Defoe takes pot shot at Arsenal


Jermain Defoe believes that Tottenham will go further in the Champions League than Arsenal.

Defoe’s comments will delight the Spurs faithful, with the striker already excited about the prospect of Champions League football at the Lane.

Spurs find out later today who they will face in the play-off qualifier, with a place in the Champions League group stage up for grabs.

“If we can get past the play-off qualifier, I honestly think we will go further in the Champions League than Arsenal,” Defoe told The Mirror. “No disrespect to Arsenal, because they have a good record in the Champions League and for them it’s become part of the furniture, part of their regular season, it’s the norm.

“But I can’t wait to experience the buzz around White Hart Lane on European nights, the place will be absolutely rocking.

“I do believe, if we can make that first step, that we will be contenders. We’ve got the squad, younger players like Gareth Bale have come on a bundle since we were last in Europe, and the gaffer would love to show what he can do as a manager in Europe.”

“The big games come thick and fast on all fronts, for club and country, in the opening weeks and, as we saw last year, a good start can take you a long way,” he said. “Who knows how important the result might prove in the final shake-up, but with City first up followed by a Champions League qualifier, it feels like the business end of our campaign might be in the first weeks.

“It’s a tough schedule, but we will be ready for it mentally. I’ve always believed in making a strong start. We did that last year, and it set the tone for the next eight months.

“Every year the Premier League seems to be getting tougher, but Tottenham fans have been waiting forever for a team to deliver Champions League football, and we don’t want to be one-hit wonders.”


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  1. Defoe needs to keep quiet…even if he believes it (and he may, just may be right) you do not shoot your mouth off like this. Thats the problem with him and some other players (e.g. Jenas, Hudd Keane etc)…never delivered anything ever and again are shooting their mouths off to the press just in time to get a massive kick in the balls after we see another lame-arse display away in Kiev and get knocked out! Prat

  2. …setting us up for a fall…. I can see Defoe's face now as we get drawn against Kiev, go there and get smacked up – mainly because Kiev have already started their season, are top with 10 points from 4 games…. Shut the hell up!

  3. Maybe he should be practising keeping on side instead of saying things like this, let's wait til we get the champions league.

  4. Always be wary of talking it up we aren’t even in the group stages yet let’s get over that hurdle first. On paper we have a very capable squad but as we know paper has a multitude of uses. Certainly we’ve been waiting too long for this moment let’s not blow it and certainly let’s not talk to soon because as the article said for the filth up the road its normal every year for them to be in the Champions League and to be honest I can’t stand my phone blowing up with calls from all the gooner gits that know me. Arrogant f*#kers. Doesn’t matter who we get in the draw because its the Champions League there are no easy games just tough games and glory. COME ON YOU SPURS. Lillywhitetilidie.

  5. SHUT IT DEFOE – As much as i love my beloved Spurs , id rather Defoe did his talking on the pitch. I hate the scum as much as the next person, but they have been in the Champions League year in and year out and this is our first time for 50 years. Id be happier knowing Keane was off and Hunterlaar was in. COYS but lets keep our feet on the ground ehh !


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