Do we know the transfer window is open?

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Well, it’s Monday morning and we still haven’t signed anyone. Despite repeated reports of players being signed/ on the verge of signing etc., no signings have materialised. Welcome to the frustrating life of the Tottenham Hotspur fan.

With less than a month until the start of the season, and less than a week until we play the European Champions Barcelona, I’m starting to ask the question, “Does Harry think we’re ok as we are?”

Now I know that Harry performed wonders with our side last season, and I know that we spent a sizable amount of money on Defoe, Keane and Palacios in the January transfer window but he surely can’t think that our current crop of players is good enough to push for a top 5 place??!!!

If we had a stable, consistent side from now until the end of the season then we might well push for a top 4/5 place, but lets get real. This is Tottenham we’re talking about. When have we ever had a season without one of our most influential players being sidelined for a considerable amount of time? The loss of Zokora is could be quite damaging as well, considering that he was the natural understudy to Palacios. So what happens if King, Woodgate, Palacios, Modric, Lennon, Keane or Defoe gets a nasty injury? Or perish the thought, they all do at the same time. Where would we end up??!!

In the highly unlikely event that this comes to fruition. I actually trust Harry enough to keep us going but thats not the point. I’ve had enough of mediocrity and I think most spurs fans are craving success as much as I am. So how do we achieve this. Well, by keeping a strong team core and signing better players to surround them every season – we aren’t doing that. I know there’s more than a month left in the transfer window and there will be people saying that we have plenty of time to sign the players we need, but the simple fact is, we don’t! The longer we leave it to sign someone (and not just anybody – someone world class) the longer it takes for the deal to be ironed out.

The Berbatov saga last season was a perfect example. We held out and held out for the cash we wanted but by the time the deal was done no one wanted to sell because they wouldn’t have enough time to sign a replacement and a result we were panicked into signing Pavlyuchenko. Admittedly this wasn’t the worst signing in the world but we missed out on Arshavin and we’ve all seen how classy he can be.

I don’t wish to sound too much like a naysayer here. I know the tail end of last season produced some real promise for the forthcoming season. I’ve just seen it so many times before that it’s hard not to fear the worst from Spurs. So come on Harry and Levy. Get the cheque book out and lets sort ourselves out. If not for the club, then for my sanity!!

The future’s bright, the future’s  lily white!


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