Gallas to Spurs? Whatever next


Today’s press reports are claiming that Tottenham want to sign former Arsenal defender William Gallas.

The French international left the new Library at the end of the season after failing to agree a new deal.

According to the Daily Mail, the possibility of a deal could be scuppered by Gallas’ request of a two-year deal and massive wage demands.

Personally, I want him nowhere near the Lane – let’s hope a deal with Fenerbache, who are willing to offer him what he wants can be signed and sealed.

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    • It's hardly sticking it to them! A 33 year old they don't want, as opposed to our best player at the time coming into the peak of his career! Let's just hope that this doesn't happen.

  1. i do believe we need a old head and a french one will be good bareing in mind kaboul bassong ekkotto and dervitte are all of that nationaltiy but however gallas is just a prick surely silvestre who also is avalable on a free would be better option

  2. Think Arsenal would be laughing at us if this happend Jake! Don't want him anywhere near the club can you imagine his reaction to being made to sit on the bench for a few games!!!

  3. I can only think that the press are (again) putting 2 and 2 together. Spurs need a CB, and Gallas needs a club. When you bring in an experienced head, you want him to be a positive infuence on the dressing room. This would be the contrary – before you even go into age, quality, experience.

  4. Why shouldn't we sign Gallas Arsenal sign our ex Capt. this would be sweet revenge if we finished above the A team. Jacktheyid lad you are spot on. I don't like the man but the one thing we lack is the players who have fire in there belly that will Take the rest of the players to another level in there mentality Ronhaldino Gallas Bellamy would help in this department. and Help Dosantos Bale Bassong all improve there mental strength. Gallas can show them how to protest . Bellamy can show them how to swing a golf club and Ronhaldino can teach them how to ignore the goofy chants and let your your feet do the talking . This his a light hearted way of looking at these players but no matter how you see them they have overcome there difficult side of there carrears and performed at the top of there game In Harry we trust Don't we

  5. we need him

    gallas is world class cb . on the other hand he is 33
    but we don't have a choice . woody is always out , king once in once out , bassong is unreliable and dawson a bit better , kaboul is better as right back than center back

    we need him

  6. We do have a choice…someone else. Gallas got stripped of his captaincy! Then fell out with half the team! I cannot believe that people think that it could be worth a shot (if it were true). Experience would be nice, but let's face it – most of the team are inexperienced. We are gonna have to wing it.

  7. Just get Gallas to spill all of Arsene's plans and tactics. He could go and tutor some of the youth Frenchie's. I think it would be worth a try. Only problem is he is old and getting injuries.


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