Levy has ruined our club


Who does Levy think he is? Signing the French national captain? Signing the Germany Under-21 Captain? Signing both of them for much less than their true value? I hate him.

I hate the fact that he hasn’t backed AVB. Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele have all proved to be rubbish. And Dempsey, Sigurdsson and Adebayor are League 1 at best. How dare Levy spend only £50m on strengthening the squad? I thought he was meant to be supportive of AVB? It’s not as if the support clearly started when he appointed AVB in the first place is it?

And Lewis Holtby. What is Levy doing? Signing one of the best young talents in Europe and Germany U-21 Captain for only 1.5m? Is he having a laugh? I thought he loved AVB – but surely if he did, he would have signed Lionel Messi for £250m of his own money. Wow, AVB may even walk at this lack of support. Wouldn’t be surprised.

I hope all the fans sing really abusive anti-Levy songs at our next home game. He deserves it. He’s only taken our club from mid-table mediocrity to consistent top 5 whilst always ensuring that our finances are in check. He’s only endorsed building a new 60,000 seater stadium whilst spending £50m+ on strengthening the squad in the same season. What a hopeless Chairman. Anyone would think he wants the club to fail.

[End of satire]

So-called Spurs fans need to grow up. Of course it is disappointing that we didn’t sign a striker. But we got to 4th with this squad, now we’ve added Holtby, so let’s press on and cement 4th. The way some of you are talking it’s as if we’re suddenly threatened with relegation.

We have one of the best managers in the league and one of the best squad harmonies in the league as well as a range of attacking options and great defensive strength in depth. We have the French national captain in goal and the German Under-21 captain in the middle of the park, as well as the former England captain in our squad.
Grow up, stop moaning, and get behind our club. We can do this.

By Alex Beck

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  1. great article i couldnt of put it better myself. Just cant believe all this anti-Levy rubbish going around. the talent in the squad is fantastic plus a good bunch of youngsters to back them up and a training ground which has been described as the best in Europe with the building of the new stadium Levy will make us title contenders please sit back think what we were like 5-10 years ago we are on another level.

    • Mate I hate to say it but I do think Levy is a touch to "immovable object" at times. However, we are not Chelsea, nor are we Man City. Both of these clubs it seems, are flouting the so called "Financial Fair Play" rules. That aside, even if they are not, we just cannot pay the same sort of money as these teams.

      Whilst I was, like everyone, disappointed that we did'n't get the players we would all love to see come to the club, I do think that we can still do ok. Ade will be back soon, and he can only get better. Talk of him losing interest may or may not be true but, as far as I know, he's happy enough. He is just on a bad run of form for us. I think he scored in the Africa Cup of Nations, and with any luck he will be back firing them in for us.

      I have been part of the "anti – Levy" brigade; more than once calling him everything, but he is a businessman, not an idiot. Businessmen are not in the habit of running there businesses into the ground. The good ones don't anyhow, and Levy appears to be a half decent one. So lets alll try to get behind the team. COYS

  2. I actually don't think there has been a lot said against Levy over the past few days. At least 90% of the comments I've seen in online forums have been positive. Can't understand why articles like this are trying to convince us of something we already know. Boring.

  3. i would agree on most of this BUT this is the same thing we had last season we didn't strengthen where we needed last season and it cost us a 12 point lead over the scum and Champions League football.
    also feels like we have been waiting for this new stadium for the last ten years other than a few buildings knocked down we look no nearer to having our new stadium than ever.
    i just hope being Levy's bargain basement Transfer dealings when we really needed a striker doesnt cost us.

    OFF TOPIC But i hate the modern day fan i am disgusted we went out the FA Cup without a fight and if we do the same in the Europa League the current crop of players are complete ….s.
    Football is about winning things and i want to see Tottenham Hotspur WINNING things again.
    Audere Est Facere.

    • Let´s follow your logic through. We had a 12 point lead with a squad of players up to Jan.
      But Arsenal closed this gap. Who did they get to strengthen, more than us? They did n´t, but still closed the gap.

      Are you saying that a 12 point lead was not enough with that squad or maybe it was the tactics of how that squad played? Like going to Arsenal, being 2-0 up but having a far too open formation and losing 5-2. We only needed a point and the gap would have been still been 12. Instead it became 9. That point would have given us 3rd.
      Could you see AVB being so flamboyant? I can´t. He´s smarter than that. He doesn´t hope and hit. He plans.

  4. You're a friggin' STAR mate-I'm exhausted, exasperated, bemused and bewildered by some of the cretins who claim to 'support' our club. PlayStation has so much to answer for in this pot noodle age.

    • Cause Chelsea, The Champions of Europe did so well against QPR. Its a hard league. You dont win every game. If you want to watch a league that easy. Go watch Celtic

    • Riiiight! Are you twelve years old? So on your logic, Chelsea have no talent because they couldn't beat QPR either. And in fact, any time any team doesn't get a good result, they have no talent. That about sum up your ridiculous point?

    • When other epl managers are saying what a strong squad spurs are these days and you say the opposite, you sound like one of those who can never feel proud of their children because in your eyes they will ever be good enough. Go back to arsenal where you belong.

  5. Mr Levy is a very good business man however how well does business and football mix? I for one truly believe that they are very different entities. Football is about passion and business is about good business sense and knowing how to turn a profit. Mr Levy is trying to do both things at the same time and that strategy is not going to win the championship now is it? since Ginola left we have been looking for a left winger (Bale was an accident) now we need a striker and I suppose Mr Levy is waiting for the next accident to happen.We need a Manchester city/Chelsea type benefactor but even if one appeared do you think Mr Levy would entertain the thought of losing his platform/ his stage? we must be vocal and let our feelings be known because we are spurs not Mr Levy!!! its us who feel the shame its us who walk into wok on Monday morning feeling like **** whilst Mr Levy sips champagne thinking only of profits!!

