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According to press reports, former Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira is being linked with a controversial move to Tottenham – do you want to see him playing for us?

Viera is currently playing for Inter Milan and sources in Italy are claiming that Viera is willing to accept wages of around £35,000 a week in a pay-as-you-play deal in order to return to London.

‘This is not about money, this is about a chance to play,’ said a friend of Vieira’s last night to the Daily Mail.

‘He has great memories of his time in London at Arsenal but that is in the past. The deal is not completed but he has an open mind. He is not afraid of the challenge from Spurs.’

An Inter source confirmed: ‘The club are willing to discuss a transfer with Tottenham.’

Would you want Patrick Vieira playing for Tottenham?  This is YOUR chance to air your views on the transfer rumour – Have your say below.

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  1. I hate arsenal, as much as the next man. But I think it might be a decent bit of business. Him and Wilson in the middle would be a great base or even allow Wilson to get forward? It has a bit of the Edgar Davids about it and even though he wasn’t the biggest success you can’t teach experience. His legs might not last the full season but I think it would be useful. The Scum fans booed him when he went back with Juve, this would annoy them even more. Espeically if they don;t finish in the top 5….?

  2. NO WAY would I want this SCUM to sign for us…..
    We Should give big tom a good run this year in the side I thnk he could be a great player for us he has great passing range just neeeds to put himself about more and want the ball.

  3. If we signed Thierry Henry and he scored 30 goals a season for us I wouldn’t have a problem, same is true of Vieira if he signs and plays well I can live with his past. I’d happily see him head us the winner at the emirates.

  4. Absolutely not. The fact he’s ex-scum is bad enough, but my main reason is he’s a dirty, diving, cheat.

    I’ll never forget the dive he did against Liverpool, he didn’t even need to, he’d beaten the player!

  5. A few years ago it’s not something I could have accepted.
    Now though after realising there is absolutely no honour amongst most of these footballers, it is far easier to stomach something like this. He wasn’t Arsenal, never was. He’s always been just Patrick Vieira and these days it doesn’t matter who they all play for, either now or in the past.
    I’m not sure about the players current ability, but on a free with low wages – it could be worth it.
    We need some experience and some more steel in the middle and some stronger characters amongst the squad.
    Ultimately though I just want Harry to build the team/squad he wants, as I believe if allowed to do so we will be a quality side.
    So it doesn’t matter so much to me whether this player or that excites me or not, I mean plenty look exciting and turn out crap, so I’ve stopped worrying about each individual link and anticipate seeing a Tottenham team that is the kind we all hope for and deserve.

  6. It seriously wouldn’t bother me, the guy is a winner and if he does the business for us then that’s good enough for me. We need more people who have played at the highest level instead of a team full of people that aspire to be there like we have at the moment.

  7. Vieira to Spurs? As a gooner I’d be a bit disappointed but wouldn’t blame him. If it comes down to a straight fight between Birmingham and you, I don’t think anyone would be surprised.

    Course…speaks volumes that you’re challenging the likes of Brum for players…

    …and we may have seen the best of Vieira…

    …but there we go, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

  8. …oh and did we f*ck boo him when he came back to HIghbury with Juve. He was given an immense reception. Until the first whistle o’course…

  9. would show the youngsters whats needed to get to the top could be one of harrys best deals. been there done it and has got the tee shirt so to speak

  10. Patrick Viera can F**K OFF, He will never be welcome at White Hart Lane. We dont want him or need him, the thought of that c**t in a spurs shirt makes me sick.

  11. No, no, no and No. 35k a week for him? say he signs a 2 yr deal thats about 3.6mil..put the money towards Edgar Davids to come in as a coach.

  12. i dont care how good he is/was, or how cheaply we manage to get him. he was captain of arsenal for many years, that is unforgiveable no matter how well he plays. have we learned nothing from the george graham era, no matter what they do for spurs they will only be remembered for the success they had with arsenal. the end

  13. One season along side Palacious could turn Wilson into an absolute world beater.

    I say bring him in – forget the reaction of small dicked, small minded “fans”.

    Viera scoring the winner at the Emerites would be a dream come true.

  14. Why not have him, you’ve taken our cast off’s before, even better why not take him, sell him and then buy him back for more than you sold him for

  15. If the above occured then Palacious would be sold to Man Carrick. We can’t hold on to top players unless we break into the top 4 and realistically it aint gonna happen now Man City are throwing their wonga around. Bring back Jol..

  16. No chance, if he can’t cut it in the Italian league, then he has no right to be plying his trade in a far more athletic and physical premier league.
    Let him retire somewhere else!!

  17. id definately take viera at much as i hated him at arsenal,he was always a quality player.think how arsenal would feel if one of their beloved heroes signed for us and helped us beat them.theyd be horrfied..jamie o’hara was once a gooner,but hes a fan favourite at the lane now.viera to spurs?? i say yes

  18. Absolutely hate this guy! Guys, what’s wrong with you. Rather let Huddlestone play all the time. Vieira was a loyal scum-servant and will always belong to the scum. Don’t foget that.

  19. “One season along side Palacious could turn Wilson into an absolute world beater.

    I say bring him in – forget the reaction of small dicked, small minded “fans”.

    Viera scoring the winner at the Emerites would be a dream come true”

    ‘Yes’ you’re a wa*ker
    any spurs fan that cheers the guy after years of giving him deserved abuse is a hypocrite. I wouldnt honour his choice in joining us and i dont think there’s a place for him here. Of all the aging has-been midfielders why would we want one of the most sucessful scum players of the last 50 years? dont act as though him scoring against arsenal would somehow make us look anything but pathetic in that we had to use one of wengers boyfriends to get past there excuse of a defence…
    If Ghaly got booed, imagine what this tw*t will get


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