Ghaly accuses Spurs of double standards


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Former Tottenham midfielder Hossam Ghaly has accused the club of double standards.

The Egyptian midfielder threw his Spurs shirt to the ground following his substitution at White Hart Lane in a Premier League fixture against Blackburn in May 2007.

He was brought on in the first half after an injury to Steed Malbranque but lasted just 31 minutes before Robbie Keane replaced him as Spurs chased an equaliser.

“I still regret throwing my shirt to the ground,” Ghaly said.

“But other players, like Robbie Keane, still play for the club after making the same mistake.”

What do you make of Ghaly’s comments?

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  1. His treatment by some “fans” was disgraceful. He made a mistake and has apologised many times for it. He is right in what he says. I wish him luck wherever he is.

  2. othello you mug…i dont even think you know what you are talking about… dont forgive and you dont forget..apart from anyhting he was shit.he treated us like shit so he got it in spades……

  3. south upper… totally agree, he even said that he never wanted to play for us again when he was stillin our squad, when we sold him 2 birmingham for £3m first day training, steve bruce was so disgusted with him that he cancelled the deal. he is a below average footballer and an awful attitude, glad we got rid, and as for keane and others who react badly to being substituted, they are showing there annoyance maybe to the manager a little for taking them off but more towards themselves for not playing well enough to warrant staying on the pitch, and noone else has disgraced our shirt as much as ghaly did that game….along with disgracing jol along the way.

  4. Ghaly wasn’t shit, he had one of our better assist ratio’s in the short time he was playing at Spurs but he didn’t have the right attitude, which has been proven with his poor disciplinary record since moving to some Arab team.

    Ghaly provided a decent option on the right when Lennon was injured due to his delivery and he could be played in a variety of positions across Midfield, which in my opinion means he was a damned site better than Bentley. He also lost his front teeth for Spurs which shows his determination in the challenge and always gave his all when called upon, never lazy.

    However he was considered petulant by many Spurs fans and his tactical ignorance in not understanding the reasons Jol, made the change in the first place, unfortunately he was one of those players that didn’t endear himself to the Yid army.

    Chimbonda did something similar in the CC final, yet he came out celebrating like he scored the winning goal at the end, again one of those players that just didn’t & doesn’t endear himself to any fans.

    Whilst Keeno’s dissent in 2005 under Jol against Birmingham because he wasn’t used, cost him £10k and £120k under Ramos against Man City when he was taken off.

    Sometimes we tend to understand the British based players a little better when they show signs of frustration and passion, whilst we look at foreign players like they are petulant when displaying the same emotions.

    Ghaly never endeared himself to the fans or the coaching staff, in the same way a Keeno would have, so Ghaly’s statement is correct in a sense but it shows he doesn’t really understand the mentality and attitude in English football particularly with fans.

    We can accept a Robbie Keene throwing his toys out of his pram because he’s been player of the season for us for several seasons and scored numerous goals for us, entertained and given us so much joy although there are some who don’t like his betrayal for going to Liverpool?

    Ghaly however never draws out the same type of enthusiasm from the crowd. No one really cares or remembers those through passes, the crosses he used to deliver or the challenges he made, they just tend to remember that one incident where he threw his shirt like a plonker.

  5. The trouble with Ghaly was his personality.In his early days at Spurs he put a lot of effort into his games and he did very well.
    He became a victim of his own success.He put on weight and obviously,thinking himself as a “prima donna” he did not train.
    His performances on the field declined and because of his temperament he self-destructed.
    The whole affair is a minor tragedy.

  6. We need to show more compassion has a club with fine traditions on the pitch and some bad ones of it like sol campbell yes he hurt all our fans but hurt should heal but Hatred wont .Harry would love to add sol to our squad because he could be the answer to us getting into the champs league .But the same hate mob that drove Galy out wont allow sol to rerite is spurs history and turn hatred of sol into a hero and our great club to the top .Lets start a campain to be the best on the pitch and the best fans of it remember forgivness is far more rewarding than hatred .LETS SUPRISE HARRY AND THE MEDIUM AND INVITE SOL BACK IN THE FAMILY

  7. Hossam…a class/good player will get away with a petulant spat with a reprimand.

    You are not a good/class player, therefore the behaviour is unacceptable. Dare say you would not have been given many chances had you you not thrown the shirt at any rate.

    And by the way, when did Robbie ever throw his shirt???

  8. Some of you guys just sound brain dead. Ghaly should be forgiven, he apologized, get over it you idiots. I agree Keane never did the same thing so Ghaly’s comparison is incorrect but even in his statement he says he regrets it ffs!!

    Some of you muppets are so proud it’s pathetic, the team would be embarrassed to hear you comments, the manager would be embarrassed to hear you comments and the club would be embarrassed to hear you comments too.

    Get over it and learn to forgive, it might help you in life a bit too !

  9. Alternatively davspurs, lets all take tons of ephedrine, get dressed up as duracell bnnies with dirk kuyt or darren fletcher masks on, cut off campbell’s head and boot it up and down tottenham high road until the 98th minute! Ghaly is a foolish prima donna who doesnt understand englich football culture and thinks he’s better than he is (same for Mido and Zaki) and looked a bit overweight, but you cant compare him to Judas

  10. Good comment ..put the hatred behind and let’s concentrate on signing the best squad. That said, I think Sol carries too much baggage and is too old.