    Nuff said COYS

    • How was Bale an accident? We signed him as a left winger. He played his first 8 games as a winger, and even scored 2 goals. The only accident was him getting injured during that bright start. Levy's policy of buying young got us Lennon, Bale, Dawson, Hudd, Walker, who helped us to 2 4th places and now Holtby, Siggy, Lloris (young for a keeper). Will continue. Bang up job by Levy. We buy reasonably priced players, sell high and REINVEST the profits made. Thanks Daniel for taking us out frin bottom half regularity!

    • What feelings? The feelngs that he's doing right by our club? If you think for one minute that there should be a revolt on the terraces because we didn't sign a striker for stupid money in this window you'll be one lonely man.

    • you are a fairly simple type aren't you. I'm flabbergasted by all these accidents that have happened since DL became chairman. Let's see, which accident shall we start with? Is it the 5 tope five finishes since he took over compared to, oh, nil in 11 years with Mr. Sugar?
      It's great that your world revolves around THFC, so much so that you feel you would be ridiculed at work if we got a poor result. What a life!.Frankly, you should be ridiculed. Get a life!

    • Bale may have been an accident but who cares. Thierry Henry was a winger!!. The reason we didn't et CL was lack of tactics and rotation by Rednapp. Players have a price and why should we pay over the top. We are doing fine, we could do better but spending doesn't guarantee success, look at Chelsea this year.

    • Leeds and Portsmouth thought football and business were different too and QPR will soon join them in the poor house. We are one of the best run clubs in the league and long may it continue.

    • Look, if you want a sugar daddy run club, go and support Man Cty or Chels! Those guys or running football clubs that way will soon be a thing of the past. What happens when they sell their clubs to an owner who cannot sustain such a method, they will sink!

      It really pisses me off when fans think they know how to run a football club or manage a football club more than those who are actually doing it. David Moyes, quite rightly gets praised and is regarded as one of the best managers due to him putting a competitive team together and perform like Everton do on a shoe-string. In the same way, Daniel Levy runs tottenham on a fraction of what the Big 4 bring in (Big 4 – Man U, Che, Ars & Man Cty) and two of those big 4's have mega rich owners who frequently splash their own cash! Yet we are competitive and consistently challenging for CL football for the past 3 years, with only 1 season's of CL Money. What exactly do you expect? Levy to blow millions singing players on over-inflated transfer fee's in the hope that it might get us 4th or 3rd – that will not guarantee anything and even if it secured 4th, that only gets to a playoff position – lose that and we are stuffed with players that we would normally not buy now part of our squad and on our payroll and no one to buy them off – we'd have to lose them on a loss. 80% of transfers in January tend not to contain the best value for money anyway – spend too much now,, means less funds for the summer.

      I am disappointed we didn't get a striker, but criticising a chairman who has started work on building and financing a new stadium, and build a squad for CL centention is abit OTT! No wonder us Spurs fans get that awful label as fickle.

  6. Stupid, sarcastic article. He has had the chance to cement a top for spot a few times before but refuses to spend. He overspent on Bentley & Bent who anyone can see they are useless and now wont dip in the kitty again…He gets our hopes up every window but with lies ie Llorente, Damiao and Mouthino….Oh there was a problem with the paperwork….A cnut of a man.

  7. Dont give me this crap, he made more money on selling player than he spent. When I see works started on new stadium than he doesnt need to spend any money for 3-4 years. Noone ask him to sign Sigurdsson or dodgy keeper for 12M. What do u think where he gets the money from, that he spend on the club. Its our money. Spurs fans pays for the tickets more than Man Und, Man City or Chelsea. we spend a lot of money in spurs shop. So dont tell me we not allowed to expect anything. Every fan who spend one pound on the club has the right to his opinion, not only big guy with his website

    • Actually, it is his club. The product is the team. "Fans" are customers, paying for the opportunity to experience the product. But, it's his product. You pay him for his product. If you wanted to expect something, then you should be the one owning the product, not the customer paying for the privelege of simply experiencing it. So, you can express your opinion, but it counts for nothing. You are just a customer. So, the only crap is your opinion.
      Modern football. Get used to it.

      • Well said. Michael Spurs you are a right Toby. Pick up a book on general economics and study it over and over then please re-visit your comment and realise what a twat you've made yourself look like.

  8. Great article and love the cretins on other sites demanding Levy's heady withoput a clue who they would expect to replace ENIC. I have a problem in following the argument that Levy wouldn't stand aside if someone wanted to buy the club for it's real worth. Firstly Levy does not own the club personally and secondly the same people would accuse ENIC of only wanting to make a profit on the sale. You can;'t argue they want to sell for a profit and then that they won't sell if the right buyer comes in. Oh well. There's always the Hicks and Gillette, Kroenkes etc. that must be the Holy Grail for some. Nothing more I can add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Like others, I looked into this tread to see which mindless moron was preaching more badly written bile about a genuine, serious Chairman. I woud have loved to see an extra forward drafted in but it didn't happen. Levy has consistantly shon his committent to Spurs in new players and the promise of a new stadium.
    I'd lik to see tad more Forum sensorship and have these idiotic posts removed to leave the Forum for a decent and fair-minded discussion.
    Good article by the way

  10. The money Levy spent was money accrued from player sales. He has the trigger finger of a Russian Chav with none of their flair in the transfer market…..we are not moaning about the lack is spend , more about the false promises of our usual deadline "oh so close" debacle. Stop trying to buy players at 11.59 every transfer window. It's boring and reflects a chairman who has started to believe his own press. We needed fresh blood and momentum. 5th comes beckoning once again.

  11. the last few games have proven we lack fire power and needed strengthening up front. Even if it was to bring someone in on loan… we need some sort of cover as well as keeping JD on his toes a bit.

  12. Why does Levy get the Stock?how many top class strilerd moved clubs this window…

    Would it be smart If Levy bought a striker AVB did not want?

    Willian left for 34m for crying out loud.

  13. The content of your article is factually correct, however Levy could have made this a great club if h had started negotiations earlier..and brought in a quality striker that is desperately needed. Ade is away, defoe could breakdown any minute..where are we then. Also image what could have been in Jan if negotiations for Damiaoi had started Jan 1st and ended mid jan with a signing…maybe 2 additional points against utd and Norwich..3 points tomorrow against WBA??? Lest se if you feel the same if defoe break down and we miss out on 4th place. by the way the threat for4th is not from the Arsenholes it is from Merseyside. Both Everton and a Liverpool will be knocking very hard on the place for 4th.A striker would have helped us secure this position instead I feel we will be scrapping to very end.

