GOALS VIDEO: Spurs 2-1 Arsenal


We’ve been watching the goal highlights all morning from our North London derby win against Arsenal yesterday, and we’re sure that you’ll want to watch Bale and Lennon score condemn the Gooners to defeat again, too.

Enough from us. Here’s the video. COYS!

Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal (Vòng 28 Premier League… by soikeo_vn

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  1. Fantastic 2-3 minutes towards end of 1st half with us showing more penetration than arsenal had in the entire match. Its not how long you have with the ball its what you do with it when you've got it. spurs should have had 3 maybe 4 too. We were content to let arsenal hold the ball in harmless areas but closed them down nicely when they got into the final third, and we even scored their goal for them!


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