Damiao deal looking dead in the water


UPDATE – Reports are now claiming that Internactional are refusing to sell Damiao during the January transfer window and a deal would have to wait until the summer. The search for a striker goes on….

OLD: Sky Sports news are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur are back in the race to sign Internacional striker Leandro Damiao.

Every transfer window we are linked with a high-profile transfer only to be let down at the last minute, let’s hope it’s not the case with this story. The Daily Mail reported earlier today that we are in a race against time to sign the Brazilian forward for around £18million.

According to the report, Internacional are holding out for £20million with the deal coming to life during the summer.

I guess it will be a case of just staying glued to Sky Sports News and hoping we can bring in a quality forward.

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  1. I think your alittle late in breaking this news, sky sports have been saying that for a while, on the other hand they say it doubtful that it will happen but you never know. Articles are popping up all over newsnow the deal is off…… So I think its a no go…. But I’d love to be proved wrong.

  2. It’s off! It’s on! It’s off! ……….

    This deal was never, will never, ever happen. I could spend all night saying why but, I have neither the time, nor the requisite writing skills to do so. So I will not. Just take my word for it. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

  3. This is a lazy blog! Get a grip! Im so sick of sites like rehashing thesame old stuff!

    Is the writer of this 12 years old!

  4. There must surely be more to this than meets the eye, why wood Levy risk losing this player for the difference between 18 and 20m, just pay 20m, and get this done. Our pathetic pursuit of this player is getting embarrasing.

  5. They are fkkin around with our brains on this. We cannot compete with the Russian billions with Willian going for £32 million we never ever will get him.

  6. for those smart and quick there was money to be made on this as it was never going to happen this windon.Was 5/4 on sky bet to NOT happen now 1/6.In other words its not hapening been confirmed on many other sites.

  7. Aint gonna happen anyway – Levy will do his same old shit, offer a 2-bob note and packet of cheese&onion crisps and smile his shit-eating grin thinking he's clever. Twat. Fucking hate Levy

  8. It appears that Internacional reject a 17 m bid. If this is true, WTF is wrong with levy? 20 m was the price always quoted, why not pay it? This is probably, like a lot of other stuff, rubbish. However if its true then, Levy, you are a complete ficking arsehole.

  9. Reading all these comments i have never been so embaressed about the iq of my fellow spurs fans!!

    This is not fifa13, this is real life!!

    Why the hell would anybody in the real world spend 20mill on a player who has not played any top tier european football!!!

    You are all idiots!!!

    Holtby was superb business, and we have lost a lad of crap off a wage bill, to go towards funding players in the summer!!! Well done mr levy!!

    Shame we couldnt offload bentley too!!!!

    Coys – its never been better!!

  10. Reading all these comments i have never been so embaressed about the iq of my fellow spurs fans!! This is not fifa13!!

    This is real life!!

    And when has anyone believed anything said in the daily mail!!



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