Gomes pays tribute to Spurs fans after superb display


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Heurelho Gomes was delighted with Tottenham’s 2-1 win at Portsmouth and thanked the fans for their support.

The goalkeeper was in outstanding form at Fratton Park and played a major part in helping Spurs take all three points from the encounter.

“I work hard every week to make saves like that, it’s my job,” he told the club’s official site.

“When the ball comes straight to you it’s easy enough to save but when it’s deflected it’s difficult.

“I was already diving and I just managed to turn my head to see the ball changing direction, I put my hand there and managed to save it.

“That’s what I’m there for, to make saves like that.

“I’m just glad I can make the fans happy because they support me so much. I was delighted we got the win for them.

“We knew it was a big game for Harry going back to Portsmouth and for Crouchy, Jermain and Niko,” he added.

“We started a bit slowly but after that we did well to go 2-0 up.

“When Jermain was sent off it was tough for us but we defended superbly. It’s so difficult to do that away from home (with 10 men) but we did very well.”

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  1. That save from the deflected free kick was unbelievable, but it seems that you can’t have the sublime without the ridiculous. His kicking is very weak, but if he’s pulling out the saves like the 3 top drawer ones that he made i’m willing to give him a bye with his kicking. Guaranteed Spurs No. 1

  2. His kicking can improve with practice – the raw materials, the stuff that just cannot be taught, ie the reflexes, are all in fine working order.

    He’s a work in progress, is our goalie, but he’s entertaining, and makes some ridiculous saves other goalies wouldn’t.

    I think he’s great.

  3. As with all geniuses, there is a touch of madness that comes with it and Gomes is no exception to this rule. A fine shotstopper equal to the best in the World on his day but also guilty of the woeful foul-ups. I love Gomes for who he is and for every crazy foul-up, he’ll reply with 3 world beating saves in the same match…Spur’s very own Jekyll & Hyde, but we love ‘im…

  4. Gomes is an absolute top notch goalie!! How on earth some people think we should replace him with David James is beyond me.

    The spurs are rolling at the moment but I’m a little nervous about the upcoming game against Stoke. What worries me is that the players are looking past Stoke and thinking about the arsenal game next weekend. Here’s hoping Harry gets them all focused on stoke come saturday…..

  5. We have Gomes to thank for winning our match against a tough Pompey side especially in the second half when they dominated. He is clearly our no. 1 goalkeeper and he should stay in that positon for as long as he performs.

  6. as long our defenders prevent any one – one situation with gomes, i confident our opponents find difficult to get past him..

  7. When Harry left cudicini in goals after the Man Utd Game my heart sank cudicini was a great shot stopper for Chelsea when the balls were heavier.But since these new lighter balls goalkeeping has changed and its all about swerving dipping shots from distance free kicks whipped in with pace shoving and pushing at corners and you have to command your area like a lion. The goalkeepers that stand and watch at corners risk conceding if defenders lose there attackers Gomes will punch catch he will launch is octapuss frame like one of those bendy toys that stretch and tip thunderbolts over the bar. Cudicini and Robbo would grasp fresh air and conceded a goal.Gomes in my opinion would have saved six of the thirteen goals we have conceded so far .COYS


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