A look back at the farce at Bolton


Talk about one extreme to another. From the Danny Kelly like “Stan Stan, I love football” euphoria of Tuesday night to the “I wonder just how embarrassing this is going to get” of Saturday lunchtime is a long journey, but one we accomplished with ease. Almost from the opening seconds we were sloppy in defence, half hearted and feeble in midfield and impotent up front. Chuck in Gomes giving one of his shakier performances and the outcome was never likely to be good.

Bolton’s best chances fell to Matthew Taylor who thankfully was having a cow’s arse with a banjo day. He’d scuffed and ballooned several times before the moment all Spurs fans dread arrived. After half an hour Sandro was caught in possession and Kevin Davies got a sniff of an opening. Offside, outside the area and on his weaker foot maybe but none of that mattered, you knew what was going to happen the moment he took aim.

It was downhill from there; some poor marking led to number two and a soft penalty to number three. Alan Hutton scored with our first shot on target after 79 minutes and Pav blasted a volley home to spark hopes of an undeserved and unlikely point. Petrov’s run and cool finish put paid to those however.

Palacios and Sandro were out battled and hustled and the back four was left exposed time and again. Everyone knew it would be a different game to Tuesday, more of a battle etc etc but I’m sure no-one expected an outright mauling, especially with our two heavyweight holding midfielders in action.

Redknapp may be prioritising the Premier League but it looks like the Champions version is the only one we can score goals in. Oh for a striker who fits all the bill and not just a bit of it. Fans asking for Pavlyuchenko to start above Crouch are ignoring the workrate & willing running of the lanky bloke.. But Pav can finish, give him the ball near goal with a bit of space and he’s terrific. What a volley for his goal. He’s the same as Darren Bent though, the reasons why Harry doesn’t really fancy him are obvious. He puts pressure on the rest of the side, and it’s a fragile and weakened side at present that can’t stand pressure on it.

It’s really frustrating to see the team dismantled like this. Champions League and we’re having a laugh maybe, but the only way we’re going to get to carry on the jollities next season by the looks of it is if we win the big pot this time around.


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  1. I see very little comments coming through. This is understandable. Fans have had enough commenting without any acknowledement from players & coach.

  2. I think we all have to calm down a tad. People are saying stuff that plainly is not true. One guy criticised Harry for resting players, when those players were actually injured. This article says that Gomes was shaky, but he was one of the better performers on the day. It wasn't embarassing, just an off day at a bogey ground. At half time I wasn't worried, but then Bolton came out a better side and they were as poor as us in the first half. We gifted them 2 goals, and were caught chasing the game for the final one. We struggled with the injuries, the replacements struggled, and the champs league exploits took its toll. A good response in the next 2 games will eradicate this result & performance.

  3. Playing Sandro (who haven’t really had time to settle) paired up with sg wilson who is a mere shadow of his former self was a HUGE mistake by redknapp, trow inn Niko in the mix who unfairly haven’t been given a chance and we were never going to win aginst a hard working Bolton side. And crouch, much have been said, but come on, how can Harry keep giving him 90 min up front, the guy is utterly useless, he works hard but so did steffen freund and Justin Edinborugh….Pav is a class act and MUST be given a fari chance…

  4. To be honest, I’m getting fed up with commenting, everyone bangs on about how we need this player and that player blar blar blar (ok i think we need to lose 1 or two strikers and bring in a world class striker) but saying that, who actually knows who we need, so many different opinions from everyone, the most common are a world class striker and or a centre back, but we could have had torres and drogba up front at the week end and still have lose, because we failed in midfield and defence, but we already have more centre backs than any other team i know, ok woody and king are injured along with dawson… so what does this team actually need???!! its the million dollar question, for me its the players, we have stepped up a level but mentally the players haven’t i look at our players and say for example; Man Utd, apart from Rooney do they have better players?? ermm no i don’t think they do, its all mental and untill the players believe in themselves and the team and stop fearing the likes of the boltons were not going to continue on this level. Coys!!

  5. I think you’re right Roy,a noticeable lack of comments.I can’t see us coming anywhere near 4th this season,so many faults within the team away from home.

  6. Grim match.

    Crouch is handy to have, but he’s no lone striker.

    Gallas thinks he still plays for Arsenhole and lacks intelligence. Kaboul is yet to become the finished article, and don’t get me started on Palacios.

  7. Pav. must start and play the full 90 min. Bale and Pav. have scored some of the greatest goals of this season and i must say i think Pav. has worked a lot harder in the field.He has had some good interchanges with the team. We need goals and they only seem to come from Bale,Pav. and V.D.V

  8. We have no chance of winning anything , believe it. The reason is unless you keep playiong your best side then you lose the knack of winning.End of season we'll be at most in europa League.


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