Finance expert predicts Spurs will lobby government to abolish proposed plan

Finance expert Doctor Dan Plumley believes Tottenham Hotspur and the other big clubs in the Premier League will lobby the UK government to abolish their plans to appoint an independent regulator for English football.

Tottenham and the other members of the ‘bix six’ signed up for the controversial European Super League last summer. All six were eventually forced to withdraw from the proposed competition following a spate of fan protests (ESPN). 

The European Super League debacle led to MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review into the structure of English football, with one of the proposals being the introduction of an independent regulator to protect clubs from financial mismanagement (BBC Sport).

According to The Independent, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorris has promised that the regulator would be appointed by the next election in May 2024.

Plumley believes that Spurs and the other big clubs will fight tooth and nail to ensure the proposal does not go through.

He told Football Insider: “I think this buys them a bit more time. I am pretty sure they will lobby their case not to have a regulator at all.

“The big Premier League clubs were always going to be the most resistant to this. They will be the driving force.

“They don’t want independent regulation. It will be interesting to see what follows now.

“I am sure they will do everything they can in the next couple of years to make sure it either doesn’t happen or that they get a watered-down version.”

“Their position won’t change. They don’t want it and they will do everything they can to deflect away from it.”

Spurs Web Opinion

English football does need a structural reset in order to protest the EFL clubs at the lower end of the pyramid. An appointment of an independent regulator is something that the game needs. 

However, clubs at the top end of the pyramid will certainly fight to protect their own interests and they would argue that they are the ones who have brought more money and eyeballs into English football over the past two decades.

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