    • Can't you see why he did it late? He hit his maximum price either way. Hitting the max price early makes them think that either we can go higher, or they can broadcast the offer and alert others who may bid higher. At the end of t he day Leandro and Moutinho were bad targets. That was the mistake. AVB needs to learn that this isn't Chelsea.

  14. Not really same squad, no Modric, no VDV. No net spend for three years.
    Every time we get a chance to kick on Levy fails to back manager. What happened to the Mourtino deal , thought we was going back in for him. I think he's playing games with us fans.

  15. Great post take nothing away from dl he knows a bargain when he see a bargain but…

    We playing with one snr striker sho we brought back kane and and hope that boy shines we ol knows he the talent .. Ad here in africa playing in the afcon cop but we needed to add some strenght upfront every other club did.. One striker we the fans get that there was a financial lossnothing big not messi not ronaldo ..leandro would have been a great buy we all err and we have to admit to fault we did it to late as dl loves thta 11 th hour dealing show ur cards some times mr dl … All said and done here to cl footbal next season in levy we trust? Coysssssss

  16. Agreed.
    Some fans make me smile too. They know exactly what is required and money is no problem to them so they're amazed we don't sign Messi and Ronaldo.
    The Premiership is a dog fight. We're all scrapping for the same bones and, unfortunately, they need to realise we're not top dogs … yet.
    Work in progress and so far … so promising.

  17. Agree that we are short of strikers at the moment. But to say that we lost out last season because of our failure to add new signings in Jan is a bit unfair. I think Mr Redknapp got cold feet as the season drew nearer to the end. We were nearer ( points ) to the two Manchester club in front of us than the clubs chasing us. It was the away game against Liverpool that Harry showed that he was more concerned in preserving the gap with the clubs below us rather than chasing Man City and Man U. We were more interested in getting a point from these games rather than risk losing 3 points, thus bringing them nearer to us. Apart from the game against Newcastle when we won big, we became more defensive instead of playing our attacking game which was bringing us the points. Look at the line up and the formation. In the end we missed out on the ECL although we finished 4th. Now that Chelsea has lost against Newcastle let us play the Spurs way and get ahead of them in the next few games. We should be thinking of at least 3rd placing..even 2nd if Man City falters. Come on AVB. Don't repeat Harry's mistakes. Despite not adding any strikers this Jan, we still have enough excellent players to do it. Then perhaps next year we can win the title. I have waited too long since I became a fan…. 1966 to be exact

  18. Let's be clear, Levy IS a great Chairman for all the reasons stated in the artice, plus a lot more I'm sure that none of us are privvy to, BUT, the facts supporting the so-called Levy-Haters are also clear – The last three transfer windows have provided the club with oportunities to buy the one player that would've taken us to the level where a title challenge would've been probable – a world-class striker. When lightning strikes three-times, i.e. "we just ran out of time; etc; etc; something stinks. A patterm of 'apparent' failure has formed here, the like of which is unfathomable considering the experience and competence of our leader and I'm not buying it.

  19. Last year missed champions league by not signing a striker and this year we could the same.
    But ho hum if your happy with not pushing on fine

    If we don't need a striker why did we try to sign Damio ? all too late.

    same mistake

  20. I bet the critics for lack of strikers are the same bragging about how they signed Balotelli and Cavani and won the CL with spurs on Championship manager after selling Jenas for 10m£ to City… (Wich they happen to manage too…)

  21. Not saying he has not done great for

    Us cause he has…just don’t palm us of with

    With bullshit…if we cannot afford to

    Spend in quality players then just say so!!

  22. good article. i also think we should credit levy for the way he dealt with Luka Modric. Usually want-a-way players are sold for way under their value but Levy got full value and maybe a little more. Financially, when you compare us to other clubs, you have to smile for our future, don't you?

  23. Lol tottenham will not get in champs leauge and spurs fan be honest and ask urslf what club is. Bigger arsenal or spurs lol c'mon son btw holtby is wack lol

    • At least this poster has established himself as a bona fide gooner-English patently not his first language and only semi-literate. Can only communicate in text speak. Enjoy, Arsenal fans-truly one of yours. Must be embarrassing.

  24. But we did need another striker – it's a no brainer, to say otherwise is stupidity. Ade is not here, and was not performing to his best anyway. Defoe, as much as he is having a good season will ALWAYS blow hot and cold, and if injury happened to either of or both of them, we are left with either one or nothing. If we were settling for mid table fine, but we are not. I am not some anti Levy moron by saying so. I wouldn't trade him for any other chairman – he has done an excellent job for Tottenham. But, he is not without his faults, and his major fault is both his procrastination, and at times embarrasing transfer window behaviour. You never hear of any of the "top 4" clubs fannying around and dragging out negotiations the way Levy does. He can't help himself. We were never going to get Damiao for £13 mil – that was a ridiculous bid to offer – so why bother bidding at all? As a result he will obviously get accusations that there was never serious intent, and a bid was made just to appease the fans (as with Moutinho, the only player AVB asked for). I like Levy. This is not an Anti Levy reply to the OP. He is without doubt a clever guy, and in comparison to some other chairman – we are blessed. But he doesn't always do the long term best for us come transfer time.

  25. Yeah he has spent 50 mil but this came from selling our star players because they were obviously not happy enough with our progress. Not a levy hater just wish we would go and buy a player that is so obviously needed.

  26. The MORE of these types of articles, the better!

    I wonder if Liverpool (Suarez+ Sturridge) and Chelsea ( Ba + Torres) supporters are shitting their pants like a few of the ,apparent, numbskull's who claim to 'SUPPORT' this great club, evidently are.

    So blinded by their fears, they cannot see that their own negativity infecting, what stills look to be a promising season.

    People keep harping on about events last season, forgetting, the reason we missed out on CL football was due to Chelsea winning the comp, and NOT BECAUSE OF LEVY!!!

