A look back at the disappointing defeat to Man City


Peter Crouch

Row B of the away end at Eastlands isn’t the best position from which to perform an analysis of any tactical battle that may be unfolding on the pitch in front of you, it was though the perfect place for a close up view of Crouch’s stabbing of Milner’s cross past a helpless Cudicini. This turned out to be the only score in a match we thoroughly dominated and deserved at least a draw from. Man City were very disappointing in ambition and style and I for one won’t be making any efforts to watch their Champions League games next season if this muscular and physical offering is a typical display.

For once there was something resembling an atmosphere inside the City of Manchester stadium as the home crowd mostly ignored the desultory performance given by their side. There were though sounds of frustration from our right as well as unintelligible chanting as spells of pressure from us were often greeted by a hoof clear from a back four just desperate to get a breather. Their turning of their backs to the pitch in their imitation Pole dancing at the final whistle could be seen more as symbolic than celebratory.

Our makeshift line-up showed diligence and endeavour throughout gaining far more than their fair share of possession as they pushed the home side back into their own penalty area. There was though the familiar lack of a cutting edge as we were unable to make any of the good work count in front of goal. Lennon provided our main threat and it was he who supplied the crosses that Modric slipped just wide in the first half and Pienaar headed low to Hart’s left in the second forcing the keeper into an excellent save. These moments, plus two low passes across the six yard box near the end, were the closest we came to scoring.

Blunt as we are, finding a replacement won’t be easy if the performance of the very expensive Dzeko is anything to go by. What a hopeless lump. We obviously can’t afford to waste the millions that City do on players they can just discard without thinking. The awful and cringing sign ‘Thank you Sheikh Mansour’ that hangs along one side of the ground is a reminder of the cash still waiting to be burnt in the summer.

Modric as ever was excellent as was Sandro especially as he attempted to carry the game to City in the second half. Lennon was good and Pienaar did well once he’d got up to speed after half time. Danny Rose is such an improved player it is hard to believe it’s the same man as this time last year. He looked confident and mature as he completely ignored the baiting of the morons at the front of the home crowd when they refused to give the ball to him at throw ins. He was though nearest to Milner at the short corner that led to the goal and perhaps less dithering would’ve enabled him to close him down.

So, on the surface the season continues to ebb away with more whimper than bang. This result though disguises a performance to be pleased with. Whether or not it’s one that’s good enough to halt the charge of a currently rampant Liverpool is a different matter.



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  1. what a load of crap from a delusional spurs fan. city play boring football? who are you kidding?? yes, we do play defensive football as long as we grind our results. in the end, 3 points are all that matter the most. lets just look at the league table. who scores more goals at home and away??? who concedes less goals at home and away?? stupif fat redknapp only know how to intruct his team to attack withour considering how to defend. any teams can play ‘attractive’ football if the manager’s instruction is to attack. have fun in europa league next season, eh? owh i almost forgot, you’ll finish sixth. hahahaha

    • Lol, the manks are here. Good luck when the financial fair-play rules come in. You'll be f**ked! I'm sure sheikh ali muhammad prince the second won't be sticking around then haha

      • he's a business man for gods sake. he knows how to manage money very well. he's not stupid to spend millions and not wanting his team to be qualified in UCL. as for your poor team, i reckon you guys made about 40 million from UCL but what did you get?? pienaar for 3 million?? what about next year? you cant get a decent enough striker to join you. remember aguero? forlan? none of these world class player would be willing to join a small club like spurs. i bet bale, modric and van der vaart will realize soon enough

    • City are an embarrassment to the premiership. I don't recall a top team having ever being so poor a spectacle and lacking any attacking ambition at home. I think you sum it up stating that 3 points are all that matters. Wrong, for most of us 3 points come hand in hand with a bit of glory and a large dose of style.

      Not going to make many fans serving up that style of football which I guessed is proved by the fact that your most important game since the spurs decider last season failed to sell out and tickets were still available on general release on Monday.

