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I hope Robbie Keane goes to Celtic in January. Why? Not just because he’ll be good for them, which he will, but because it will be good for him and because I’m fed up of hearing the abuse he gets from Spurs fans with memories as short as Dennis Wise.

We all know he’s not the player he was. Right now, he is CRAP. No-one disputes that. He never had pace but what little he had has gone. His touch has gone. His instinct for goal has gone. I think a lot of it is confidence – he’s not stupid or immune from the comments people are making about him. He knows if it doesn’t go for him he’ll be off the pitch – like today. Anyone remember when previous managers did that with Defoe? For a striker, confidence is everything.

The first time I saw him play, he scored the equalizer for Coventry against us. I turned to my brother and said “that’s the sort of player we need”. Apparently George Graham didn’t agree.

I saw him score a hat-trick to win the game against Everton once, in a very poor Spurs side. The winning goal was pure Jimmy Greaves. That’s what really bothers me when people have a go at him. Have a go at the manager for picking him, but the criticism is personal…and some people have short memories. I’ve heard the same crap about Defoe in the past, Lennon and whoever else is a convenient scapegoat for the team’s shortcomings at any time. Have you all forgotten how bad we have been, not that long ago? Sherwood, Doherty, Keller, Edinburgh etc?

Everyone who’s met him, as I have, says how much of a good bloke he is – how he gives so much time to be an ambassador for the club and asks for nothing in return. I know that’s not a reason for sticking with him, but it’s a reason for giving him some respect. Seeing the Wolves fans today cheering him off the pitch made me realise he needs to go and go now – for his sake…and mine.

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By Mike Cheshunt

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  1. I dispute that he is crap. The man is a legend. I was a bit miffed when he went to Liverpool, especially after pledging his future to Spurs not long before, however he came back a bigger man. He may not have had the same partnership with Defoe as he did with Berbatov but the 2 are completely different playing partners. The man is still playing sublime football. Have you already forgotten the 4 goals he stuck away with such class against Burnley in the Carling cup? How can any player with 6 goals from 12 league games be called crap? I’d suggest looking at previous Spurs strikers like Berbatov (4 from 13) or Zamora (5 from 13) before writing him off. COYS.

  2. i dont care how much of a good bloke he is, keane is not needed anymore, there was a time we relied on him but now our football has change, we are more of a counter attacking and quick passing team which does not accomodate keanes style of play, there was a time we relied on him as our sytem fitted him in but not anymore, hes had his time good luck robbie, HARRY WAKE UP PLEASE KEANE HAS COST US A LOT THIS SEASON PLEASE NO MORE. even the crowd livened up when he went off is redknapp blind also the problem with rednap hes stubbon any other manager would have taken him off after 20 mins but instead wwe wasted 65 minutes bfore he made a change, what a waste of a game

  3. I have to disagree with you Nick. Why the F**K are we playing crouch. He is useless and doesn’t suit us at all. Whenever he plays all we do is hoof the ball to him. He is not even good in the air.

    Keane needs games. Give him 3 or 4 in a row and he will be back to his usually self scoring goals left right and centre. Then theres Pav too. Why has he not been on recently. We have Keane & Pav on the bench but the donkey crouch has been playing and ruining our chance of Champions league football.

    Loosing to Stoke and wolves and drawing to Villa and Everton is 10 lost points.

  4. His first touch used to be great, and it isn’t anymore, because of his lack of speed now, he gets closed downby the defenders immediately when he has the ball. He can’t hold up the ball, her slows down the game, our game with him in the team becomes so predictable like yesterday against wolves, the time has come to let him go – please.

  5. STOP the Energy Cheatss look out for the team i discovered taking ephedrine also known has sudafed cough mixture stop calling Keane its cheats that are stopping Keane and spurs winning trust me the RUSSIANS ARE JUST THE TIP

  6. What a load of rubbish. True he is slowing down a bit but he is still quality and a world class striker. The problem with Spurs at the moment is Peter Crouch starting two games, that we should of won both of (if Keane had started). Crouch is an embarassement to the Spurs jersey. The best he will ever be is a super sub, because he does offer something different (long ball desperation). It’s not his fault that he is crap. Sure he will save us from relegation, but he won’t get out us into Europe. Keane has done in the past, and will do in the future. Hopefully, Harry will realize this before it’s too late and the season is lost…..