    Indeed, it would not surprise me if the same people calling for Levy's head, are the same uneducated souls who claimed AVB would be sacked before xmas,……. after just 3 games!

    p.s the village wouldn't be the same without a few idiots.


    • You forgot to mention that khazi of a training ground he has just built and the way we keep loaning out all our best young players with what appears to be a structured plan!!! What an idiot.

      Every year it's the same. We loan them out at 18 to a league one club and then bring them back in. At 19 we loan them to a Championship club and the improvement continues. Finally they go to a bottom half Prem club to see if they are up to the task. If they are decent the slippery bugger then has the gall to put them into the first team and sell on the player currently in that position at a massive profit.

      He did it with Kyle Walker and no one noticed, Harry Kane seems to be taking a similar approach and Andros Townsend is now starting to look like a decent Prem player.

      Levy has not got a clue what he is doing.

    • We missed the boat with Berbatov in the summer. I am not bothered about Dalmaio. Berbatov has a proven pedigree in the prem and was available for buttons.

      If Berbatov had been signed and Defoe had been sold, to pay Berbatov's wages, I think our points total would be looking a lot better at the moment. Defoe misses easy chances. He missed one against Man United and one against Norwich. He does get a few but he is not in the same bracket as Berba. Defoe has no physical presence and poses no threat in the air. With two of the best wingers in Europe playing Defoe up front makes no sense to me. Adebayor has to play up there with him which leaves us short in midfield and the supply is cut off.

      Defoe is the problem, regardless of his 14 goals.

    • Spot on. I might add that Redknapp got distracted by the England job and the uncertainty infected the players. The timing of it cannot be coincidental.

  27. I’m not a spurs fan but I am fascinated how a football club chairman takes up so much of its supporters energy. He’s clearly a marmite figure with those who support him constantly justifying his existence by quoting finance and deals rather than success on the pitch! For what its worth, following your champions league adventure a few years ago I thoroughly expected spurs to push on toward a title challenge during the following seasons. Its clear that hasn’t happened and I can certainly understand the frustration of those that feel levy has held back the progress you should have made!

    That said sometimes the grass isn’t always greener, I suppose it comes down to what your expectations are of your teams capabilities!

  28. Look Levy has done a lot for the club no question. My point is why are we haggling over a couple of million for a world class player, who would not only replace a striker we havent had of this calibre since Berbatov (plus we never reinvested the Pav money in a striker) but would also dramatically improve our chances of champs league qualification. (Not with standing the message it sends out to any potential futures player signings who want to see how serious Spurs are about progressing..we all know the fractions that are the differance between success and failure (a win instead of a draw away last year and we have 3rd not 4th and guaranteed champs league). This just seemed like a simple step to ensure we made sure of qualification this year. I also think we have to see this with in the context of marque signings we’ve been waiting for… And since we’ve just lost Modric and VDV… Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy with Dembele, Holtby, Vert, Lloris etc but I feel we have lacked in the striking department for sometime and it just seems a stupid thing to risk in order to haggle over a few million when in all honesty that little extra investment could mean so much… I think this is a fair point and this is my only point about Levy and this situation.

  29. The big problem with levy Is constant rebuilding which happens when we sell our better players berba keane modric van der vaart and replace them with good up and coming players. It becomes like fucking snakes and ladders. The other issue is the money that is on the table one minute and disappears from sight the next eg chasing 35m Spanish strikers at the last minute a couple of seasons ago and mountinho last summer for 22m or 2/3 a modric. I am not a levy hater as I can see good in alot of what he does but I don’t believe he has the courage of his convictions when he really needs it when positions need filling which isn’t all the time but like the motto around The Lane say To Dare Is To Do which maybe he needs to put into practice with identifying and pursuing targets. COYS

  30. You may think your a smart arse but when we fail to make CL look back to this and feel regret…… Levy and ENIC are here to make money.The new stadium will be built and they will sell the club ASAP.Spurs desperately need a CF but under this lot we have no chance.

  31. Seriously dosent evryone have the right to have their own opinion? The only ones that needs to grow up are those who get pissed at sombody who has a diffrent opinion. Only way progression is made is actually by critizising. Back petting and a bunch of yes sayers only stops progression. I believe Holtby is and will be a good player, but i am not sure he is the player AVB wanted. What the writer here seems to have missed is that eventho players can play on the same position, they may have diffrent set of skills. All good CM’s dosent have the same set of skills, same with forwards and so on. Altho they can still be very good. Me personally are abit tired of levy and his turning on every nickle and dime, it gets abit absurd. I am not saying he should spend all the cash we have like a moron, wich some here seems to think. Its a tad silly to read really. But we could have invested in a great striker, Levy choose not to. How that pays off we will see at the end of the season.

  32. I’m not anti Levy but I do think we need more firepower. We need a prolific striker and have done for some time now. That’s not anti Levy, it’s a fucking fact. The fact that we never signed one makes me fear that we will miss out on CL this season. I hope we don’t obviously but it only takes an injury to Defoe and we are fucked. Although he’s gone off the boil of late. We need Adeybayor to come back from the African Cup of Nations in good goal scoring form.

  33. How many times lately have we spurs fans seen this headline, we were very close on signing Damaio Moutinho and this and that if it cost money

  34. Regarding Daniel Levy I think one of the biggest problems, besides all the hype in the media, is the fact that Levy makes any comments as to what his plans are or about the clubs finances. It would be nice to hear from the horses mouth if Spurs are in a position to buy these expensive players rather than just relying on what we read in the papers or from what itk reports say. I have waited so long, along with other Spurs fans, for a decent striker. Just imagine if we did bring in a good striker where we would be considering all the goals that are scored throughout the team. We would be challenging for the title. I have to admit to being sucked in by all the hype and slating Levy but now that it's all over I have had time to reflect. Personally I wouldn't what any other chairman than Daniel Levy. He is only looking after the club and has done wonders.