    And fellow Spurs fans, when the hell are you going to get off Robbie’s back? He spent years with Spurs before the L’pool move and wore his heart on his sleeve EVERY match. He did not create any problems in the transfer unlike that bloody sook Berbatov. He struggled when he came back last year, but every game I have seen him play this year with the exception when he was played out of position has been full of class. Great work rate and great distribution and fires up his tema-mates. These comments stand regardless of his 4 goals on the weekend, so give him a break and get behind him!!!

  11. Ricardo…Hossam is forgiven!!! Never given it a second thought until I saw him mouthing off in this article. He just was not good enough. Do you get the point, it has nothing to do with forgiveness and a big family make-up hug!

    So before you go mouthing off about muppets, learn to take the time to correctly inteprete the comments of others!

  12. I was at the game, and Ghaly was nothing short of atrocious, but equally I was at the Bridge, where the man gave everything and a little more,my man of that match without doubt. Have lost teeth, yet played on, and I never saw the man give anything lass than his all. The game in question and his subsequent reaction was I think sheer frustration at Jol, bacause he was never given a run despite some more than acceptable performances at that time. Keane however has shown petulance on more than one occasion and left us in the crap when he knew Berbatov was going, and I for one will never forgive for that, and despite his tally yesterday I still think he’s crap, perhaps not as bad as Ghaly, but crap none the less, and as a captain?, you must be joking!

  13. Park Lane Lower.
    I was there when he did this, on the day and now i firmly believe that he should NEVER be allowed to pull on the shirt ever again. He then compounded his mistake by saying he did not want to play for us again. So be it!
    Stop moaning you blew your chance to be a part of a proud history and a proud club.

  14. He’s trying to make out that Keane did exactly the same thing, did he? I don’t remember Keane throwing his shirt on the floor, please correct me if he did!!! Ok Keane has shown anger at being subbed but Rooney does exactly the same, because they want to play every min of the game. Being a subbed sub is a bit hard to take and he’s said sorry may times. However, if he thinks that throwing the club’s shirt on the floor is the same as having a bad strop then he’s thick as… Which he may well be, to have done it in the first place!!!

  15. For one, you can’t commit an “infamy” and plead your case by pointing to another “infamy”… Secondly, did you apologise and seek to learn from your mistake? The fact is nobody knows what transpired later on between Robbie Keane and Spurs management… Thirdly, assuming that Ghaly and Keane cases where exactly the same, the fact is in any club in the world some players are “perceived” as more crucial than others. While Ronaldinho could get away with missing training practices during his time at Barça, very few other players could have got away with it because that’s the simple fact of life! In any case it is great to know that Ghaly now recognises his mistake. Maybe upcoming professional players can learn from this as well.

  16. The glaring difference between Keane and Ghaly is Keane was or beloved by the Spurs supporters so any strop he may or will have would be overlook; whereas Ghaly was no where near that status and he unfortunately had Mido as a countryman and teammate which didn’t help. The perception of many African players is that they think they are actually better than they actually are. All though they maybe technically gifted they’re reading of the game isn’t upto that standard and many of them have lapses in judgment. The difference between the good African players and the average ones, we know who the good one are. They play for the top sides in the world. Of course this is just my opinion.

  17. Throwing a Spurs shirt onto the floor disrespects the manager, the fans and the club – unforgivable. What would the people of his home land think if he did the same on international duty?

  18. Keane has complained when coming off before, but never thrown his shirt on the ground – so that is just sour grapes from Mr Ghaly.
    He did make an awful lot of assists for Keane and Berbatov – notably the ‘goal of the season’ contenders – that usually came from pin point deliveries from the right foot of Ghaly.
    Lennon’s crossing at that time left a lot to be desired if you think back.

    He just seems jealous that Keane is back there scoring for fun, and he is not.
    I hope he finds his feet again somewhere else, as he does have a lot of ability – just needs to keep his head more and stop whingeing about everything. The past is gone, leave it.

  19. I was at the game and lets just put something in perspective.

    Ghaly was awful that day. Every touch of the ball gave away possession. It got so bad that at some point he was being booed by the majority of the vocal crowd when he received the ball. When his number came up to get substituted a big old cheer went across the entire stadium.

    Now I’m not saying what he did was right, but put yourself in his shoes at his age. He was wound up; probably by his own display, by being substituted and by the way the fans treated him. And, yes he made a disgraceful mistake.

    Are you all such perfect human beings that you’ve never made a big mistake? Get off your fictitious little high horses for once, be the bigger person and let it go.

  20. I think Keane threw his shirt to someone when he left the pitch whereas Ghally threw his to the ground. It's like when soldiers would risk their lives during 17th century battles to keep the flag held aloft. But Ghally is foreign and didn't know what an insult it is to english fans. I think people should give him the benefit of the doubt though and get over it.

    He wasn't the best player we ever had but he wasn't that shit and he always gave his all

  21. Lets cut the bullshit, Ghaly wasn’t forgiven as he was a coloured foreigner who disgraced the Spurs shirt. When he played for us, i thought he made a good contribution and could have been a decent player for us. He has only himself to blame for how his career has gone, but I think Spurs fans shouldn’t be too harsh on him.

  22. I didn’t see that game so it hasn’t influenced my opinion of him at all, but Ghaly was a flat out terrible player who is not even close to prem quality. Based on several comments it seems like he has an attitude problem as well, which might be ok if he could touch the ball without turning it over.


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