MF looks ahead to Fulham v Spurs


So, Wednesday night. Did we sit back, or were we pushed back? People seem to be divided. I’m personally in the latter camp mostly because we’ve seen it all before, i.e. what happens when the midfield gets overrun and it’s up to Defoe to try and provide an outlet; it rarely goes well. A match winner at the weekend, he was invisible on Wednesday barely getting a touch. I’m not blaming our concession of possession on him alone obviously, there were others whose technique and decision making process felt the strain of the constant Liverpool harassment. Whatever options were available to Vertonghen surely there must be better ones than hoofing up to Lennon to fight for in the air, his choice on a couple of occasions after half time. Dempsey and at least one of the midfield players need to be better at making themselves available as well be surer with their touch if Defoe plays on his own.

With Adebayor still unavailable we can expect more of the same at the Cottage on Saturday afternoon. The comparison with Berbatov will be interesting. Given the amount of tough games we’ve had recently I’m sure Villas-Boas would love the chance to rest and rotate, especially with one of the season’s busiest months coming up, with injuries still restricting options however, it’s likely to be as you were. Caulker may be available but if Dawson is the man replaced he can feel rightly unlucky having played well in both wins this week.

Fulham started the season (relatively) brightly but have fallen off badly recently failing to win any of their last six league games. Injuries have played a part but also Martin Jol has presided over a bit of a churn of players so there have been some gelling issues. Two players who left in the summer were Dembélé and Dempsey of course. The former looked classy if unfit on Wednesday, the latter is reminding me of a shy kid who’s moved schools and is unsure who his friends are yet.

Despite their poor recent form on paper, Fulham have achieved draws at both Arsenal and Chelsea so the stats don’t tell all.

Chris (oh no) Foy is the referee. COYS.


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