Fabiano puts the boot into Spurs again


Luis Fabiano is at it again after his agent admitted that the striker wasn’t interested in a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Brazilian’s agent has claimed that he turned down a summer move to White Hart Lane.

His agent Jose Fuentes said: ‘At the moment I have not heard anything from Inter, nor from other clubs in respect to January.

‘There’s no doubt that the player is down in the dumps. He wanted to leave during the summer, and there were formal offers from Tottenham Hotspur, Marseille, Schalke and Fenerbahce, but they didn’t interest us.

‘We have renewed his contract until 2013, but now he doesn’t play. I don’t know the reason – let’s see what happens with new coach Gregorio Manzano.’

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  1. Fabiano is a twat who couldn’t kick snow off a rope. He is also fairly crap at football these days he must have a sore arse by now sitting on that bench. I’m obviously not advocating violence but did anyone see his punch up with some dude in La Liga? Lmao. My little sister, she’s 15 would kick Fabiano up and down the block I have never seen a man throw such a shameful, bitch like punch in my life. What a dweeb lol


  2. "They didn't interest us " some nerve. He did fuck all in the WC. It doesn't happen that often but seldom is wonderful. Stay there walter mitty, your loss :-)

  3. what a blessing in disguise it was that fabiano didn't sign in the summer, because if he did i doubt we would've made the bid for van der vaart – and i know who i'd rather pay my money to watch! COYS


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