Dele Alli reveals what Eriksen was like in training this season and reacts to his transfer


Tottenham Hotspur may have introduced a few new players to their squad in the winter window, but they lost arguably one of the best playmakers in recent Premier League history.

Christian Eriksen transferred from Spurs to Inter Milan late in the January window, bringing his seven seasons in North London to an end.

The Great Dane had just six months left on his contract, so it was a matter of Spurs and Daniel Levy getting what they could for the midfield man.

However, the club will be sorry to see him go, as Eriksen was a key part of the Pochettino era, one of the surviving signings from the Bale money, and part of the Champions League final team last season.

Dele Alli, who made up part of the infamous DESK attacking line-up with Eriksen, has finally reacted to his teammate leaving the club. He also revealed what Christian was like in training this season.

He said (FourFourTwo): “Chris is an amazing player, but it came to that point where he wanted to move on.

“It was sad for me and the other boys because he got on with everyone, he was a great squad player, he got on well, he was great in training and always working hard on the pitch.

“He gave me a lot of assists as well and I am going to miss them, but at the same time I wish him all the best and I am sure we will speak soon, maybe go for dinner.

“He’s been amazing. You don’t want to speak to him too much about what is going on but he has been giving 100 per cent, always been training hard, always been committed to the club, you read a lot and see a lot but you would never be able to tell that he wasn’t focused.

“He was always positive and never really spoke about anything other than Tottenham. It is a huge honour to have played with him and I wish him all the best.”

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  1. Whatever he did behind the scenes Christian Eriksen did little obvious to support his club, his team or his managers in the press or on the pitch for months before his leaving. To all of us, who only have his (reported) words & his deeds on the pitch to go by, the article can only speak to Deli Allie’s good character & decency as a friend & colleague.


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