  35. Excellent article and very well said. Yes, I would have liked to get another striker, but we didn't. Get over it. We didn't get into 4th place by being crap and not scoring goals. In fact we have only not scored in 3 of our league games this season and only 5 times in all competitions. That's pretty good going in my book. These so called fans need to spend more time getting behind our team rather than against it. Do people have short memories? It wasn't all that long ago we were a mid table team, now we are challenging for Champions League places. Really loving my football at the moment.

  36. Oh yes, i dont agree with insults but what i might add is if he knew there was no money to sign the brazilian why fooling everybody believing that he was serious. He made a fool of the club.

  37. Unfortunately some fans get their excitement from watching the transfer deadline coverage and ignore how well we do on the pitch. This is one of the best teams we have had in the last 50 years. Enjoy it.

  38. the article is absolute B******.how can you call out certain spurs fans because they bemoan the fact we didn't sign a much needed striker?just because i love my club,that doesn't mean that i shouldn't question it from time to time.like a few other posters on here i like levy but his transfer dealings over last august and january have been total bunkum.he seems to treat transfer dealings as if he's at a car-boot sale which is about to close for the week.your either serious about pushing us towards a CL place and all the "ambition" that comes with it or your not.with derisory offers for certain players,who is going to take him seriously?the world,his wife and his 14 illegitimate children know that we needed a 3rd decent striker,so why haven't we got one?we also didn't need to break the bank to do it……the irony is that some of us ARE being 'grown up' by not accepting the status quo and questioning our chairman on this matter……TO DARE IS TO DO!!!

  39. Get a grip on your thinking before you comment on this site. Levy has been our saviour for years now.Without him there would be a shopping centre or a retail park on our hallowed ground. Do you know or want a chairman like Ribsdale was at Leeds, buy every player available regardless of the costs in fees and salary.? Levy is our future. AVB is the best young manager in British football,Levy got him here.

  40. Lets hope your wit and sardonic prose can generate an equally talented article when we finish 6th and we find out our three year anticipation of a world class striker was scuppered by the astute business logic of the equivalent of an extra pair of bootlaces.

  41. I was getting ready to throw some serious abuse at you, but luckily I read what you wrote first…

    Spot on!

    Levy is doing a great job. Cant stand the negativity.

  42. If Chelsea hadn't won miraculously won the CL we'd be playing CL football with Leandro Damiao up front…Levy does not count the chickens before they hatch…which whilst being f'ing frustrating…is smart..imagine….we get super talented south american being paid close to the ceiling of our wage structure costing a club record fee….how would he perform against the likes of Ryan Shawcross…on cold Feb evening up north?????…how would that effect the already erratic JD or EA….we know they are proven…although miss firing…holtby I pray is the player that giylfi will be one day….a lock picker giving JD the required 2-3 chances to score…kyle w mistakes will cost us more points than the lack of marque fwd…

  43. Most criticise without looking @ the overall picture surrounding signing players of the likes of Moutinho and Damiao. They tend to have a lot of baggage attached to them that’s why clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, Anzhi, PSG an afford thdm by paying exorbitant fees . These players are owned by about 3parties and fees therefore are very high to satisfy all of them. Spurs doesn’t have money to pay fog a player owned by more than one party.AVB did mention something that most of uc missed. That the conditions attached to buying DAMIAO were beyond what Spurs could afford to fulfil. I think living within out means ic sensible than becoming a Leeds, a Boro or a Portsmouth. Currently Spurs is one of the very few Clibs in Epl without DEBT which I’d a plus to D. Levy.

    • that's all very well, but their complex ownership isn't a secret. if we know that the transaction is going to be complicated, why on earth would we try and complete it at the very end of the window? if we're serious about bringing top players to WHL, we could always consider negotiating a transfer in good time. quite why we're so fixed with Damiao at all is a mystery to me. he doesn't seem interested in coming to Spurs and despite our 'relationship' with Internacional, they've certainly done nothing to help the deal along. we have to learn from this and look elsewhere – preferably a striker with a proven track record in Europe

  44. If Chelsea hadn't won miraculously won the CL we'd be playing CL football with Leandro Damiao up front…Levy does not count the chickens before they hatch…which whilst being f'ing frustrating…is smart..imagine….we get super talented south american being paid close to the ceiling of our wage structure costing a club record fee….how would he perform against the likes of Ryan Shawcross…on cold Feb evening up north?????…how would that effect the already erratic JD or EA….we know they are proven…although miss firing…holtby I pray is the player that giylfi will be one day….a lock picker giving JD the required 2-3 chances to score…kyle w mistakes will cost us more points than the lack of marque fwd…

  45. I believe Mr Levy knows what he is doing. Football is big business and it seems that Mr Levy is a decent at what he does. How many of us head up multi million pound organisations. It's one big jugglng act and not just putting you hand in your pocket and flashing the cash.

    How well do you manage your finances? How's your credit card balance?

  46. I agree mostly with the article but please Mr. L, no more Damaio teasers! I' m sick and tired of all the last minute Damaio deals for the last 6 transfer windows. We will do fine when Ade comes back and maybe Harry K surprise us all. I think we will be better "down the stretch" with AVB at "the helm"! Top 4, sod that let's get at least Top 3! COYS

  47. The irony of it all! im pleased Spurs fans standards are finally on a par with my own. It was only five seasons ago that Spurs fans (mostly young ones who’d started supporting the club in the 90s) were crawling around the net declaring that top half of the table was a good season, being ‘realistic’ means accepting the god given truth that arsenal are clearly better than us, and the league cup is a spectacular achievement. Thank God we have had a fantastic, ambitious, determined Chairman who has dragged your sorry asses into the Champions League and into regular Top 4 contention. The man is a gift to Spurs. That said, I think the football world do now see him coming when the transfer windows about to shut. But if that leads him to buy earlier in the future, I’ll take it.

  48. It's the fact that we have 1 half-fit striker and 1 not here that has annoyed people. We were and still are desperate for a top draw forward and the fact that levy refuses to pay the players value that bores me and other chairmen. If you don't pay like a top club then you don't play like a top club. If we don't make champions league then bale is gone. Greater chairman ever then?

