Well done Daniel Levy – Modric not for sale at any price


Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has come out fighting and insisted that Luka Modric will not be sold for any price.

Levy’s comments come after Modric admitted that he would like to move to Chelsea following a derisory £22million bid for the Croatian.

Let’s hope that Levy can now stick to his word and keep our key players at the club this summer.

In a statement on the official Spurs site, he said: “I wish to make it absolutely clear, as I have said previously, that none of our key players will be sold this summer. We are building a team for the future to consistently play at the highest level and retaining quality players is crucial to that.

“In respect of Luka Modric, we are not prepared to sell, at any price, to Chelsea Football Club or any other club.

“We made our stance on this issue abundantly clear in writing to Chelsea. They chose to ignore it and then subsequently made the offer public.

“For the avoidance of any doubt, let me reiterate that we shall not enter into any negotiations whatsoever, with any Club, regarding Luka.

“We now consider this matter closed.”

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  1. I hope this is true, and we don’t sell him..if we have to sell him to Watford if he can’t bring him self to leave london

  2. At last, well done Mr Levy.

    We need to put a stop to this nonsense

    Chelsea should be find

    if they were told no and then go ahead to turn the players head and it sends a false message to other clubs and us the fans, its a disgrace

    shame on them

    Hope we stick it to them next time we meet !

  3. I said it before, I’ll say it again. We are not the same meek club that were bullied by united and berbatov. Wenger has done it with fibreglass, now harrycan do it with modric, “you’re not leaving son”.

  4. Good on Levy.If Modric still wants to leave us.make him wait until the last minute,and make them pay dear.35/40mil.I think he is an excellent player.But no player is bigger than the club.If he was to make life difficult for Tottenham.Hold on to him and then loan him out to a championship club.that should sought his ego out.Its not as if we do not have other very caperable players at the club.Anyhow he would go from being a first chice player to a bench player.

  5. So pleased Levy has come out and issued this statement. Needed to be done. If he still says he wants to leave after this ambitious statement from the chairman then let him leave. However, if Luka ever was to be sold it would be a crime to sell one of the worlds best (much better than Torres) for anything less than £50mil.

    In fact i would quote a minimum to Chavs of £60mil + Drogba & lets see how what they think about that. Lets play them at their own games.

  6. Well done Levy! It is about time clubs took the power back and actually made a contract mean something. He is signed to the club for another 5 years and I hope he is embaressed when he turns up to pre season training. He no longer gets my support after THFC took a chance on him when he was an unknown. I wish some loyalty would make its way back into football!

  7. Small clubs can’t dictate how much they get for their players.

    This is merely Levy trying to save face.

    Modric will go, for around £30m. Fact.

    • Any club, regardless of size, can dictate what they want when they've got the player tied down to a six year contract. You're not dealing with mugs here – Just ask SAF!

      • Once Chelsea have equalled our trophy haul, or have been as succesful as us in European, I may perhaps begin to conceed that they on a level with Tottenham. Until then they wil always be a jumpd up yo-yo club to me.

  8. Levyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    I don’t care if he’s now gonna be a benchwarmer.. He ain’t going to Chelsea – end of.. He can go to Watford or Brentford if wants – but not them.

    Go on Levy.

  9. Best news I’ve heard all day. Well said Daniel. Any more of this nonsense and we should report the offenders (Chelsea, Man U or anyone else) to the FA for breach of tapping-up rules!

  10. Fans player of the season last year, what are the odds on the same feat being achieved next season? ha.

    I think arsenal have led the way in the way they’ve dealt with the Fabregas situation, glad we have taken the same approach, ballsy thing to do.

    Would still like us to go and buy another midfielder like Parker or another creative midfielder, his young compatriot who is said to be ‘the new Modric’ Milan Badelj to make him worry for his place and have someone training really hard week in week out to take that spot from him. Might make him feel differently about us as a club.

  11. I for one am heartily fed up with all the rumour-mongering going on with the object of a) unsettling the player(S) or b) pissing off us Spurs fans… roll on the new season!!

  12. Mate, you lot are deluded, Modric is as good as our player, he's said he wants to move, and will be a Chelsea player come the 1st July 2011, all for a price of £25m.

    • Ha ha ha ha £25 million and you call us deluded?

      We signed him for £16.5 million when unproven in the prem! He has ptoved himself now and signed a 6 year contract last season.

      If you do sign him it will be over £35 million.

  13. Well done Daniel. Now stick to your guns. In a couple of years time financial freaks like Chelsea will have to toe the line and the playing field will be a bit more level. In the meantime anything they win is meaningless.

  14. We will not sell our best players. Where have I heard that before?

    That is right it was just before Carrick and Berbatov were sold.

