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Heurelho Gomes has pointed the finger at Darren Bent, accusing the former Tottenham striker of diving in Saturday’s victory over Sunderland.

Referee Kevin Friend gave a penalty after Gomes was ajudged to have brought down Bent, which Gomes went on to save.

Sunderland have since complained that Gomes should have been sent off as well, but the Brazilian has claimed it should never have been a penalty at all and that Bent was already going down before he made any contact.

“I didn’t think I would get sent off because I didn’t think it was a penalty. When I saw the ball was going out I pulled my arm back.

“It’s a difficult situation, but it is his (Bent’s) job. The referee needs to know these things, that when a striker comes to the 18-year box, they try to dive for a penalty. They have to know.

“I don’t accept something like that, but you have to keep going when the referee gives a penalty, you have to try to save it.

“This was the same against Man United last season when I got the ball. This time I didn’t get the ball, but it was not a penalty either.

“Maybe when he dived he changed the game.

“I spoke to Darren afterwards. We didn’t speak about the penalty, just about the save. He is a great striker, but it’s my job to save.”

The penalty was just one of a string of great saves from Gomes, who has come on leaps and bounds since his much maligned start to last season.

Spurs were linked with a move for David James on transfer deadline day, but Gomes has pleased Harry Redknapp with his performances this season.

“The manager spoke for everyone after the Portsmouth game recently. He told me afterwards, you’re in great form and have to keep going.”

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  1. In my opinion it was a dive, but the saddest part is if he had stay up there would’ve been enough contact which would’ve forced the ref to have no choice but send Gomes off. The argument is that Ledley was the last player, but that is questionable.

    Bent did an Eduardo, he knew the contact was coming and started his descent before the contact.


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