  49. We have needed a striker for a while now. last Jan, we failed to land a striker and defender, we were i think 13 points ahead if yhe scum, chasing the Mancs. what happened? i know redknapp took his eye of the boil( and to be honest, never liked him, couldnt see a good youngster) but good strikers have gone for a song! We could have picked up the likes of BA and Remy for 10 million, and that’s for both. Surely that would have been good business?

    We need CL, stops us losing our best players, makes it easier to attract the players we need.

    I think we have another missed opportunity to push on! Look at the Goal opportunities we are creating. Its Quite rediculous that we are not chasing the Mancs again, and that’s because we haven’t got another 20 goals a season striker.

    Anyway we beat the baggies today, We’re one point behind Watford !!!!!!

  50. Levy is great with the finance side of things although you could argue he struggles with the football side of things, he left Ramos in the shit by selling Berbatov snd Keano, bought Bently and had no strikers, we struggled, he was sackex and Harry was hired, total cost more than £20m…

    The fans are worrird bevause we are clearly 3 or 4 quality play er s short, but a forward/striker would have helped so much at this poiny in the deason when injurys tend to happen.

    If we miss 4th Bale will bolt out the door! Maybe Verts to, they eill be told by there agents you only get one chsnce to join super clubs like Madrid or Barcelona, so they leave we then find a good striker but have lost the strikers provider aling with a top deffender and the merry go round strats again and again…we never quite fill the final peice of the puzzle.

  51. When we don't finish 4th & Gareth Bale wants to leave then come back & tell me how great Levy is! I just don't get why you'd want to gamble, the higher we finish the more attractive we become the more money the club makes! Alex Furguson loses the League Title & buys the best striker in Europe despite him being 29 with no sell on value & where are they top of the league!

  52. It’s a massive disappointment. Our strikers have not contributed much this season, Defoe has 10, Adebayor 2 and Dempsey 5 – 17 out of a total of 41 premiership goals. We have also only scored more than 3 goals in 1 game (Villa away when we should have got into double figures). We need striking firepower – that is an unarguable fact. Kane would not have been recalled from his loan if that was not the case and with all due respect to the young man he is not the answer.

    What is more disappointing is the usual trot-out of how close we came. Why or why do we leave things to the last minute every window? In 2011 we were linked with every La Liga striker under the sun (Aguero, Rossi, Llorente) and we got no-one. End result we finished fifth.

    In 2012 ‘Arry wanted Tevez – we got Saha. Result we missed out on the CL again.

    Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

    I appreciate the need for financial prudence but there is a need for a balanced squad as well. Who put ours together – Levy with an eye to future re-sale value or AvB? Why do we only have two recognised strikers – none of our CL competition is this thinly resourced.

  53. the fact is we're being sold, that's why he's not going in big on a striker. ENIC will sell the club at the end of the season to wealthy investors

  54. Levy's done a great job in many regards. I don't think this article offers any balance, however, as there are a number of shortcomings, many of which are being repeated. The main issue is the failure to properly address weaknesses where they exist in the squad. We have made signings, but too often, they've been for positions where we already have sufficient cover. We've been too slow to get rid of players who aren't cutting it too. As a result, they're wasting a place in the squad and effectively taking the wages of a potential new signing. By way of example, Sandro's injury meant we needed cover. Parker is fantastic but he's coming back from long-term injury himself. Sissoko would have been perfect, was available for the money we got for Jenas and look what he did to Chelsea yesterday. Instead, we let him go to Newcastle and apparently started looking at £15m rated Capoue. Always holding out to save a bit on buying or make bit more on selling players is a false economy. £10m would have been good money for Gylfi which we could have put towards Negredo or Llorente (we should have forgotten about Damiao long ago). Would have added much more potency for the remainder of the campaign. If Defoe or Ade pick up a knock, we're now relying on Kane to secure us a top 4 spot. The failure to bring in a striker and the right cover cost us last year, I really hope it doesn't again. Yes, Levy has done a decent job in many regards, but to my mind some of his decision-making has been hard to reconcile

  55. Silly article. Wait till the end of the season and see where we are then, then praise levy and avb likei they are some sort of saviours of a team that was already brilliant the last few seasons and were going places, and only unhinged by 'arry's desire for the England job (that wasn't a crime yet plonkers turned on him like he was the devil incarnate). Now of course they can't go back on that view can they? So instead they ignore recent (and early season) results and our dire lack of goals and instead bury their heads in the sand and say "everything's fine and dandy cos we drew at home with Man U !! Just calm down because you are over-egging your support of avb and levy and you may be mouthing off too early. I hope you are right but lets be logical and wait and see how this season compares to last. Of course with the amount of money levy spent in the summer we should be top 4. I suppose if we're not you'll simply fall back on the "its a year of transition excuse".

  56. Loved it, Alex. How right you are … some folk need to wake up & smell the coffee. Anyone who thinks ENIC, fronted by DL (supported by billionaire, Joe Lewis), are going to endorse a reckless spending spree, is just living in a parallel universe! ENIC look on Spurs as an investment. The advantage we have is that Levy is genuinely a fan. Thankfully, he won’t let Spurs go down the plughole and it will still be around in a strong position will he is at the helm. I would like to think that my grandchildren will be able to see The Mighty Spurs – and with luck and some ‘gentle’ persuasion, they’ll be future supporters. Part of our appeal is that we achieve without having some sugar-daddy … We’ve got were we are because of careful scouting and largely living within our means … Irving Scholar anyone?

  57. I've read a lot of articles supporting both sides of the argument but this is easily the most immature. Yes, Levy has done things right for the club and he has done things wrong also. Not long ago he was telling us all we would be finished as a club if we didn't up sticks and move to East London. I said then that he was wrong and talking out of his behind. Remember that? There were plenty of smart arse articles like this then talking about the small minded people who didn't share the author's opinion. We haven't moved, and we aren't exactly all terrified about our impending demise as a result, are we.

    Yes Levy has done good things for the club, but don't kid yourself he is a saint with intentions always pure as every move he makes is aimed at selling the club in the future and making as much money as possible in the process. The Stratford move would have hurt the fans, but made ENIC a fortune so he lied and tried to railroad the club into it.

