Final Berahino bid

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The Daily Mail claim Tottenham Hotspur will make a final bid of £17m for West Brom forward Saido Berahino.

The England Under-21 striker was heavily linked with a move to White Hart Lane during the summer transfer window which saw three bids rejected by the Baggies and led to Berahino throwing his toys out of the pram.

Tottenham’s final bid of the summer was around £22m, but Levy and co in their typical transfer tactic fashion are trying to test their resolve with a bid of £17million.

Tony Pulis has not been picking him regularly and is believed to be keen to sell Berahino to generate funds for new signings.

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  1. Doubt it will happen, but why not. The lad has a lot of talent, plays for England U21, and wants to play for Spurs. WBA don't play him now, he wants away, can a fee be agreed, will they sell to Tottenham??

  2. We need a back up/change striker because Kane can't be expected to shoulder the burden alone in PL, EL and FA Cup. We've seen what's happened to Verts already and if that happened to Kane I feel we'd lose our way – playing the false no.9 hasn't looked very effective except once against a weak Leicester side. So yes if Poch wants Berahino then Levy has no excuse now, having shed Andros and Ade.

    • You would have to ask, if it doesent happen why not? Peace has taken it upon himself to ruin Berehino`s career, he cost WBA nothing, they are not playing him, he is clearly not happy and not contributing to WBA`s season. Peace would prefer to see him rot than sell him because that is what the player wants,and he has to show he is "tough" and in charge. However they are now seeing his value dropping. They need to make this deal happen and move forward.

  3. Tottenham offered £23m in the summer and now only £17m? I hope JP tells them where to put it! Having said that, I'll be glad to see the back of him. He's grossly over rated.

    • I think you’ll find Spurs last offer was £5m up front & the rest on performance etc, nowhere near enough for a player of his talent, don’t play hard ball with JP you’ll lose

    • WBA don't play him regularly so one can guess obviously don't want him, (even Pulis has strongly hinted about letting him go!) so why would Spurs pay the same money offered in summer??
      Right or wrong, a high asking price is ignored for a low offer & bartering begins, that's how transfer business is conducted, good job you're not a financial advisor!!

  4. He would suit the way we play, and I would like him here -can't see £17m doing it tbough.

    Pochettino would be no better at "sorting him out" than absolutely anyone -he wasn't very good at "sorting" Andros out was he?

  5. To me this is another moment of truth with Levy. Our squad won't survive the run in, as usual, and we will fade away without back up. My bet is he bottles it again and we end up fifth! I have NO confidence in our board.

    • Look where we are, how we are playing and the recent training ground and soon to be new ground! Shut up u idiot as before levy came we were mid table and in debt…. try harder satisfying your wife!!!

  6. Saido will absolutely flourish playing for a team like Spurs. A team that actually plays football, a team that creates chances. Berahino isnt a Pulis type player, hes a goalscorer, a finisher. he is worth every penny of the figures that are being banded around upto the 20M mark. He isnt a lone striker who is expected to track back and defend, he will never show his true worth playing the 'Pulis way". Id love to have him stay at WBA and be the player we all know he can be but im afraid Saido needs to move to a bigger more ambitious club like Spurs to realise is undoubted potential.

  7. I would have preferred Charlie Austin at 4 mill or whatever Southampton paid.. bloody great buy. proven in pl. I know hes similar in play to kane but that makes it even better as a back up in case kane gets injured, formation and tactics stay the same.. in saying that that option has been and gone.. bera not a bad option but you would have to wonder about his mental maturity after the last transfer window.. pochs got a tight knit group working for each other.. the new striker needs to fit

    • I disagree. I’ve heard this a number of times but people fail to realise how deep Kane picks up the ball sometimes and drives at opposition. Austin does not have that in his locker. He is a finisher (and proven to be a good one in the Prem) but wouldn’t cope with everything that’d be expected. Kane is involved in so much build up play as well as fashioning chances for himself. Personally I believe Bera would be a great fit, just obviously lacks the physical aspect but what he lacks in that he hopefully makes up for in movement and speed.

  8. Berahino is great if that Mauricio wants. He would have to hit the ground running! He would need discipline but he would be transformed under Mauricio. We definetly do not want another Adebayor who disrupted the changing room and had the nerve tell AVB ect how to play went it is the manager who decides that. Austin suits others. I do Think "Peace "@ WBA handled him very badly. Levy and Mauricio would not need to act like Peace.


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