      • Ha ha Ha I couldn't care less if nobody watched us or everybody hated us so what's your point? You got more fans and play better football!! ….. We'll while you've got that we're in the champions league and an FA cup final… Your brilliant brand of football again has won you …. Nothing !!

  2. SPURS themselves were the creators of their demise. Had they concentrated on winning their previous PL games against the lesser teams it would have been ok to lose against Man City & still conveniently make 4th place. We were further given a boost by Evertons victory against Man City, but then we go & draw at home to Blackpool.

    Not sure whether this will be a lesson to be learnt in the new season !

    • not sure if bale, modric or van der fart are gonna stay as they're world class and want to play champions league football. as for lennon, he'll stay because he's average at best. he's got pace, and that's it.

  3. Couldent agree more, watching City and their makeshift billion buck insult to the game of football, is out. Unfortuately Skysports televise MC PL games constantly, so a two hour gap in watching real football on the weekend is the usual result. Last season their goalie saved them on most occasions, as has Hart this season, remember our first game this season. However Spurs do lack ideas once they have possesion and this I feel makes our strikers look worse than they are.

  4. I hope we do finish 6th, don't fancy the lads having to play Sunday – Thursday – Sunday whilst battling for a Champions League place. Spurs made about £30 million in total from their Champions League excursions this season. The winners of the Europa League make about £5 million. It seems pretty Mickey Mouse to me.

    Thought Spurs did play quite well last night i.e. kept the ball well (Modric and Sandro were excellent as ever), but were just toothless in the final third, like they have been since the Blackpool defeat in February.

    Agree with Roy, you could go back to the defeat at Blackpool and then look at subsequent draws against Wolves, West Ham, Wigan and West Brom. Had Tottenham taken the amount of points they should've against these teams then they'd be pushing Arsenal for 3rd.

    Anyway, still been a cracking season – great experience watching them in the Champions League.

  5. If Man City are so boring, how come we’ve scored more and won more than you? … AS for the fair play rules the owners have spent one billion pounds buying up all the land around the stadium, any revenue gleaned within 2.2miles of the ground can be off set against outgoings… The club shop hotels bars restaurants and casino will see off any problem

    • "The guidelines aim to measure a club's "pure" football business. Gate income, TV deals and sponsorship are all fine. Revenue from side businesses such as hotels and property would not be permitted."

      Gutted mate

  6. football is dead nowdays, man city are a small, small football club who have been taken over by a rich Arab,, only because he probably didn’t no what else to do with he’s cash. It is sad really, in a few years we will probably be seein west brom or Blackpool pushing for Europe because of more rich owners buying up small clubs and having fun with them… I really don’t understand how teams like city and chelski can be getting away with this bullshit it’s killing the game hardcore.

  7. Why are City fans on here? Are they experiencing a lack of something? Pride? Glory? Achievement?
    Well done. Well done to you.

    You beat a team last night without scoring a goal. A team missing their "first" choice keeper, their "first" choice centre backs (yes I know Woodgate doesn't count but King for example played more games than Ferdinand last season), their first choice left back with a young, completely inexperienced, winger playing in his place. If you count Hutton that could be the entire back five, absent. And then two of our most important players in Huddlestone and Bale. Then, during the match we suffered injuries to Palacious and Gallas.

    You're playing a team in terrible form, at HOME, and yet you still get largely dominated.
    Well done. You're number one! I mean four. Well done.

  8. fuck the city fans are so dillusional…..they like to kid themselves that they are a big club…..this is the first time they have qualified for ANYTHING and it only cost about a billion pounds to get them there…twats

  9. afc is right, small shit arse teams like Man City , the Chelski and others who did shit before their rich owner turned up then bought everyone but still cant beat the scum up North. Is football worth watching=not really

    Is it exciting as in the days of Hoddle and Greaves=No its not

    Do I care bout some fuckin dick from outer Mongolia whose our next signing when I cant pronounce his name= Know I don’t

    Why do I support spurs then=Its in the blood but thats the only reason because it is boring to be honest if we consider the whole of it like players who have nothing to do with the Uk let alone London. One day it’ll all disappear up its own arsehole.


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