  7. What a load of rubbish. True he is slowing down a bit but he is still quality and a world class striker. The problem with Spurs at the moment is Peter Crouch starting two games, that we should of won both of (if Keane had started). Crouch is an embarassement to the Spurs jersey. The best he will ever be is a super sub, because he does offer something different (long ball desperation). It’s not his fault that he is crap. Sure he will save us from relegation, but he won’t get out us into Europe. Keane has done in the past, and will do in the future. Hopefully, Harry will realize this before it’s too late and the season is lost…..

  8. He’s not that much of a nice guy…I met the prick at a pub once, gave him respect being a Spurs fan an d he was saying to me ‘are you a dustbin man’ thinking that was funny. I didnt enen reply, being in awe of the man, but now I think he can go fuck himself, He is shit and thinks he’s all that, fuck off to Celtic you prick – hope he reads this.

  9. Matt you chat shit. Keane is crap, one game 4 goals in which even Dindane would have scored 4. Big deal. He is fucking shit. Crouch and even Pav are both much better, he lost the ball every time today. Sell the cunt.

  10. Keane at his best was unpredictable to the extent that he himself had little idea what he would do next……defenders having no idea:) Over time he has lost that edge. He struggles to run…..avoids physical contact completely and hides. Perhaps the biggest factor to consider is that unlike Defoe, Robbie never actually gets ‘there’ anymore. The fall in the number of shots he has in a game is alarming…1 against Stoke……1 against Arsenal…..2 against Wolves….none against Villa……none against Pompey or Bolton….aginst Burnley he had 6 and scored 4

  11. lets look at performances in recent times. keane did not start against wigan., villa and everton. those were very good performances and we were a bit unlucky. he played against man u and wolves and result and performance was poor. he played sunderland and the performance was poor again. u will probably find similar info in other games. yeah crouch is not great but the performances of the team seem to hear be better when he plays. keane at the moment really does not deserve to start

  12. well please you fucking twits ,this is the problem in a nutshell , you let someone play all the time and they are guranteed a start then they get complacent , we still need to improve i agree but you cant blame robbie for his poor form he is a class player he loves the club and has always helped them last season we were in the shit , when he came back things changed he may not score but his presents is enough , crouch long ball option something different never rated highly but he scores for england and cappello kisses his ass , harry knows pav is gone and he has his heart set on a new striker , this team is great but top 4 fuck me i know its chirtmas but the crash down to earth with a bang was a bit much,
    kean has always been my hero at spurs captin marvel but we have no leaders ,he leads , harry knows these are boys playing on the pitch at times and they get carried away thats why he will still be at spurs untill the end of the season , SIR HARRY REDKNAPP knows his shit and you know what he needs to stop talking about top4 and so do the players the need to handle there footie and get there heads out the clouds , you never hear martin oneil talking shit like that , we had a good run we nned to build on that we have belief but we nned to sign a centre back and foward pav is going to zenit ,leavy pull out the cash and stop holding the strings on your purse you bitch thats why we lost out on arshavin , we need to remind this team its been a long time since they won something worth winning i aint talking but that shit league cup.keep keane we need him , and support the team dont destory it , and slag him off please ,the second you continue in that fashion you will destroy my teams confidence i beg you dickheads

  13. Keane has lost his touch. Loses the ball easily. He was a great player, when he had his touch. And just looking at him play yesterday, his expression…quite pathetic. Not as hardworking as he used to be. And for him to be our captain, can’t be good for the team. When we brought him back from Liverpool, he was all fired up and did pretty well. He lifted the team. Nothing of that sorts yesterday. The only person seen encouraging the team forward was Gomez! We need someone in the middle of the pitch to shout his head off and get the team going. Unfortunately, i don’t see anyone with that charasmetic value.

  14. I agree that Keane has gone past his best and Crouch is no better. Let us have Dos Santos more often as he has more pace, more energy and plays more aggressively up front. How about trying Pav, too? We cannot really assess him fully as long as we keep him on the bench all the time while those we rely on for scoring goals are simply not performing.

