Harry defends Crouch after fans sing for Pav


Peter Crouch

Harry Redknapp has defended Peter Crouch after his performance against Everton on Saturday.

Crouch sarcastically applauded the fans after they sung for Roman Pavlyuchenko to replace him during the 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane.

‘He gives you something else,’ said Redknapp of Crouch.

‘You take Crouchie out of there and you’ve got to play perfect football to break teams down.

‘When teams have got numbers in there it’s very difficult. You can drop the ball in to him. You take him out and you’ve really got to play through teams.’

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  1. How many times can he hold up the ball when its dropped to him? He maybe tall, but he gets bullied off the ball too easy.

  2. Crouch had a great opportunity in the 2nd half to pass sideways to Pav in the box, who was in a much better goalscoring position from 8 yards out, but the selfish tw*t fluffed it…

  3. Here we go again. Typical Spurs fans – must be the most disloyal amnesiac fans in the Premier League. Who was it who scored the goal to get Spurs into 4th spot last year? Who was it who scored a hat trick to get them into theChampions League? Crouchie can't do right for doing wrong. Other teams – including Everton see him as such a threAt they put two markers on him because they know that nullifies the attack – didn't notice the ever last Pav make any impact – and did Modric get any stick for missing his chances?? And who was it who put the ball back across for the goal?? He may not be scoring his own goals but he's made most of VDVs.And he always puts the effort in in defense. You don't deserve him-Liverpool fans would be delighted to have him back – Harry"s right!,,

  4. if you put crouch as lone striker you’re not gonna score many goals most matches. You would be relying on the midfield, defence and goalkeeper to get you the goals.

  5. I think most Spurs fans appreciate the important goals he's scored for us but truth be told Crouch hasn't been able to hit a barn door of late. He's always had limitations but when he's not scoring they are all too obvious. Of course winning is important but when you're paying upwards of £50 per ticket you want to see more than the long ball to Crouch time and time again.

  6. Please do not forget who got us into the CL! I cannot defend his shooting on Saturday because I could have buried one of those chances but where he is not scoring he is setting up VDV. Can you see Defoe teeing up VDV…….I don’t think so but I cannot wait for him to be back and see VDV having a go at him every 10 mins for not laying it off etc. Get off the guys back (if you can find the ladder)and be honest Pav only has one good game in three.

  7. Harry always defends Crouch even when he is not effective and does not substitute him.This is where the problem lies.Goals are not scored…

  8. Crouch what a player NOT, how much is the guy on ?

    Currently working in Italy and even the locals laugh at him!

    Get rid of the shit

  9. Crouchs goal against City last year has propelled the club to where we are now.

    But why doesn’t Harry coach him how he should head the ball !!! He always tries to dink the header in rather than power it, and he doesnt head downwards enough.

    These are basics in training, yet week afetr week he carries on with the same approach. Who is at fault Crouch or the coaches ?

  10. How many chances did Crouch miss before he scored against City last year. Everyone said it was Crouch that got us into the Champions League. He scored the only goal of the game against Man City in an important game. As did other players goals during the season. The squad as a whole got us into the Champions League, not one goal from one player in one game. Crouch encourages us to hoof the ball long, or put high balls into the box, most time he gets muscled out or falls over. He cant put his foor thru a football and in fairness if we had planted a lamp post in the Everton penalty arean and aimed for that we would have had more success. Crouch is not good enough. Pav as much as i like him is too hit or miss and does not put the work graft in, however, he is a natural goal scorer who can finish. The real answer is we need a quality centre forward who can head the ball, who can put his foot through the ball, who will work for the team and who will not get muscled out of the game. As much as i do not like the guy, an Andy Carroll type would be perfect, strong, aggressive and can score goals.

  11. Sorry Harry but your job at the lane is done .When it comes to tactics you aint got it . The came turned our way as soon as you had put Pav on . We where 12 fans in the pub watching the game and all of us been saying what you were waiting for to bring Pav on .

  12. To busy thinking about his next prossie like that prick Rooney!! Peter Crouch albeit is sometimes effective is one of the worse footballers I have ever seen. He needs 4 touches to get the ball under control, he is 6ft 7" standing and 6ft 7.5" when air bound. He lets the ball hit his head rather than head the ball and has a shot the isn't disimilar to an 8 year olds!!
    Yes he scored the goal at City and yes we thank him for that, bus as a lone striker we should be getting a return from him – 0 league goals in 9 games is pathetic……really pathetic.
    He isn't and never will be a Tottenham player and the way we play football with him in the side is a disgrace, we have the talent in vdv, bale, modric, huddlestone and lennon to not have to beat teams by playing the long ball game.
    And when the f*ck are we going to stop going 1-0 down in games??? Replace Ledley King once and for all and play the same back 4 week in week out – thats the only way we'll improve defensively.

  13. The most irritating thing about Crouch, is that the primary game plan for us seems to be hoof it to Crouch. Not only is he pathetic at winning these hoofs, when he does his flick give possession away 9 times out of 10. VdV and Modric should be dominating the ball, getting it wide to Bale and Lennon, instead we bypass them to lump it forward. We have the players to play through teams 'Arry, at least we would if Pav was up top linking the play rather than Crouch


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