Famous Tottenham cockerel spotted from new club shop

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham are finally inching towards the completion of their new 62,000 seat stadium, with both the turf being laid and the goal posts erected over the past week.

The turf arrived in a flurry of refrigerated vans and was laid onto three retractable trays over the space of a few days.

These trays can be stored under the south stand to reveal the special NFL pitch beneath, another source on income for Spurs.

The goal posts were put up yesterday, and Harry Kane will already be dreaming of thumping in a few goals between them this season, with Hugo aiming to keep his end safe.

Once fixture of the new stadium once building is complete will be the brand new iconic golden cockerel, which will eventually sit on its perch atop the stadium roof.

The cockerel has been made up to look exactly like to original, only a little bigger in size, and our eagle-eyed viewers will be able to see it lurking through the windows in the following tweet.

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  1. I believe that is the original and that it is being housed in the new museum next to the shop. The new one is much larger and why would they put it in the shop now if it is going on the roof of the stadium?

  2. A huge mistake copying the Old cockerel Spurs have revamped the old cockerel which was a little drab looking.
    The new cockerel which was revamped a few years ago stands much prouder and erect and this is the one that should have been replicated for the new stadium….. Come on spurs get it right


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