  15. I agree that Keane has gone past his best and Crouch is no better. Let us have Dos Santos more often as he has more pace, more energy and plays more aggressively up front. How about trying Pav, too? We cannot really assess him fully as long as we keep him on the bench all the time while those we rely on for scoring goals are simply not performing.

  16. Keane has always been a confidence player – if he gets a run of games he will eventually hit a streak. Meanwhile Defoe hasnt done much in the last few games but is immune from criticism. It cant help Keane that he knows he will get subbed after around 60 mins (has happened I think in his last three games) – it kind of signals that Harry has to play him becauser he is the captain or something but doesnt really believe in him. The other problem is having a captain that doesnt always get picked or doesnt finish games – not ideal!

  17. Couldn’t disagree more. Keane may have scored some goals, but from day one he wasted some many ‘assist’ opportunities that he was a liability. Most of the time he is completely blind to players that are in much better positions than him. I’ve never been keen om him (excuse pun) and have said so many many times. If the rumour is true that he’s on the list, then I’m just glad that Harry has seen some sense

  18. What a ridiculous article! Apart from a short spell when he was second fiddle to Defoe, many moons ago (and he became a super-sub) the bloke has been a disaster for years.

    God knows how many goals a proper striker would have scored at our club, with the talent in midfield we’ve had.

  19. we will never get into the top 4 with fans that think Keane is good enough……. he is good enough for the 5th-10th spot. We bought a Liverpool reject

    plus we have no player that can step up to take penalty’s or free kicks and score………

  20. Is your memory that short that you cant remember him jumping ship at the first chance he got. he didnt give a shit about us then so everyone whos moaning at him has a right to. hes awful and i couldnt care less where he goes as long as he does

  21. 4 points dropped in 2 games!!!! fukkin ludicrous!!! get rid of the sh!te and buy some WINNERS!! We should have coughed up for Arshavin for a start, and if Arseholes are “interested” in David Villa, THEN WHY THE FUK ARENT WE??? Villa is a winner, and worth 10 crouches or keanes…..van Nistlerooys abetter striker than greedy bollox as well….id rather vN than defoe any day. The draw with Everton was a choker but this loss is taking the pi55……. #:)

  22. My problem with Keane is not that he left and came back, but that he is unrecognisable from the player who went to Liverpool. It is also apparent that he and Defoe do not work well together. Suspect we have seen the best of him and he will be on his way pretty soon.

  23. How dare you compare Jimmy Greaves with that coward Keane.The latter is a disgrace and so is the manager who brought him back.What could he see that 36,000 could not, that the coward and Defoe can play together-never,that he can inspire and lead as a captain-never,that he is a top finisher-never.No what he did see was a relegation issue that needed to be sorted quickly so he could get his £1m. bonus to keep Spurs up,and damn anything else.The coward should be driven to Celtic by the so called manager for the pair of them never to return again.

  24. Stop with the Celtic crap! They are skint. They could neither afford the fee for jeanette, or his wages. If he goes it will be to another premiership team and he will come back to haunt us.

  25. If he wants to join Celtic, he will have to take a big pay cut. Guess it depends on how desperate he is to play for them.
    We may be interested in a swap deal for Aidan McGeady/ Scot Brown, although I am not sure they improve on what we have already.

  26. do you fucking keane haters remember about the arse french cunt putting ireland out of the world cup…. so why is it again keane isnt playing well.. he has nothing to play for… crouch has a world cup place to play for so harry is thinking he will play outta his skin for a place in south africa…. keane is the bollox, crouth is shit…..

  27. That’s the typical spurs fan attitude to not want a player to get stick because of past achievements, he has been crap since he returned from Liverpool with his tail between his legs and lets now forget he showed his true colours by leaving us for them in the first place, the new celebration is ridiculous the way he stands there with his arms out like the messiah it just shows how full of it he really is, I’m glad the majority of spurs fans have turned on him as I’m sick and tired of seeing him in a spurs shirt…hopefully he’ll go to celtric in jan and good riddence.

  28. “The man is still playing sublime football” said the blind man!!!

    “Have you already forgotten the 4 goals he stuck away with such class against Burnley in the Carling cup?” erm no, but Heskey and Zamorra score in one off games?! hardly what you want when trying to break into a top during the weakest league for years?

