Silver or Gold?


Spurs are going to Wembley! Crack the champagne, call the engraver, and put us down for an open-top bus around the middle of May. If we achieve FA Cup glory this year—something we have a very real chance of doing—May 5, 2012 will be a date that Spurs fans remember for the rest of our lives.

But what about May 13, 2012? What will we be celebrating on that day? Fourth place glory and a ticket to the big time? Or, based on our current blip, fifth place (or sixth!) and the shameful Europa League that comes with it?

But hey, at least we may have the FA Cup in our trophy room. That’s got to be worth something, right?

About thirty five million pounds.

While the FA Cup would definitely be a sweet cup to drink from, if its capture diverts our attention from a much more important goal, the taste of glory will be undeniably bittersweet. Tottenham Hotspur must be focused on gold, not silver. And because we don’t have a deep enough squad to rely on super subs in the league games, we must rely on these substitutes as starters to win the FA Cup. Because we need our first team squarely focused on getting to the Champions League.

The sad truth is that we may remember a cup win the rest of our lives because it may come at the cost of years of mediocrity. We all know the knife-edge our team sits on. On the cusp of greatness. Heir apparent to English greatness. Unless, of course, half of our team bolts this summer when they aren’t playing in a competition of which they are worthy. Modric has one foot out the door already, and Bale’s interviews are looking more and more likes pleas for help from Barcelona or Real Madrid. If they were to leave, who would follow? Don’t expect VDV, Walker, or Adebayor to want to stick around. Or Hazard, Vertonghen, and any others of top caliber to want to come in and fill the giant holes in our depth chart.

Chelsea is rumored to be resting most of their top talent for the semifinal. This is because they have aspirations. Or, at least, they have aspirations to have aspirations next year. Without fourth place, we may only aspire to win a cup every twenty years or so.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not belittling the FA Cup. But, at the same time, I sort of am. Regardless of which you remember more fondly, which event means more to where we are today—Robbie Keane lifting the Carling Cup, or David Bentley prancing around in short shorts?

Bentley can dance all he wants—as long as Bale and co. play the role of wallflowers today at Wembley.

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  1. Both targets represent gold for Spurs. You shouldn´t forget that as they say people prefer glory to money. As we´ve evidenced from the first participation of the club in the CL, the board was unwilling to spend some of the revenues from CL in order to boost the chances of the team to compete again for such a place or even to win the title. That means that they care more on making money than winning titles and trophies. We, the supporters of TH, want our club to win trophies and championships. Therefore we don´t want the club to miss such a golden opportunity to win a worldwide famous trophy which would please the fans, would increase the number of Spurs supporters worldwide, would attract eventually new investors who aim also at glory and would add forever lasting silverware on club´s name and history. Given that such an achievement it will take only two games to reach it would be very silly not to try to get it.

  2. Talking about achieving both targets (winning the FA cup and a place in top four and CL participation next year) I think that trying to win the FA cup by no means constitutes an obstacle on Spurs effort to finish in top four. I believe that in order to finish in top four, the board should better have taken some proper measures (like buing a proper striker and a CB in the January window and by critisizing Harry for not addressing certain shortcomings of the team, not applying always the right tactics in order to win a game and not using always the right players) by the time the club have had built a difference of ten points from fourth place!

  3. Another proper answer to the present article, is the famous quote of Bill Nicholson, the most glorious manager Spurs ever had:
    "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have
    set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."
    That´s the quote that a true supporter of Spurs should always follow!!
    Because Spurs is a great club and great clubs play always to win.

  4. Hindsight is 20/20, but you were dead on. We should’ve rested everybody, because we should’ve known we were going to get rolled, since our team is worthless. At least it would’ve given them some rest going into the loss vs. QPR.


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