Redknapp: I could manage anywhere


Harry Redknapp has revealed that he would like to manage another Premier League club.

Redknapp was released from his contract as Tottenham manager last month after four years in charge at White Hart Lane. He has been linked with a lucrative move to the middle east, but insists his future is in England.

Andre Villas-Boas is expected to be announced as Redknapp’s replacement this week.

“I have had loads of offers from abroad,” Redknapp said in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News. “But it is not something I am going to dive in and take the first job that comes up.

“If I am going to take a job, it has got to be a good job – the right job. Otherwise, I will take my time and see where I want to go in my life.”

“Absolutely no problem,” he responded when asked if he could prove to be a success at another top-flight club. “I could manage anywhere. I have certainly not lost any faith in my ability.

“I have left Tottenham in an unbelievable position from when I went to the club to where they are now. It could not have gone better. It has been four fantastic years.”

He added with regards to the Premier League: “That is the only place to manage, for me. As I say, you never know what comes up.

“We will wait and see. If nothing comes up, we will see where we go from there.”

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  1. I would like to thank Harry for helping our club play the best football in the premiership even better than Spain there whole game is based on having loads of stamina Spurs was based on Bale Lennon beating there opponents with devastating speed. Whatching Spain at times was breathtaking but other times it was like watching a swarm of nastie bees chasing the ball. Spurs was easy on the eye no manic defending and no extra energy all the rage in some quarters has Toure proved just naturally fast playersmoulded by Harry into a very good team who with a few more signing would have challenged for the league. Now we are in limbo with a new manager who because of his time at Chelsea will be under intense pressure from the first too the last game and it will be a miracle if players loyal to Harry Joe and Bondy knuckle down and give 100 percent, When you sack a manager its got to feel right this sacking feels wrong because Villas will need to finish 3rd with Chelsea stronger Liverpool and Newcastle even Everton i think Levey has completed a terrible year with the Olympic asco the court case the England job and now the icing on our cake is a failed Chelsea boss vilified by there players and a bad media Levey will look back not in anger but in regret he sacked a media darling for a media disaster

    • You need to relax I'm sure you were even more upset when harry was first appointed by levy from Portsmouth …at the end of the day we have always finished 5th or 6th or there about so i dnt see us finishing below that even if we dnt have a great season God forbid… Levy is just having another gamble like he did with harry… AVB cv speaks much better than Harry's by far so i say give the guy a chance I'm actually excited to see wots going to happen this season and pls we have always played good football even under JOL hve u forgotten when we had berbatov in the squad or going as bk as when carrick was in

      • I was running around like a dog with two tails when I heard we had got Harry. It was obvious to a blind man he would do a cracking job and he did, the jury is out on abv. Instead of belief I can only hope he isn't the disaster he was at Chelsea

  2. As usual, another pantload of "Me!, Me! " BS from Harry. Here are some reasons whyHarry got fired!?
    (1) For blowing a 13 point lead while dreaming about the England job (2) Overusing the core squad players for the second bl**dy year in a row which left them tired and lethargic “down the stretch” and for tying or losing to team’s they should have beaten easily, i.e. Norwich and QPR (3) refusing to sign a new contract when things were going well then trying later, by using his media pals, to force Levy to give him a new one after things imploded (again for the second year in a row), and worse by doing it all while Levy was mourning his Mom’s death (4) at the same time as (3) admitting he would have taken the England job if it had been offered, a tacit admission that it was in his mind all along! Why would any sane person then give this fool a new long-term deal knowing he would quit if Hodgson screwed up and England came “a-calling” to him? (5) …..and finally he just never knows when to shut his big gob with his constant self-serving, inane, embarassing, rnts, quotes and monologues!

    • Spot on, and don't forget his gibberish about the managerial issue not affecting the players during our appalling slump but saying the virtual opposite when he wanted the new contract.

      I really fail to understand this absurd media out-pouring of sympathy for Harry and crticism of Spurs. He dug his own dirty big hole, and look at the top clubs fighting for his services now the great man is available.

  3. If Spurs had been really lucky earlier this year, he’d be managing the HMRC “Taxdodgers Utd” Prison Team and we’d have finished 3rd and been in the CL!


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