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We know you’d love the England job Harry but with all that spare time you’d only end up doing TV and Radio work and who knows even columns for national newspapers to fill in the time. You’d also have to spend more time on that permanent building site they call Sandbanks. A very posh building site Harry, but a building site is a building site.

Stick with us mate.

The World Cup

In my humble opinion it has not been the greatest show on earth but has had it’s moments. As usual another new ball has played a major role in the disappointing aspects of this. It is not just goalkeepers who find the flight of the ball hard to judge but strikers too find it veering away as the ball is crossed. As with the last world cup we also watch one free kick after another going over the bar. So boring Mr. Blatter.

As for England, the team had no heart from the start and after three rubbish games the same tired old players were put out for a forth. We still have our untouchables who can stand and pick they’re noses for ninety minutes knowing full well they will be in the eleven for the next match. Dawson may not be the greatest player on the planet but in ten minutes he would have shown more heart than our so called big name players did in six hours.

We should now start building for the next World Cup so please, no over thirties in our next squad. Our press will hound you for it Mr. Cappello, they will call for the return of Owen, lampard, Gerrard, Upson, Gazza and even Nobby Styles, but we must not be leaving players at home through lack of experience when our next world cup squad is announced. (Give them some). Use the Euro’s as a building block as my dart team could qualify from our group

Our press is today raving over a cheeky penalty by Sebastian Abreu that saw Uruguay reach the semi finals. I’d call it intelligent. Kingson in goal for Ghana had already dived by the time the first four penalties were taken so all Abreu had to do was chip it up in the air. Not rocket science.

By Steve Turner

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  1. The same you said of Dawson applies to O'hara as well. He would give everything to have played in the world cup. Just because he doesn't play for a top club, doesn't mean he isn't the best option.

  2. Not sure I totally agree with you mabbsman. Theo was on form going into this WC was he? Johnson has had a month or two where he's been ok – brilliant no. Defoe off form? If he had played he would heve done 5 times better than Heskey given the right service. I do agree about language and giving the guys confidence to do what they do in the PL. Lennon was not encouraged to attack the full back – all it was about was defensive shape. I think we were over cautious and the players were told to be this way. Anyway, all that is behind us now and it's roll on the start of the season again. ABH!!

  3. Capello made some big errors: leaving out Parker,Johnson,Theo,& including: unfit players Barry, Rooney & off form players: Defoe, Terry, Upson, Gerrard. Of course with hindsight I can say this: but a pre-requisite should be Capello learns language WELL in 6 months time. Theo states: communication issue that meant a misunderstanding with the boss and Capello couldn’t communicate his wishes when in is needed most? It’s easier in qualifiers but different in tournament. A language test Mr Capello??

  4. Let me put this to my fellow Spurs fans when we brought Mr Ramos to Spurs he also could not Speak the English language and he also left Huddlestone out of his team the rest is history all year Hudds has passed tackled shot and helped us play 424 when all the fans have bean screaming for 433 or 451 . Me i don' like systems Teams should be able to play any system and be able to perform any part of Football to a certain standard on the pitch during a game . Germany are playing the way Spurs have played all year breaking with Speed and good passing from Swienstiegerhe keeps the German game moving from defence to attack quickly this Team would have played better. Heart Milner Dawson Terry Cole Lennon Huddlestone Rooney Gerrard Crouch Defoe . Subs Agbonlahore Foster Whiltshire Shawcross Wallcot Rodwell Zamora . This would depend on players being fit and on form Lennon and Rooney where neither .


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