Eriksen plays down internet rumours

Image: SpursWeb

There have been plenty of rumours circulating the internet over the past few days regarding Christian Eriksen’s future at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Telegraph among others had claimed that the Danish international midfielder’s agent has demanded that his new contract at White Hart Lane should be in the region of £150,000-a-week.

Eriksen’s current contract is worth £32,000-a-weekand has two years to run with negotiations said to be at a deadlock by the media outlets.

However, Christian Eriksen took to Twitter following the 1-1 draw at Everton to give a subtle hint that Tottenham fans should not be taking everything they read online surrounding his future at face value.

Hopefully this means that both Eriksen and his agent are going to play ball, sign a new contract which fits our wage structure and focus on matters that take place on the pitch. COYS

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  1. Eriksen is good. I like him. But if he is demanding 150k fuck him. Sell his ass asap. The Spurs have s great team we don’t need a player like Eriksen getting a massive ego/sassy. Ego and selfishness is cancer. The team is well balance and Eriksens demands affects the flow. Sell asap and purchase Youri

    Tielemans. Eriksen is good but not 150k a week good. Not yet. Prove your worth don’t let your agent be an ass.

  2. Never for one second believed he had asked for £150,000 PW. It would be tantamount to putting in a transfer request. Whereas all he has talked about in pre-season is how excited he is and looking forward to representing the club in CL. He's even been talking of the season after this at the club. Not really how you would expect someone who was effectively seeking a transfer – which he would be doing if he demanded that level of money!

  3. Wage structure or not he isn’t good enough to warrant that wage I love Erikson my favorite honestly but he’s to soft on the ball and doesn’t play any defense but I think they will work something our around 80 a week and he is def worth that and noone can deny he has earned a raise not even the penny pincher Daniel levy


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