Every word from Pochettino on his Tottenham future


Pochettino has been at Tottenham Hotspur for four seasons now, and is well into his fifth as manager at the club.

Since his arrival he has always spoken about a long term project in North London, with the ultimate aim to move into a new stadium and win silverware.

Despite impressive achievements along the way, Spurs have yet to actually win anything under Poch’s management.

In fact, they are without a trophy in over a decade now, since their 2007/08 Carling Cup win over Chelsea in the final.

As Real Madrid sacked their manager last month, rumours of a Pochettino transfer have been circulating.

The Argentine is not only considered one of the most promising young managers anymore, but already one of the best in the world.

He would likely be an ideal fit for any of the world’s biggest teams, but Spurs and Daniel Levy will do anything to keep hold of him.

Pochettino spoke in his press conference today about his future, the long term project, and whether he can achieve what he wants to at Spurs.

Football London report every word on the above topics:

Have you given the players assurances on your future?

“I think today in football we always talk. We talk, we always about long term project. I think one day it was difficult to explain. I want to repeat and I hope you don’t misunderstand me. We work with a responsibility to create a long term project. It is true that today in football is always about the present, about good results quick, as soon as possible and it is difficult to talk about project.

“At the same time you need to work and try to anticipate the thing about to come. We always work to try to win games tomorrow. If you are not prepared, the team, the squad, with a plan for the future.

“After you spend four years and a half like me. I think no one expected so long myself here at Tottenham. If you do not anticipate and you have another plan that is not long term period in the end you are going to fail.

“The success here is that always we are thinking in today and thinking in tomorrow and that is most important.
I think one day I explain, I want to be here for all of my career. That is the best thing because that is why it is difficult to explain the decision, and to explain the big picture and it is a struggle to explain to our fans why things happen today in the present.

“That is the most important to think and then if one, two, three, four, five, six and the patience of the board or Daniel is not big they will sack you. But always you feel responsible and the legacy for different people that can arrive and work on the project. That is our responsibility, I feel responsible, the coaching staff to not only come here and work and it’s a fantastic life in London and fantastic facilities. That is why our commitment is not thinking is not only today but for the future.”

Can you achieve what you want here?

“I think, like you all in our different businesses, always we want to improve, we want the best, to win, to achieve more money. I’m an honest person that loves to talk very honestly, and of course when you don’t win you’re so frustrated.

“Our fans are so frustrated but you are the first that wants to win, the players, the staff, everyone. When you’re close, you need to try to translate that it’s all under control and try to create a good feeling, trying to help that hope that one day we can win. Of course sometimes the period that you spend, if you don’t achieve all that you want or expect, it’s true that it’s difficult to keep motivated with the right energy to in the end achieve all that you want.

“I think the period today at the club, at Tottenham, is so exciting. Of course it looks when you look backwards I think it’s like one life, like we are at Tottenham for 20 or 30 years, because it was so tough, the moments, and so intensive, the moments we shared together. But I think we’re in the middle of the [journey] and I don’t believe that it’s the end of something.

“That’s the difference when people talk for different clubs. When you talk about some clubs or others you need to see where they are, how they are, who they are. But when you assess Tottenham, they are in the middle of the journey, in the middle to arrive in the harbour. And you need time. And the time sometimes depends on the boat, or on many things – whether you can improve your boat during the journey. People can talk a lot and create a lot of history and theories about Tottenham but the most important is the reality.

“The reality is we are very close to finishing the new stadium, we’re very close to creating, in facilities, one of the best clubs in the world. Of course all have different costs to pay, and sometimes to win titles today is difficult for different reasons that you and our fans know very well. But sometimes the patience is shorter, it’s not too big, and the frustration, like for us, when you don’t win… You’re so close but you don’t win. But for me it’s so exciting to be here at Tottenham, helping the club to achieve the last level.

“I think we’re so close to getting the last level, but we need to have that patience that makes us stronger, because of course we’re finding different situations that you need to fix – a lot of difficult things that happen during the journey that you need to sort out. But I think we’re strong enough to sort out all the problems and arrive, and in the end to achieve what the club and fans deserve, and in the end all we want to achieve one day is to win trophies.

“When I arrived at Tottenham, the first video I think Daniel or the people showed me was of Tottenham Hotspur, we are talking about the glory. Yes, I want to feel the glory with Tottenham. When I watch that video from 1960, I think always it’s a very emotional video but it will be fantastic to deliver for our fans and for all the people that moment again, to repeat it here with Tottenham. But first of all we need to finish the stadium, move there, finish the facilities here, be settled, make our stadium home again and work so hard to try to be competitive.”

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