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I was disgusted with William Gallas attitude on Thursday for simply walking off and leaving us in the lurch.

He may have been slightly injured but in days gone by, a player would have just moved up front as a ‘Passenger’. It would still have meant that the opposition had to leave at least one player to mark and may have at least made a difference for if and when we attack.

But what did Gallas do. He simply walked off the pitch leaving us with ten men with six minutes or so (+ injury time) to go. It was a disgraceful act by someone who not only let himself down, but let his teamm-ates down, the club down and the supporters down.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t want to see Gallas again in a Tottenham shirt. I just hope he walked down the tunnel, out of the ground and down the High Road for good.

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  1. Totally agree with you, it was pretty mercenary behaviour by gallas, hope he goes ASAP, time to get him off the wage bill, his legs have gone, no positional sense and as he’s shown his selfish behaviour when the team really need him is what really annoys me, I was livid when he just sauntered off, would be happy to never see him in a Spurs shirt again.

  2. Harsh, very harsh! I was too disappointed by losing a player towards the end of the match, but what if Gallas' actions were more about recovering for the 2nd leg, or, indeed, saving his season?

    I wonder if Gareth Bale had done the same thing, whether you would be so quick to judge?

    • Maybe harsh Ramos, but as i said, in days gone by players would have stayed on – on the wing somewhere – just as a passenger. You probaly dont remember the 60's and 70's when 'No Subs' were allowed. Players played on with all sort of injuries. They would'nt let the club and it's supporters down as Gallas did. Also, to answer your question, Yes i would have been just as criticle had any player done what Gallas did.

      By CheekyCockney

  3. I hope he never recovers.he should have never been on the pitch after his dismal performance against inter that was a disgraceful performance and I can't understand how avb didn't bring in caulker instead.

  4. Spot on. Ramos43, if Bale is hurt, he needs to think about maximizing his minutes for the rest of the season. Hence, yes, he might go off. Gallas could stay on and give way to any of 4 superior center backs, not to mention Kaboul should he return.

    I think AVB must owe Galls & Friedel something. Maybe he leaned on them as squad seniors to help ensure he was received better by Spurs than the Blues.

  5. I would play Caulker at left bck in the 2nd leg to try & counter that grease lightning Egyptian they got on the right wing…

  6. Polkaroo I agree with you about friedel model pro never let’s us down but totally disagree with you on gallas, his performances have been awful when he’s played so I don’t think AVB owes him anything, he’s on massive wages, the least he could do is play with commitment and heart, fed up of him making mistake after mistake, perhaps his age is a factor but that doesn’t excuse his half hearted attitude, don’t get me wrong he has had some brilliant performances for us in his spurs career but I think his time is coming to an end. I personally wouldn’t want him in the team ahead of Dawson, caulker, vertonghen or Kaboul same goes for benny what’s happened to him this season, diabolical, used to be a cult favourite of mine but god he’s been awful this season, his heart doesn’t seem to be in it.

  7. Look at Jamie Carragher. In my opinion he has always been a well below average defender, but the scousers love him because his attitude is A+. Always gives 100% and loves to play football. Gallas is a leach. Loves to be the centre of attention, remember sitting in the centre circle at St Andrews for the other team? He is an absolute mercenary and I hope his leg falls off.

  8. Anyone watch Messi playing against Psg? A hammy after 40 mins yet he stayed on till halftime just to make a nuisance of himself playing on one leg on the halfway line. Gallas isn’t Messi but he could have done the same. He owes us some decent performances but so does Caulker after the Everton game today……did he win a header or tackle?

  9. Yes Cheeky, agree with you totally. Some silly comments by others saying would Bale have done the same etc. It does'nt matter who it is, you dont let your team mates or club down. Fine if you have a sub to come on for you, but dont leave your team struggling which is what Gallas did. Good piece as always. Mel


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