  29. How typical that one man has to carry the can for the failings of the whole team. Keane is not the only one out of form – Palacios and Crouch are equally useless lately. Lennon and Defoe stand immune from criticism yet neither is doing it consistently on a game by game basis either. Never mind, let Keane go in January but then start looking for your new scapegoat because selling him isn’t going to solve all of the problems.

  30. When did Keane last do it ? Apart from 1 game against Burnley, he has contributed virtually nothing this season.
    You cannot seriously suggest that the same comments can be applied to Lennon and Defoe.
    Crouch has contributed more than Keane in less playing time and I believe Palacious will regain his form.
    And there lies the problem with Keane, who for almost 12 months has shown no improvement but instead, appears to be in decline.
    As I have said in earlier posts, I don’t dislike him and in fact, would like nothing better than to see him playing at his peak as the whole team would benefit.
    The sad thing for him and the club is that he shows no sign of improving and at some stage, Harry will have to bite the bullet.
    Also, to me he does not seem to be enjoying playing for us and maybe a move will be to his benefit.

  31. Thanks 'Observer' – that was exactly my point in the article. Sometimes the most objective views come from those who don't support the club.

    Here's a question for all you Keane-haters – how many goals has Crouch scored in the league this season?


    A 2 goal return in nearly 4 months of football. I know he didn't start many games at the beginning and yes he can provide goals but he is meant to be a STRIKER. Even his headers seem to go 2 yards wide. But some of our fans seem to think Keane is worse than Rasiak or Postiga!

  32. I am not a great fan of Crouch, but how much playing time has he had in comparision with Keane and how many assists do they each have ?
    If Defoe is first choice it appears pretty obvious that he works better with Crouch than Keane.
    Thats not Keanes fault, its just a fact of life, the same as Keane and Berbatov was a better fit than Berbatov and Defoe.
    Perhaps Keanes problem is that we remember how good he was in the Berbatov era and at the moment, he appears nowhere near that level.
    I’m afraid I cannot see a happy ending for Keane at Spurs but I would be delighted if he proved me wrong!

  33. How can any sensible person with one iota of a footballing brain possibly defend Mr Keane this season,and here is why…1)all he does is point and shout and point and shout to know one really.(if he worried about about himself a bit more he might be more effective) 2)He could not hit a barn door with a beachball 3)Is there a slower player in the Premiership ???? 4)Is there a weaker tackler in the Premiership ??? Is there a weaker header of the ball in Premiership ??? 5)He slows up every move we develop and 9/10 picks out the wrong pass to a collegue. 6)He needs 6 chance s to score 1 and that is FACT not fiction that some people here seem to convince themselves otherwise 7)Is he good value for £75000 per week ????? and £14million ???? ,he is not worth £4 million and if we get anywhere near double in Jan it would be a miracle,and finally…. 8) Apart from Mr Benetiz has anyone so useless ever fooled most of the people,most of the time,for so long ????? UNTIL NOW……Im so glad at last fellow supporters are waking up to what I have said for the guy is a obnoxious,overrated little moron..9)Remember he did not care too much for Spurs when liverpool came calling !!!!!! Boyhood dreams and all that nonsense….He loved Spurs then did he ????.. ps WHY DO YOU THINK HE HAS HAD MORE CLUBS THAN TIGERS WIFE CAN GET HER HANDS ON ????????? COS AFTER A WHILE THEY REALIZE HOW OVERRATED HE IS APART FROM US UNTIL HARRY HAS GOT SICK OF THE WEE PRIMA DONNA…

  34. A few points. Keane is playing badly, and does not deserve to be in the side right now. He has scored a lot of goals in the past and won games which were drifting away from us. He never had a great deal of speed. But then again, neither did Ted Sheringham.

    If Defoe and Crouch get injured, and Pav leaves in January, we will rely quite rightly on Keane who is waiting on the bench.

    We have in the past, as Spurs fans, somehow killed the confidence of certain players by the oohs and aahs and murmurs when certain players get the ball. Bale, Bentley are two examples, but there are more.

    When Keane was on the bench recently (I forget the game, I was away and watching on Sky), the man stood at the end of the tunnel at half time to gee up each Spurs player as they ran out of the tunnel. Compared to some players, who moan, talk to the press and generally throw their over-sized boy toys from the pram, looking miserable on the bench, I will always have respect for that. He went to Liverpool, realised he had made a huge mistake and came back.