    Levy is doing very, very well out of being Spurs chairman and is fair game for criticism from the fans if they see fit. We need a top end striker and have done for years now. We keep hearing we are getting one and then we repeatedly do not, for the sake of a couple of million it would appear.

    Fans will always disagree, and the fact that differing opinions and stating arguments is one of the best aspects of the game is the only reason anyone is reading your child like article in the first place. I respect you have a different opinion to mine, but I find nothing more pathetic than people who refer to anyone with another opinion as a 'so called fan'. Like the only true fan is the one who agrees with you. Grow up.

  58. Yeah, great decision to wait until the last day to 'attempt' to buy a striker. We'll be fine with just Defoe until Ade's back….oh wait, no Defoe just got injured….awkward. Cant wait to start slipping down the table once again, every other team has strengthened their squad to fight for top 4, Lewis Holtby is a great signing, but he isn't going to score us many goals. Levy had an entire month, and once again waits until the last day to FAIL!

  59. Lets not forget that we are all Tottenham fans here, we all basically want the same thing, we want succes for the club. We just have a somewhat diffrence of opinion on how to reach that. I enjoy a good debate with my fellow spurs fans and dare i say friends. No reason to get pissed at one another. It is as it should be really, there should always be discussions on how to bring the club forward, may that never end. 3 lovley points against WBA today, in half time i asked Bale to save us and that he did with a fantastic goal :)

  60. Ring Ring

    Joe : Halloo my boy how's it all going?

    Danny Boy: Hi Joe its all going pretty well, I got out of the Leandro loop again, pretty simple really, last year and the year before we bid up to £26m and got it turned down so this year we started at £16m, and at the end went up to £18m, so no chance of it succeeding. Let it be known that our valuations did not match and here we are with all the dough still in our bonus pot, that will be yours and my bonus pot Joe.

    Joe: Excellent work, but I do not think we should work that scam again, its 3 years since we started it and even the wankers that support this club will tumble it soon.

    Danny boy: I agree about not trying it again as we do not need to, plenty more strikers out there not to buy after all. Your wrong on one thing though, this is not Chelski or the Gooners, you can fool some of the Chelskum all of the time, you can fool all of the gooners some of the time, but our lot you can fool all of them all of the time.

    Joe OK but run the same scam on Wiliam next time.

    Danny Boy OK. Now that brings me to Holtby. Sorry but I had to spend a few bob on that one but with Sandro's injury not much choice. Anyway the way I work the numbers I spent a £1m and with 18 months wages coming to £4m then I can sell him then for £15m at least so £10m more in the pot.

    Joe: Excellent forward thinking my boy. But what about all that dosh you must be spending on the new ground?

    Danny Boy: Smoke and mirrors Joe. All we have actually done is laid out the markings for the foundations of the new Tesco's.

    Joe I have seen the pictures, loads of blokes in hard hats, heavy duty earth movers all over the place.

    Danny Boy: Ah yes, but they are not ours. The wankers in the local council still have their parking ban in place and the guys rebuilding the high road after our lot burnt it down in the riots have nowhere to leave their gear. So I rented them some parking space and sell all their crews Bacon Bagels at the start and end of each shift. Tell em they can stand around drinking tea as long as they like. Its worked a treat. They even bring their own gear, its conned everyone and we are making a wedge on the catering and the parking.

    Joe: I take it all back that's brilliant. No danger of spending on our development then?

    Danny boy : No I think its worth at least another turn through the architects for one more planning application. So any actual spend would be at least 3 years away.

    Joe: Well that's fine. Is that it?

    Danny Boy: No I saved the best to last.

    Joe: I can't wait

    Danny Boy: Well I think I have made sure through not buying a striker that we do not get 4th place and not replacing Modric, but for insurance I sent Townsend out on loan so if AVB needs any cover for Lennon or Bale, he's completely fucked. As final insurance I kept Bentley that I thought was a master stroke. You will also be pleased to know that I finally found a mug to take Jenus. The real peachy one was stopping AVB swapping that twat Ekotto for one of his decent Portuguese mates, that took some doing I'll tell you. So I think we can safely say after that lot we have no fucking chance of 4th place. Therefore Bale will want out at the end of the season and I will reluctantly have to let him go for another £50m smackers in our bonus pot.

    Joe: Danny my boy already so soon even, a masterful piece of subterfuge lies and deceit. Even by your own standards you have surpassed yourself. Keep me posted with progress

  61. So it took all of 30 minutes for Levy's punt not to invest to come back to haunt Spurs. It's no secret that there are plenty of other ways of doing business than throwing a last minute bid in for a player you've failed to land 3 times before. Other squads have at least 3, if not 4 international strikers, we are reliant on 2, both of whom have questions over form, fitness and/or attitude. Don't yet know the extent of Defoe's injury, but this was foreseeable given that he was already needing injections to make it onto the field at all. If we manage 4th now, it will be against all the odds. Levy refuses to learn from his mistakes and it looks like costing Spurs again

  62. levy is the problem you think hes the best thing since sliced bread boy you are so wrong , hes an accountant thats all its always about making a profit with him while thats a good thing you still have to make good football decisions this he doesnt do so well we needed to have options after this window everyone can see that , we have let out another 6 or so players and now we are so weak we could be screwed for fourth place we sold quality and replaced them with mediochre players and now defoes injured we have no other forward in the squad , you cant shoot for the moon if you dont put enough power in the rocked levy has taken yu all for mugs , but hey sahas a free agent wouldnt surprise me if he went and signed him as cover again , well he is cheap . coys

  63. I agree to the above , but can you tell me who is to blame for not having a fit striker for the next game against Newcastle. If we had brought in a decent striker it would have almost guaranteed us 4th Spot. A lot of pressure now on Dempsey to deliver goals !!

  64. The thing that sticks in my craw is that he didn't move Heaven and Earth to at least try to get David Villa, who must be one of the most lethal strikers in europe. To see Villa and the scum in the same sentence sickens me. And why didn't the useless Adebayor's contract state that he is SPURS player first and foremost and it is not convenient for him to go swanning of to play for his country, especially after a season so far where his contribution has been poor indeed.