    How long before we hear the phrase “we wanted to keep him but once a players head is turned…”

    If we really want to keep Luka the club needs to seriously invest in the team and especially get some strikers in – then he will not want to go.

  15. if somehow we dont get to keep him,and sell him for big money,i think we should go and get Wesley Sneijder,BUT I HOPE WE STICK TO OUR GUNS,Go ahead DANNY BOY let them know whos BOSS.

  16. Well done Levy….I think this will decide if we are really serious about being a top four (or better) club for the next several years…I particularly like the "For the avoidance of any doubt, let me reiterate that we shall not enter into any negotiations whatsoever, with any Club, regarding Luka."…And he's no Berbatov…I can't see him trying to sulk his way to a transfer…

  17. Cant help feeling that if we were moving to the Olymipic stadium next year, which will be one of the best stadiums in the world then players would be wanting to join us, not leave us.

    If we have ambitions to be the best then we need to play in the best.

    All fans need to realize this or every pre season will be exactly like this one.

    I love White Hart Lane as much as anyone, but this proves we cannot afford to let sentiment get in the way of progress.

  18. Superb Mr Levy

    Cant help thinking that if we were moving to the Olympic stadium next year players would be looking to join us not leave us.
    As spurs fans we have to wake up to the fact that our stadium cannot generate enough cash pay top wages.
    If we are to be taken seriously then a move would be of benefit to Spurs as a football team.
    If supporters do not wish to go to the Olympic stadium then how about Wembley, they are in need of finance.
    Remember, if we dont want to go through all this next season with Bale, VDV or any other star players we must not let sentiment get in the way of progress.

  19. I was also over the moon when I read Levy’s statement, however i have also now read Luka’s comments in the Daily Mail, it is clear he wants to leave & there is also the point of view in what is the point in keeping an unhappy player?? He WILL NOT give 100% next season if he is unhappy.Utd had to give in & sell Ronaldo, Liverpool had to give in & sell Torres, so why should we think we can hang on to Modric?

  20. Well he said he would prefer to go to chelsea. But if he doesn't get the move, i hope he doesn't sulk like Bloody Berba! He has got great character. Hope he maintains that. Wonder if his money minded agent made him say that? Cause we all know the huge cut the agent will get. First he says Modric is valued abt 40mil then he tell Modric to publicly state that he wants to leave.

  21. chelsea should be find? Find what? THis is an acute example of semi-illiteracy coupled with a strong dose of circumlocution or as this media insists on circumlocution.
    Let the prick go if he wants out. Thats why we shouldn't get slags who know nothing about the shirt.

  22. Levy is a crank, if we went to the Olympic stadium we'd be a byword of what we once were even worse than now. Look at
    QPR playing in the huge White City in the 60's, that looked crap didn't it and us playing in the olympic stadium would be the same. Levy says he is a SDpurs supporter but hes not really, hes just someone who thinks he is.Alan Sugar was better than him but the trouble with Sugar was that he couldn't take the rough stuff and wanted to be seen as a God all the time. I'll give Levy his due he is different to that but hes not a real Spurs man simply from the fact that hes willing to go to East London.Toittenham may have become a backwater from Suanders of the River population wise but its still WHL. Its not Tottenham anymore granted but it is the spiritual home of all our past greats.

  23. i would like to reiterate the fact that in the past i've stated that we sold modric against his will then that would be a betrayal but if he insists on moving let him move for 40 mil, asfter all he plays great for one game then normal for four, he's not Fabregas and he's not even in the class of scholes.
    We need to get players in who really want to play for us. I'm glad we got rid of Berbetov and fink Carrick and I'm specially glad that Carrick looked like Glenn Hoddle's wet jock strap against Barcelona at Wembley.

  24. Luka is, if not loyal, incredibly professional. If we do not sell him, he will continue to play his arse out. Now we really need a £25m player to show we mean business. If we finish in a good position (1st – 4th) our players will stay.

  25. Levy is a tosser , he wanted us to go to a morally bankrupt stadium, is that cool? tHE SHIT STARTED WITH THAT PRICK IRVING SCHOLAR AND HASN'T DIED DOWN EVEN YET.Levy knows that if he lets Modric go then hes suddenly just declared "We're shit and you know we are".

  26. CFC=When the fat Russkie gets nicked as in well nicked you are going back to places like fuckin oldham where your ancestral playing rights are. Chelsea have never been as big a side as The Spurs, you are doing ok now but for all the money you spent does it make any fuckin sense. The Russkie is a fat wanker and its only a question of time befrore hes off the scene.
    What made me laugh bout Chelsea supporters was the fact that they are supposed to be hard but everytime Cass Pennant took the Shed every fuckin year with a handful of west Ham=well what about that wanker?


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