El Tel: Forget Vieira’s Gooner past


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Terry Venables has urged Tottenham Hotspur fans to welcome Patrick Vieira, should he join the club.

Venables feels that the White Hart Lane faithful should forget the Frenchman’s previous time at Arsenal as he would be a good signing.

Spurs fans seem to be split on whether they’d be happy to see Vieira in a Spurs shirt.

He said: “Fans should welcome him as no matter where he used to play, he is a winner. As long as he is still fit and not overweight or anything, he would be good for Tottenham.

“It looks like he is keen on a move back to Britain, but whether it’ll be Spurs or not remains to be seen.”

He added: “I would say the fans would reserve judgment until they see him play – or at least I’d like to think they would.

“Once he proves he is still at the top of his game, then they will warm to him.”

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  1. i still seriously doubt he’ll come to spurs. we get linked with every player thats on the market. id rather we looked forward rather than at 34 year old centre mids.

  2. No way!

    He’s well past his best, no ar5ena1 fan will care, the complete opposite in fact, they’ll love it!

    They take Sol Campbell directly off us at his peak, when we were desperate to keep him. We take a player who’s best years were 7-8 years ago, who they decided was past his sell by date, 2 years after he left them – because he can’t get a game at the top club he’s at.

    He offers us nothing but embarrassment and ridicule from the scum.

  3. I have nothing at all against Viera….as a player, or an ex Arseer….but I would not court him on the basis of his ‘advanced’ years….A fact that would make us the butt of the Scum giggles (and they know what it is to giggle….having seen their own team make a mess, so often loll).
    It would be a great signing….10 years ago….but not now…The Spurs machine needs to come into the 21st Century….at last he he. COYS!

  4. For us the Arsenal fans, honestly, we wouldn’t like it when one of our legends joining Spurs. On the other hand though, we won’t mind this is the direction Spurs are heading – going backward.

    Frankly, one of the reasons Wenger let him go was his knees. Paddy had carried a knee problem with him for a long time now, due to the nature of his game. As a modern day DM, especially for someone who had battled in the ever physical Prem for nearly a decade, it’s not surprised that he’s well worn out at the age of 33.

    you would be lucky to get him for half a season if he joins.

  5. Andes makes a very good point. I shouldn’t think any Arsenal fan would want one of their former captains playing for their closest rivals. I still don’t think we’ll sign him though. Given Palacios’ powerhouse displays in the tail end of last season I don’t think he’d even get in the side. If we have identified the need for a DM then we should at least get one that is of a similar type and age to Pal to encourage a competitive squad

  6. he has many qualitys as a player and being fit etc would add strength to the midfield obviously allowing those beside him to do there stuff movement etc…..truth is he was dominant for arsenal over many seasons so he knows the score and t shirt.at the top….the clubs rivalry is great but this is a new period and the spurs look to be with the top group…..move on and respect his effort at the lane if he arrives.it does take some blx to do win the spurs over

  7. Maybe we should try and persuade Roy Keane to leave Ipswich and have another go at the premier league – or Ince perhaps? They were great players once. What about drafting in Tony Adams at the back in Ian Wright to get a few goals? That’s show those smug gooners down the road!

    Face it – he’d only consider us because he’s WAY past his sell by date, like Andes said, Wenger’s been proved right in letting him go – it would be nothing apart from embarrassing!

    He played 12 times for Inter last season and is leaving because he’s no longer seen good enough to play at a top club.

  8. From what I gather, he’s being considered to fulfil the role Edgar Davids did for us a couple of seasons back. I doubt Harry will expect him to be our team’s first choice DM, as Colonel Wilson has that one sewn up. However, he’d be able to impart his considerable experience onto our younger players. Let’s not forget, like Davids, he’s been a winner throughout his career.

    Furthermore, I think (admittedly a guess) Harry is looking to instill more discipline into a relatively young squad – as a few of the senior pros let him down last season – and Vieira would provide that.

  9. We call them Juice monkeys……I agree but it's not just Bolton, every professional sportsman does it, whether they admit it or don't they are all using some type of substances, otherwise it's physically impossible to give the human body that type of weekly stress without it taking effect without substances. It's a well known fact…..


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