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Giovani Dos Santos - Tottenham Hotspur News

Giovani Dos Santos has slammed Tottenham after manager Harry Redknapp blocked his move to Sevilla just hours before the transfer window closed.

The Mexican midfielder had his heart set on a switch to Sevilla only for Spurs to change their mind.

“I was very surprised that with two hours left, my coach has changed his mind,” he told Fox Sports.

“In three years at Tottenham I have not been taken into account and there has not been confidence in me at all. So I hope that this time I hear the truth when talking to him and we can get down to football.

“To be honest I already felt at another club, Sevilla, and we had already completed more than 50 per cent of negotiations. Almost everything had been agreed but with half an hour to go Spurs changed their minds, something I found very odd.

“Both myself and my agent have been left disappointed, sad and angry at the way Tottenham have acted.

“After such a long time without having any confidence in me I am now going to get my chance, which makes me feel weird. Even so, I mean to take this opportunity out of respect to the Tottenham fans and also because of the professional I am.”

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  1. Right then! Just knuckle down and show what you can do on the pitch for us, not Mexico or Sevilla, prove us wrong and you right without bleating about it.

  2. Errrm! No Dos Santos, you were left out because of YOUR failure to focus on football & not living it up in the nightlife, I will be the 1st to admit you have not had a fair crack at the whip, what with 3 managerial changes in as many years you are right to feel slightly uneasy, but so have the other fringe players that didn’t really get a look in, want respect mate earn it, pull your socks up & show you want to play to win! I still believe you are a fantastic talent just need to focus!

  3. Given enough 1st team oppoutunities, he will do well. Harry only gives a game hear and there and expect miracles. I think he can fit into VDV's role. He will do well if he is given a free roll. Shd do well on the right given Lennon's lack of creativity. Harry has got to give him a longer run in the team.

  4. Good point and exactly what the issue or problem is with this player. On the world stage, he struts his stuff for all to see, but in the weekly bread and butter fare, his attitude changes. For all his huffing and puffing, where are the other clubs lining up to buy him?

  5. Yes, very professional, going to the press to slag off the club and the manager. Every chance this guy gets he has to just blow it straight away. He should just shut up and appreciate that we’re now set to play a formation that will suit his style so he should take his chance.

  6. Now is your opportunity Dos Santos. You can provide the cover for both the strike force and Lennon's position on the right – this is why you were kept. Make sure you take this chance!

  7. I’m actually glad that Gio Dos Santos is still with us because I am a fan and I truly believe that all he needs is a run of games in the side to show us his true potential maybe boy that palacios is gone along with Jenas and Bentley and our plight with injuries then maybe this is his time to shine. I really hope so because I think we would be missing a trick and also miss out on a fantastic player if we don’t give him this opportunity now. Come on Harry give the lad a chance and stop messing him about. Lillywhitetilidie.

  8. The guy was spotted out coming form a SPURS christmas party with 1 too many drinks over 2 years ago, one time! Just once and Harry as well as the media opted to crucify him for it. How many players do we not find doing stupid stuff ON THE FIELD and they get the star treatment. The guy has great skill, and if you need a list of all the clubs that were aligned to get him this transfer window, here you go: Sevilla, Monaco, Villarreal and Wigan. Might not be as impressive but is surely doing more than your fat ass sitting in front of the computer criticizing someones work ethic. The guy has talent, there is no denying, the only time he gets to shine is on international duty and he takes full advantage of it every time. If you do not like someone because of an issue that happened over 2 yrs ago, or his attitude, or his play style…. then let him go! why beat around the bush and block the opportunity for a player to further develop? Look at what he did on loan last season, scored 5 goals and had 4 assists. When they loaned him to Ipswich, the lad scored 4 goals in 8 games. All I am saying is, to all the critics, try to understand a player’s frustration of always being left off, after giving 3 yrs of your life to a club who opts to not play you nor allow you to move on, I’d be criticizing the club’s behavior too after 3 yrs. Ya want to talk about disrespect? look at your loved Modric, now THAT is diserespect, yet he is treated as a diamond that he is not. Gio will prove he deserves alot more respect than what he has been given, and when he does, he will never return to Tottenham. Sorry lads, ya just got screwed again by Harry.

  9. 2 Comments:

    1) Harry, cut the crap and give the kid a chnace, it will also buck up lennon!

    20 Gio, if you get the chance then buck up and show Rednapp why he is stupid for not playing you. Let us see the form for Spurs that you give for Mexico!

  10. Harry probably blocked the transfer because Lennon has been very poor in the opening games. Gio plays naturally as a right winger for Mexico and could well displace Lennon in the first team, given the opportunity.

    Also, with Parker in the team, we now have the ability to go 4-2-3-1, and Gio fits into that system better than Lennon.

    Team for Wolves:


    Bale Modric Dos Santos

    Huddz Parker

    AssouEk. Daws Kaboul Corluka

  11. VDV and Lennon injured so the transfer was blocked and he will now get his chance.

    Team vs wolves:

    Adebayor. Defoe
    Bale. Modric. Parker. Dos Santos
    AEK. Daws. Kaboul. Walker

  12. Pls gv him a chance !! Lennon is played whether he is on form or not . Why buy a player but won’t give him a chance . I am very sure if he is under SAF , he would have blossom . So come on Harry !!

  13. I dont know how anyone can say he has had a chance. In three years he has played 10 matches and been subbed or sub in most of those. Somehow Spurs think he is worth more than they paid for him even though he never plays.
    Something doesnt add up. I would love to hear a proper explanation of why he cant get a game given his obvious talent


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