    Keane on the bench puts pressure on Defoe and 3 metre Peter to perform. And his agent is not constantly flying in from Azerbajan to have “crisis” talks…

    PS don’t believe the press…

  35. Oh please look at the facts,Robbie Keane..had a decent goals to game ratio in his younger but only when you include pens.(please dont hide behind the twaddle that he is more than a striker bla bla bla Emile bloody Heskey etc etc,what a load of complete shite) now his record is awful..The worst £14million spent in the history of the prem only surpassed by the ludicrous £20 million paid by that madman at Anfield..and to be made Captain ahead of King ?(dont argue he doesnot play every week as nor does Keane),Dawson?Palacious ? Modric ? Defoe ? …He has no pace at all,never was blessed but now Im faster and have not played in ten years…He cant tackle,in fact he is yellow..He cant jump,cant head and spends his entire time on the pitch pointing and shouting at players with twice his effect and ability (it is cringing watching him give a team talk at the start when everyone knows he will be brought off at 55-60 mins).Harry was bordering on complete blind faith playing him week in week out but even he eventually gave in as he could not go out with ten players every week as it was effecting results.(but he was getting away with it as Defoe and Crouch were tearing teams apart in the last half hour hence covering up the abysmally poor Keane,although check his weekly rating in the papers and it will tell you a story…ave 5.3)..His attitude is shite as he feels he owns Spurs and is the mainstay in the clique at the club along with that other prima donna Jenas..Loyal “my arse” he ran to Liverpool “chasing the money” to his “boyhood heros” faster than Rooney to brothel then returned when they realized he was totally shite and he realized he could not walk about like Billy “big balls” around Anfield.He has had 8 (yes 8 !) clubs in 11 yrs Question; why would 8 (SOON TO BE 9) managers let him go if he was so bloody good ????? (oh right all the managers were tossers ! (mmmm now I get it,Keane is world class but the managers are useless,hiow did I not see that !!!).He misses more chances any other player in the Prem ,check the stats.He has no respect for the captaincy and club ie who arranged the piss up in Dublin recently behind Harrys back !.He slows down EVERY fastflowing move to do some stupid fancy dan flick or slow it down and pass it 5 yards to get it back usually with Jenas,have any of you noticed how better we have played historically when Penis and Leane ,sorry Jenas and Keane are on the bench ???? CERTAINLY KEANE SUPPORTERS WILL NOT HAVE BECAUSE MY ARSE HAS FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT FOOTBALL AND SPURS THAN YOU PRICKS WILL EVER KNOW !!! Please go and support Liverpool were you can join blogs and argue how good LUCAS is lol !

  36. We should never have brought him back, and I was saying we shouldn’t when the rot started at Liverpool.

    He was a talismanic figure the first time and did lift the team. Bringing him back after the Liverpool fiasco was like getting back with a girlfriend that you once loved and trusted after she had spent the ‘It’s not you, It’s me’ line to explain running off with another bloke.

    It was never going to be the same.

    To think he has been a liability for well over half a season now annoys me as it WILL cost us a Champions League place.

    Not playing Pav has been the most frustrating thing about our season. He’s miles better than Keane and IMO better than Crouch, sadly we will never know if he and Defoe would of got going, because of ‘arry’s reliance on his unreliable captain.

  37. If we start tonight with Keane it will very probably cost us 4th place,for some unknown reason Redknapp has this agenda to play Keane no matter how woeful he has been for 4 months bar one decent game,how he can screw up this opportunity to get 4th place by beating Liverpool tonight and take them out of the race !!!! Simple if we play Crouch we have a chance,a good chance…if we start with Keane we are starting with 10 men…we are already in trouble with Jenas starting and Lennon out…..I would not be suprised to see Keane at centre half to accomodate him….come on lads tonight….

  38. Come on people, the statistics don't lie. Robbie Keane is:
    1) 11th highest goalscorer in the history of the premiership, with 126 goals.
    2) 14th highest scorer in the history of international football, with 59 goals (3rd highest amongst currently active players)
    3) 10th highest scorer in Totenhap hospurs history


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