Dos Santos: Thank God things are going well


Giovani Dos Santos

Giovani Dos Santos is nearing the end of his time at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Mexican international joined Spurs in 2008 for £5.3million but failed to make an impact and found himself out on loan to  Ipswich, Galatasaray and most recently Racing Santander.

Sevilla and Real Zaragoza are both keen on the 22-year-old who should fetch around £4.3million.

“I still don’t know where I am going but thank God things are going well now and I have some offers,” Dos Santos told As.

“I will have to wait and see which is the best one.”

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  1. Spurs REALLY should keep him. I'm an American, and he single-handedly torched us in the Gold Cup final. He's got great speed, great vision, and is a true up-and-comer. If nothing else, we need to get more for him.

  2. Thats the problem with Redknapp, he will always choose experience over talent and, for us, youth will never get a chance either. Players like DosSantos Kranjcar and Bent allowed 2 leave while old heads r brought in, 30+ year olds coming 2 the end of their careers.

  3. GIo is an amazing player,he was never given a chance by Harry…sad he is mexican with brazilian blood(dad),and to those who have said he doesn’t have the speed? have u seen how he plays with his country or now with his current loan team , He is doing supreme…that is why the spurs aren’t what they used to be ..

  4. Rubbish, he has shown a distinct lack of commitment since he joined. A talented but seriously flawed individual. Try getting a performance from away at Wigan on a wet Wednesday night…..enough said.

  5. Dos Santos from the school of Barca. I cannot believe u could not get in the spurs team. As a left footed forward/winger who is was keeping u out of the tottenham squad. Please I would like to know. Tottenham have a bad habbit of buying youngesters and then blaming them for not proforming. You cannot blame the player but blame the person managing and training them. I saw the goal he scored against the usa in the 4-2 win. What a player. Tell me this tho. What pinaer, fredal, scot parker are what great signings. Why sell O'hara. why sell kranjar. Wait til modric and bale get fed up who tottenham going to be left with. Now they are saying we have to sell 4-5 players to get new ones. Why not buy the new ones first before the other clubs do or is this just a hurdle that Levy is putting in harry's way. "TOTTENHAM, TOTTENHAM, NO ONE CAN STOP THEM!"

  6. If Liverpool want Lennon, i think we should let him go. Maybe ask a lil more than 15mil. DosSantos can easily fill the gap and do better.


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