“I felt there was a bad feeling around the club”


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

Redknapp admits he had feared for his side after a turbulent pre-season, in which they fought to keep Luka Modric out of the clutches of Chelsea.

“I felt there was a bad feeling around the club,” added Redknapp.

“You know when things are not going right: Luka wanting to go, three or four other players not happy, not pulling their weight in training, disrupting a little bit.

“We looked very, very lightweight. It was a team that scared me a little bit. I just knew we needed to get Scott Parker into the team, get Luka’s mind right, and then we would be a different team.”

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  1. Fuckin weasal, GET HIS MIND RIGHT !!!!!! Dave Mackay would have kicked him in the ghoolies.Imagine if he was a bird and you woke up next to the fink!!!!!! That would be a nightmare!!!!!

  2. Big G is awake and posting before midday!

    And no sign of the word “cunt”. Just the usual poor spelling of the word weasel.

    Very sad

  3. Why does Harry come out and say these things in public? Its the past! Let it go! Dont bring it up again! Someone give this guy some proper work to do!


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