Furious Spurs coach calls Wenger “two bob”


White Hart Lane - Tottenham Hotspur News

Clive Allen branded Arsene Wenger “two bob” after Spurs’ 2-1 victory over Arsenal.

The pair squared up to each other after the final whistle on Sunday as Spurs celebrated a 2-1 victory at White Hart Lane.

A policeman had to separate the duo as they became embroiled in an angry confrontation, with Wenger refusing to shake Allen’s hand.

“He refused to shake my hand,” said Allen.

“He says he didn’t see me or hear me – but he’s two bob he is, two bob.”

Asked if he had sworn at the Frenchman, Allen added: “No, I didn’t call him any dirty word.”

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  1. cos thats what we do here win lose or draw…a fact Wenger has largely ignored throughout his 15 years at Arsenal unless he wins when he shakes any hand put in front of him. Fail to see why CA is a c**t though? Dont you know your history?

  2. Big G assumes that anyone who doesn't shout foul and abusive language is a queer. What about the old guys in the stands who have supported the mighty Lilywhites through thick and thin, paid for their season tickets time and time again and now don't wish to bring their grandkids to the Lane anymore, for fear of listening to his sad expletive laden drivel? Wake up and enjoy the recent successes, instead of bitching. I don't fucking like Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham for that matter either. However, their players are talented professionals (just like ours are) and there's no justification for jealous bigotry no matter which team you follow.
    And calling Clive Allen a cunt beggars belief!!!
    Very Sad


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