  65. i think Levy is giving us future but i am actually questioning this season he should of signed a striker, i hope his gambling pays us eventually this season and guide to the top 4 ………….. aside we've got a future built by Mr Daniel Levy

  66. While I completely agree that Levy's done well on average. It is stupid to say that he spent 50m to back avb in the summer. You are very easily forgetting the sales of Modric and VDV and the slightly fringe players like krancjar, corluka, dos santos. (i may have forgotten someone). So overall he didnt spend 50m, Do an actually total of what we spent and then try writing that paragraph again. The tone of the article was mildly amusing though.

  67. I Totally agree…get behind your team! I understand we all moan about things we think should happen, both on and off the pitch, but look at the facts.. this is AVB's FIRST season here. we all laughed at the blue mancs for turning thier backs on the team because they wernt playing the way the fans wanted. look what happened, the next season they played alot more flowing and they won the league. society today wants everything NOW, NOW, NOW.. English media has everyone thinking if your a good team you need to beat everyone 5-0.. its not realistic, use some common sense people!
    You can't add a new manager and 5 or 6 players all at once to the team and expect 5 star performances.. we are currently 4th, pushing for 3rd.. yes our play is sometimes frustrating especially when we break down the wing and then stop outside the box and dipsey-doodle looking for the perfect pass while they get 8 players in the box defending.. then pass it back to Lloris.. give AVB time, its not like we are in the bottom 1/2 of the table.. next season we will see a more balanced, settled team with more understanding amongst the players.. A couple of additions to add to the quality (which should ALWAYS be the case as no team is EVER perfect) and we will.
    This buying 5+ players every year is the problem.. that many new faces takes time to settle and create an understanding together.. the squad we have right now is great, and only set to get better. There isn't a team in the world that would think "It'll be an easy win against Spurs" one step at a time….Champions league Qualification should be our main target this season.. drawing against QPR and Norwich isnt the best result for us, but then QPR beat the Chavs…and look at their squad..
    We are on course, all we have to do is keep doing what we have been doing. Next season, assuming we are in the Champs. League our goal will be to go as far as we can and qualify domestically again.. only after a few seasons of this continuity can we realistically be a serious title contender.. i hope it comes sooner, but i know if we keep looking for quick fixes, we will never get anywhere.. and Spurs have a history in the last 30 yrs of chopping and changing – that's why we get linked with every player for sale in the transfer windows.
    Chopping and changing managers and players is what the chavs are doing now and its why they will continue to be inconsistent even tho they have extremely good players..

  68. to say levy was short sighted not signing a striker is hardly mutiny and of course we will get behind the team ( once a spur always a spur ) but to come out with all that drivel is baffeling or are you saying we don't need another striker ? I aint a levy hater he has done wonders for the club .
    walker dawson vertogngen ekotto
    dembele parker
    lennon holtby bale
    team against Newcastle ,I would love to see it , reckon its worth a go ?

  69. Alex, your a Moron. Levy has done everything you said BUT; there's no use in having an incomplete train.WE NEED 1 OR 2 WORLD CLASS Strikers to finish off our great forward movement. We have a cake without icing. Do you get everyones point you undergraduate of a winning formula???????

  70. There's both truth in the article and some deflections. So I'll try and balance.
    1. Personally, I didn't want us to pay 17-20m for Damiao. He's completely unproven in any European League and it's not as if Brazilian strikers have been prolific. Robinho anyone? Having said that, this "we were in for him and that close by the deadline" is getting really tired. Again, not necessarily a bad thing – we may have dodged bullets with Rossi and Forlan who we were supposed to have been aggressively courting over past transfer windows.
    2. It was ridiculous for us to go into the season with 4 goalkeepers and 2 strikers , especially because we all knew that Adebayor would go to the ANC once the bonuses got sorted out. Despite his protestations and 'international retirement', it was obvious that Ade would follow the money. Defoe blows hot and cold and Ade, even when he has played, looks more like the complacent tool that wore out his welcome everywhere else. The January window is generally too expensive to pick up a decent striker (Carroll, Torres?) and given our lack of qualified forwards we could be held to ransom.
    3. Without doubt, Levy has spent in the transfer market, probably spending close to his limit given the fact that we do not break financially even without sales. We still have some deadwood- Gomes, Bentley and we're subsidizing Jenas' wages at QPR – all a financial burden. We have done well over the last few windows to get rid of some of the periphery members of the a large squad that needed trimming.
    4. Having said that, this summer's buys were the chairman's buys and not the manager's. They were mostly typical Levy buys – low cost with possible sell-on. I've no idea how the scouting and transfer system works at Spurs but clearly the manager is not in charge.
    5. Lloris and Vertonghen are great buys and they fit perfectly into AVB's philosophy. One or other of them will probably captain Spurs at some point.
    6. We had already bought Dembele by the 29th – 2 days before the end of the transfer window. so, we either bought a 15m back-up, intended to play 4-3-3 (which I believed) or had no intention of signing Moutinho at the end of the last window. Personally, I'm still on the fence about Dembele – he's a good player but I don't know if he's going to take us to the next level.
    7. Gylfi had only played about 17 Premier League games – paying so much for him and with his wages was a huge risk but Levy was thinking sell-on. I've no idea if he's going to pan out but he needs to play more for us to determine if he will but I don't know if I want to take that chance in vital league games and we're out of both domestic cups.
    8. I love Dempsey's attitude, great for a mid-table club but no more than a squad player and I have no idea why we bought him other than to penetrate the North american market before selling him on to a MLS team. Both he and Gylfi look even more dispensable now Holtby has been signed.
    9. Hotlby is probably AVB's first buy and is going to prove to be a "great bit of business" as 'Arry would say.
    10. We were going to lose two world-class players in Rafa and Ratboy regardless.

    So, we have a surplus of "attacking midfielders" and a dearth of strikers and a lack of a creative midfielder.
    Personally, I would have foregone the signing of both Dempsey, Dembele and Siggurdson and spent the money on Moutinho (a far superior midfielder) and a back-up striker as well promoting one of the more promising youngsters, say Carroll.


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