Former chairman claims Jose Mourinho has not been given ‘proper tools’ at Spurs


Simon Jordan has put Tottenham’s struggles this season completely down to the lack of quality in the squad and has claimed that Jose Mourinho has not been given the right tools to compete at the top end of the league.

Spurs’ 3-1 loss to Manchester United on Sunday put a serious dent to the club’s hopes of a return to the Champions League next season, with the North Londoners now languishing six points behind fourth-placed West Ham.

While Mourinho has said that he has not given up hope of making it into the top four, he has admitted that even a top-six finish appears difficult at the moment.

There have been suggestions that the Portuguese coach could lose his job if the club fail to get into the Champions League.

However, Jordan insisted that the 58-year-old’s track record demonstrates that he is the right man for the job and urged Tottenham to give him the tools he requires to turn things around.

The former Crystal Palace owner told talkSPORT: “This guy has won something at every single football club he’s been at.

“He’s been at Spurs for 18 months and Spurs were the weakest team among the top six in the division in terms of depth of talent.

“Now, I’m not giving Mourinho a pass because some of the things he says and does are bloody stupid and he’s a bit Machiavellian in the way he twists and bends in the wind.

“[But] this Tottenham team cannot defend. They are not good enough, players like Serge Aurier are not good enough.

“Unless he’s going to be given proper support and proper tools, and I don’t think Tottenham are going to do that, then you are going to find Mourinho is going to put Tottenham sixth or fifth in the league at the very best.”

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There seems to be quite a binary debate going on at the moment with respect to the reasons behind our struggles over the last few months. Some seem to suggest that it is purely down to Mourinho while others seem to believe that it is all down to the lack of quality in the squad. However, the truth seems to lie somewhere in the middle. There is no questions that we are short of quality in certain areas of the pitch while it is also clear that Jose is not getting the best out of what he has at his disposal.

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  1. I think the problem mainly lies in the quality of the squad depth. The failure of Levy to ever really support his manager is the main reason spurs are struggling. Unfortunately Jose has a lot of haters in the media and there agenda against Jose seems to be brainwashing people against Jose too. Its a massive shame as he is one of the most successful managers in history and is so passionate about football. He is a class act but unfortunately Jose is too honest for his own good and rather than evade questions like others he answers them honestly and directly. The review of this article suggests its somewhere in the middle and Jose isnt getting the best out of his players. Id suggest thats rubbish as offensively we are doing great, but its only in the defensive areas that we are really struggling. unfortunately too many poop players are making individual mistakes constantly. You cant train to stop individual errors but eradicate them by playing different players inorder to find balance. You cant find balance in a squad that have no quality defensive players. Tobi is too slow but has experience, Dier is a midfield player, Sanchez is shocking, Aurier is shocking and lazy. Rodon and Tanganga are too inexperienced. The fact is when Jose begged for Skrinaar and Aarons Levy failed again with support and provided cheaper alternatives. If these 2 players had been given then we would be in a much better state. The bottom line is you cant flog a dead horse. Poch failed at the end now jose is failing sure that suggests its the players not the managers. a complete overhaul is needed and i think if you take jose out of the equation EVERYBODY would be saying its the squad at fault. Sad isnt it


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