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At the end of a frustrating afternoon Spurs were ultimately mugged of three points by a Stoke City side who had somehow kept the scores level for 85 minutes and then took full advantage of the extra man they’d gained by then to nick a goal on the break with their second shot on target of the game.

They had an extra man due to us having used all three subs before the best attacking player on the field Aaron Lennon, was crunched from behind by Glenn Whelan, the man who later proved to be the match winner. Lennon couldn’t carry on leaving us a man down. Not so much irony as just shitey and distinctly smelly.

The kick off was preceded by a short film shown in honour of Billy Nick who passed away 5 years ago this weekend. It was a moving few minutes as the action and pictures of Bill and the double winning team were accompanied by a standing ovation round the ground, applause that only paused briefly to hear the words of Darkie Nicholson as she paid tribute to her husband.

Sir Bill would’ve been impressed by a lot of the football we played, especially in the first half as headers and shots from Crouch, Lennon, Kranjcar and Bassong all came to nothing. The second half followed the same pattern as Stoke retreated more and more towards their goal but continued to fend us off and we couldn’t force the ball home. We ran out of ideas as the game went on and started launching balls towards Crouch, particularly after Lennon went off when we lost all width.

Tuncay came on for them near the end and it must have been quite a revelation to the Stoke fans to see a skilful player full of running, passing and movement in a red & white striped shirt rather than a Mickey Droy wannabe. Stoke’s physicality ultimately won through in this game but they brought nothing to the party that you wouldn’t be sad to see them pack up afterwards and take home. The tediousness of the long throw, goal kicks and other time wasting tactics made you pine for the visits of Bolton and Blackburn.

Still as the famous Alan Durban quote from 1980 goes “If you want entertainment, go and watch clowns”. He was Stoke manager at the time.

Tottenham: Gomes, Corluka, Woodgate (Dawson 14), Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Huddlestone (Jenas 71), Palacios, Kranjcar, Keane (Pavlyuchenko 63), Crouch.

Subs Not Used: Cudicini, Hutton, Bale, Naughton.

Stoke: Simonsen, Wilkinson, Abdoulaye Faye, Shawcross, Collins, Delap (Whelan 57), Whitehead, Diao, Etherington, Fuller (Higginbotham 89), Beattie (Sanli 70).

Subs Not Used: Cort, Lawrence, Kitson, Pugh.

Booked: Fuller, Whelan, Diao.

Goals: Whelan 86.

Att: 36,031

Ref: Lee Probert (Wiltshire).


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  1. Harry Redknap doesnt have a clue, trying to send Lennon on. OK we lost but we dont want to loose the best player for a longer time.

    Harry can be a big idiot sometimes.

    Also Corluka and Gomez should not ever put on the shirt again.

  2. What did Gomez do wrong? As dissapointed as i am, its better put down as a bad day at the office. All teams will go have a game like this. Justs have to keep our spirits for next week’s cruncher!
    Didn’t quite agree with the subs harry made, but woodgate going off early might have made it difficult for him. Basically, if you are going for three points, you should leave all your strikers on. Huds should hv gone off early for Jenas and leave Keane on. One thing puzzles me. We got a thousand midfielders, but we don’t have one who can take a proper freekick. Why do we ever let Jenas take freekicks? He never gets it rite. Unless its a ball into the box.

  3. all the comments negative is not the way to be……

    really when we have to face a different opposition each week we need to exploit the weaknesses……instead of running around unsure of how to break teams down….

    wher was the voice of leadership on the park when it mattered

    Harry needs to focus and correct from the display etc

    we were unlucky but u cant lose on this fashion

    we must keep our nerve and resolve and focus as a club ..

  4. As a Stoke fan who was at the game yesterday, once again we are left to listen and read an utter load of drivel from people who watch football matches in rose tinted glasses and jump on the bandwagon of what other jokers believe.
    Firstly, Stoke City are no more physical than Man Utd (Vidic and Ferdinand), Spurs (Dawson and Bassong), Chelsea (Terry and Alex) etc.. We have 2 centre halves who like to tackle, block and defend for the team. We also have players throughout the team who work hard, and put crucial tackles in at the right time. We are not a dirty team and the tackle on Lennon was made by Glenn Whelan and was a little tap from behind that Lennon Fell Awkwardly on his ankle!!
    Secondly, the long throw. Now lets now forget, a throw in is a type of set piece. We have a set piece specialist who can throw the ball into the area and cause problems. Ronaldo is a set piece specialist who can score from direct free kicks a long with so many other players who are good at set pieces. I cannot see any difference in a player delivering a set piece into the box with his hands or his feet??
    Thirdly – time wasting!! In the laws, it states that a g/k can take a goal kick from whichever the side of the 6 side box he wants to. If all the players are over to a particular side then the g/k on any team will take the kick from that side.
    Long balls – this is an urban myth and people who regularly watch Stoke play with understand this – we are not a long ball team who aimlessly play the ball up front – in fact how many long balls did we see delivered upto Crouch yesterday?? Stoke play to their strengths – we have pace and power up front and we play balls down the channels for Fuller to exploit defences which he does exceptionally well and made Ekoto look ordinary as he did last week with Upson.
    The goal, if you watch it again was started at left back and worked along the floor to the opposite side of the pitch resulting in a fabulous finish. We have good ball players – not just Tuncay but Whelan, Fuller, Etherington, Lawrence and ball playing defenders in Huth and Collins.

    Its about time people started to take notice of Stoke and give them credit – until that day we will happily continue to go about our business!!!

  5. Hey Harry is crap. You haven’t got a clue mate. What rock did you crawl out from under? Gomes and Corluka? You must be hellucinating!

  6. we were unlucky to loose, but if we had the same fighting spirit as stoke we would not loose games when luck is not on our side,we should grab games by the scruff of the neck


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