Fan Preview: Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United


Man United, the current league leaders, come to White Hart Lane on Sunday for one of the season’s glamour games. Take note those with a strict pre match routine, it’s a ten past four kick bizarrely.

Our encounter earlier in the season at Old Trafford ended in farce of course when a combination of Clattenburg incompetence, Gomes eccentricity and the cheating Nani led to the late second and killer goal in a 2-0 loss. We’d already given away a soft goal when Vidic was allowed a virtually free header in the box in the first half so not for the first time a lot of pre-match bluster in this fixture wasn’t matched on the field when it mattered.

There’ll be similar stuff this time round. The normal ‘we can beat anyone at the Lane’, ‘we’ve no reason to be afraid’ rhetoric will appear but in your mind’s eye you can see Fletcher, Carrick and Scholes dominating in the centre, Bale and Lennon isolated on the wings, Dawson and Kaboul/Gallas being overwhelmed and Ferdinand and Vidic putting a cigar on as Defoe moves deeper and deeper in search of the ball.

Personally if I were offered a draw, I’d hesitate for a second but then probably take it. Of course we can win but to do so we’d have to play at our very best and United would have to take their eye off the ball, an unlikely scenario. People say they’ve not been playing well, but they’re 20 games unbeaten and that doesn’t happen by accident. They’ll target our most productive players. Attempting to kick Bale out of the game is slowly becoming a national sport and there’s no reason to believe that Rafael and whoever plays in front of him won’t join in. Modric will be similarly treated.

So how do we counteract what’s put in front of us? How do we impose ourselves to an extent where Modric, VdV and Bale become the outstanding attacking influences? Well in midfield most importantly. Palacios will probably start with Modric (especially after Jenas’s largely anonymous display at Goodison) and he needs to show the form he displayed against Chelsea and Villa. Lennon and/or Bale need to tuck inside and support the middle two. At the back Dawson and whoever plays with him have to be all over Berbatov and Rooney and refuse to give them time to play in Nani or Park and other runners. Up front Defoe and VdV should work the centre backs and force the full backs into coming and helping them.

Do all this for ninety minutes, non-stop whilst ignoring whatever cunning scheme designed to thwart us the ref comes up with this time and three points could be ours. We’ll have certainly given our best. Turn up stretched across the middle from the word go and we’ll be playing into their hands.


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  1. At least they used up Howard Webb last week, so he can’t protect them this time, the same should apply to Clattenburg – too many accidentally controversial ManU/Spurs games for him to get it.

    Whoever it is, I hope they do their job and protect both sets of players from injury, and disregard Andy Gray’s plea for all clubs to kick Spurs out of the game.

    These are apparently legitimate football tactics but only for Spurs. Sky Sports in no way endorse kicking star players from any other clubs off the pitch and will squeal blue murder should anyone try.

    If the ref stays out of it and with JD back,I’d be confident of us turning over Man U, but will he be brave enough to get his cards out when we’re leading and they’re clattering their way back, trying to drag us down to their level?

  2. This is how we can win in theory Gomes ( just) Corluka Dawson Bassong Gallass if fit or Bale. Lennon Kaboul Van Modric Defoe Crouch Subs Cudicini Townsend Pav Hutton Keane Kranjcar Jenas we need a presents at the back with Vidic and in Midfield with Kaboul. The major problem for Spurs is twofold firstly Utd will cannot be beat because there brand is damaged with dept rising by the week Ferguson has always gone out and weakened other rising teams by poaching there best players tapped them up before we play them making sure the player has a bad game just in case he transfers clubs, Things have changed with the new rules from Plattinis Ufa who have restated only yesterday Clubs like City and Utd will not be allowed to enter the Champions League this is why Ferguson has bean quite in his mind games they are trying to sell all or parts of the club then the Devil will be back. So why are Utd unbeaten yet not by there admission not playing well lets put it this way why is no one questioning all the tragic deaths of fit young footballers why is there so many shocks why can Blackpool win so many games with a squad costing less than the Blackpool lights and players who have already bean there and Failed. Well we paid 12 Million for a player and i warned all our fans he would turn back into his original price 1 million one of his plus points was his energy he could chase the ball like a terrier and get it back, well in the North West this is common and where shocks are common and we have bean beat by Wigan Bolton Everton Man Utd and more to come once again its that word energy crops/ This is why on Sunday because of Ferguson joining these other Clubs with massive dept we will find on Sunday there energy levels and Tempo will be very high even in 37 year old Giggs and Scholes you only need to look at Utds weight loss to see they are running a lot Fletcher even our ex Berbatov and Carrick have lost pounds you can see Berbatov at the back midfield and upfront without looking his lazy self and even though Park has left he is not missed because the other lazy dynamo is back Anderson a clone for Park . Ferguson said after making 11 changes in the Cup we all play the same well he is right and that my fellow spurs fans is why we will struggle unless Harry finds the secret formula to high tempo all the rage in my manor the Nw These scores tell you something is wrong Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0 Blackpool 2 Liverpool 1. Hamilton nine men 1 Celtic 1 late pen. don't be fooled by the drinks.

    • Wait…what?? ……"why is no one questioning all the tragic deaths of fit young footballers" – who exactly are you accusing of killing off young footballers? :S

  3. Right now deep in the bowels of the FA two Men waring ties from two clubs are picking there refs to make sure dirty tackles go unpunished free kicks are given to there teams there instructions are to make sure they don't lose . Gill who made sure Bernstien Man City got is vote thus keeping Lord Suger from getting the top job. City s ex Chairman Mr Berstien was given the top job so now we have Gill Bernstien City Man utd running the FA both sentence energy abuser both pick refs and both ban bad tacklers. God Help us all we need a transparent FA stamping down on energy cheats and investigate the shock results baffling everyone in the country along with sad deaths of fit footballers hitting record highs all over Europe this is my wish for 2011so i can watch football again without seeing the tell tale sine of energy abuse topped up with energy drinks, that's running poor footballers to the point of exhaustion with gaunt looking faces with e. The sad thing is they no the testers told me what i already new but the TV Money and brand Football cant be touched and in nine years we have had three offenders West Ham Chelsea and Utd Shaun Newton Mutu Ferdinand Paddy Kenny and Cadamateri ex Everton 3 of them for energy one unknown substance he legged it for 48 hours till he past the test we are up against the fit gaunt looking Ferdinand Sunday .. Yet i no this is no ordinary season and god noes i no why i cant watch my beloved team because of energy cheats stopping us from playing with players who don't tire and come out at half time full of energy this is why shocks are high and Bookmakers are earning plenty of money. The the worse ones are where i live in the North

  4. If we match Utds work rate we will get an historical win if the ref does not intervene for the fast chewing shouting Ferguson . 3=1 to mighty Spurs

  5. We need to take the game to them, and get a couple of quick ones. Leave Crouch on the bench until the last 10min at least. Wilson has to find his passes. A win against United is long overdue……

  6. After Sundays match fore sure Ferguson wants to buy Rafael van der Vaart!
    He will score 2 goals & assist 1. Tottenham will win 3-2!


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