Gallery: Player Ratings – Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Manchester United

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Dom Le Roy

Lloris – 6

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Hugo policed the goal well and was equal to many attempts, his finest save from his own player. It’s just that, in the end, he let one in and De Gea didn’t.

Match Summary

Was earlier today ‘peak season’, that point when we could still win anything and everything, having flirted outrageously with disaster in the Champions League? Today, did we bow out of the Premier League title race and did we also invite Man Utd to bite at our ankles in the coming months?

We lost by a solitary goal which was clinically taken in a way we never matched on umpteen occasions and let in by a keeper who couldn’t match the strike in the way that David De Gea did relentlessly. Has there ever been a keeper who could cry ‘look, no hands’ as he worked the ball away time after time with feet and legs?

Without any of our ‘stars’ quite coming off or able to apply the coup de grace, it was a fine first half and an even better second where we prompted and probed but faced a United side that cared and worked and shut down the central areas.

It proved, if nothing else, how toxic Mourinho had been. Neither he nor his brand of anti-football should darken the English top flight again. And, hey, United surely need look no further than their current temp for the permanent position.

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  1. Eriksen gets a 6??????

    Maybe 3.

    Another bug game and another pathetic performance. He is good against weak teams and or teams who do not press at all. 2015 was his last free kick goal. Why can anybody tell me why is he allowed to take any more ?? The definition of stupid is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Poch has got to put an end to never taking him off when he is brutal and acknowledge he is useless at dead balls despite the myth the stats scream how bad he is wake up people!!!


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