (not easy now) and spend £20-£30 million in the summer on a marquee signing who is worth that kind of money.

  2. Seriously, Levy offered £13m??? Doesn't that say everything about that tiny little man who genuinely believes he's some sort of Transfer-buying Guru. What a plank!

    I hate Levy, he learnt nothing from last season's collapse when he refused to made a mess of the January transfer window, and he's done nothing again. He deserves the Europa Cup. And he will get it. Cheers Wanker!

    • I hate him as well but he's no fool.His ambitions for Spurs are not to reach the top.If that happened,Spurs would have to break their wage structure and pay higher salaries to incoming talent.As long as Levy and Enic are running the show,nothing will ever change.

    • I totally understand your view but it's a bit harsh to brand Levy as you've done. True we all believe that we need another striker but if it were as easy to land a player as you suggest then I'm sure Levy would have. He has spent millions on the team so far and almost certainly will do again. We never really know the truth about how these deals progress (or not) All we ever get is bulshit from every hack and journo who has access to Twitter and a phone. All we can do is hope JD stays fit and that Ade returns refreshed and ready to put in a shift after a successful AFCON with Togo.Keep the faith and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe Holtby will turn into VDV mk2 and save us all?

    • Levy is putting the right conditions into place that will Spurs become a major player in world club football,We may be frustrated at the players who got away in the last couple of windows,Moutinho,Leandro but we can never be manipulated by foreign clubs who see us as a great big cash cow.With AVB we have the very best young coach in British football,thanks to Levy.Spurs fans need to recognise the progress we have made in recent years without billionaire owners and oil or steel barons ruining our legacy as a football club that just does things right. Bill Nicholson refused to pay over the odds for many players that were itching our grasp because he refused unreasonable under the table backhanders to some players that ended up in Liverpool,Everton or evn Arsenal. Glad to have Levy as our chairman,better than most of the others.

  3. How right you are my friend he can't continue with the "IF WE QUALIFY ILL SPEND BIG" u need to spend big to qualify in the first place you tit. Once again another promising season will go to shit because we simply can't score.

  4. Hh1, i question how long you have been a spurs supporter!!!

    Levy, is the best chairman we have ever had! We have played some of the best football the prem has seen in the last ten years!! Before levy it was 20 years of dross!! It was like going to white hart pain every week!! Get a grip!!!!!!

    You are the wvorst type of spurs supporter!! Go and support man city you goon!!!

  5. This site is censored!! This is a levy hating site!! You are so wrong!! Tottenham with levy is a competing team! Not middle table feeder club any more!! Up levy!! 13 million is a lot of money for an unproven strikerin the european leagues!!!

  6. levy… you absolute tight arse! Once again you have failed this club by failing to bring in another striker.. can you not see how desperate we are for one.. champs league… you're having a laugh!

  7. Levy quibbles over two million because he thinks this a businesslike approach. But how is it good business sense to lose out on CL qualification with the revenue we’d stand to gain? He’s chucking away tens of millions for the sake of two or three.million investment.

    Is he a bit thick?

    • No, I'm sorry mate, but you are the one who is a bit thick. Levy runs Spurs as a self sustaining club with the ability to compete regularly in a financial matter WITHOUT champions league money. Any CL revenue that we get is completely a bonus. And thank the heavens that Levy runs it like that. What would happen if we spend big on £20mil rated Damiao, and he got injured in his very first game for us, and we then go on to lose out on Champions League having already spent that money we assumed we would get? We would be in a financial predicament, and would have to spend several of our best players in order to break even again, let alone even being able to spend more in the summer transfer window which would be totally off the cards. If you want an example of this, look to La Liga with FC Sevilla. They were a consistently CL team, and decided to spend their assumed champions league money in the january window. However, they missed out on champions league and racked up £40mil in debt, thus being banned by EUFA from CL for the next 4 years, and having to sell some of their best players like Negredo for £10mil. Trust me mate, feel bloody lucky we have Levy as our chairman.

  8. Just keep buying the shirts and eating the horse-burgers you mugs. I'll buy you a striker the day my foreskin grows back which could be any day now so hush-up and I'll pretend I give a shit.


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