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JERMAIN DEFOE has set his sights on having a big season for Tottenham Hotspur.

The England international missed three months of the season with a foot injury, after re-joining the club in the January transfer window from Portsmouth.

Defoe is arugably Harry Redknapp’s first choice selection as striker at White Hart Lane and the little forward can’t wait for the campaign to start.

“That rest was more than enough for me,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“I was injured towards the end of last season, out for 11 weeks and I missed a lot of games, so it would have been different for the international lads who played the full season, but for me it was fine and I’m ready to go.

“I always look forward to pre-season, coming in and training with the lads and having the banter with them.

“You miss that when you are away and it’s great to see them all again.

“I’ll come back feeling really good, raring to go again and hopefully have a really big season.”

How many goals do you think Defoe will score this season?  Whatever your view, leave it below.

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  1. pure class, sometime people say he could of picked a pass here or there instead off the shot but thats just his game and what he’s all about.. reckon jd gotta be looking for 20plus goals, still puzzled how keane will fit in other than back up to jd? Anyone else have a view on it.. ?

  2. Its funny that you call him Donkey and yet you call yourself Rebrov. Defoe aint the perfect striker but he can put em away and he loves our shirt. So he’l do for me.
    As for keane i cant really see how he starts games (assuming Defoe IS first choice)Its a problem lots of teams would love tho COYS

  3. rebrov u the donkey, defoe one off most natural finnishers in england and has done well overal for spurs when had his chances.. Think we need to replace pav with a decent target man and keep bent as squad back up

  4. donkey. When has he ever done anything for spurs except be constantly offside? When has he ever got close to 20 goals for spurs? we will never get anywhere with this limited donkey up front as first choice. A fourth choice squad player

  5. Rebrov,
    If you’re not being sarcastic, then you’re an absoulte imbecile. Defoe is an one of the best pure finishers on the planet and has scored bags of goals for Spurs over the years.

    Stupid people shouldn’t breed. Rebrov, I’m very upset w/ your parents.

  6. Defoe is a reasonable striker BUT (and there is always a BUT) he needs a quality partner to ‘set him off’ and we don’t have that partner (apart from Keano who is a better quality, as it stands) at the Lane, currently.
    JD can certainly make a valued contribution to he ‘overall’ squad dynamic but….not on his own. I mean, IF he can’t even make it into the England team….what chance has he of breaking into a good Spurs team? Questions are still to be answered! COYS!

  7. Rebrov your about the only person here that is actually talking sense, defoe is a useless sac of crap that for some reason never learned how to stay on side and as for his great score record for spurs that supposely is so great that he is called one of the best natural finishers in england…What a bloodly joke so from 197 games for spurs in all comps he has scored a grand total of 72 goals so he scored in just over 36% of his games meanwhile the so called sub to him named robbie keane has played 268 and scoring 113 for spurs which is 42% we could look at the the number of games they both played but then defoe meant to be some god of scoring so ofc he should be able to score more often. Also keano playing more games means he has more chance to fail also..just to put out there darren bent 78 games and 25 goals tht is 32%…sorry all them defoe fans but the other thing defoe can do/has ever done for spurs is win the offside charts and to say he one of the best pure finishers on the planet is just stupid come on with players like e’eto,messi,torres,mario gomez,toni and i could go on for a while longer if u wish…We should keep pav since i feel he will come gd and keano and hey even bent but sell the useless nob tht is defoe!!!

  8. Thats what we need, so called Spurs fans getting behind our current players giving their all for the club.

    You senseless idiot!!


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