Spurs could have a better squad if Modric is sold claims Redknapp


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Harry Redknapp admits that Tottenham Hotspur could have a better team if Luka Modric is sold to Chelsea.

The Spurs boss wants to hold onto the Croatian playmaker but believes any sale of Modric could mean the club could sign four new players from his transfer fee.

Chelsea are reported to be preparing an improved £35million offer and treble his current £40,000-a-week wages.

Redknapp said: “I want to see Luka here at the end of the window. Really.

“But if he is going to go, then you want him to go [quickly], then you get three or four players in.

“They are your options, really. Let’s be honest. You either sell him, get the money and go and bring four players in – and have a better team, in all honesty – or you keep Luka, who is a fantastic player.

“I don’t know where it will end up, in all honesty, but I know Luka will get on with it.

“You couldn’t meet a better fella.”

“It’s difficult, isn’t it?” added Redknapp. “What would you do if someone offered to treble your wages? It’s not easy for him.

“I’ve never met a nicer boy. He got a great reception last week from the fans when we played Athletic Bilbao. I think the fans understand.

“I know we we all love our clubs and people say, ‘He’s got to play for Tottenham’, but if someone comes along and offers to treble your wages and offers you the chance to play in a team that could win the Champions League, it’s not easy.

“He’s had his head turned and it’s not easy.”

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  1. In all honesty harry keep your mouth shut !! He’s going the right way about getting fans to turn on him, iv always been a fan of harrys but lately my patience is wearing thin with all the guff he spouts, if modric is sold which now looks inevitable if the manager is saying we should sell it should be abroad and not to chelsea.

  2. Unlike mayb Tottenham fans,i believe harry has summed things up well.Lka has had his head turned,not so much (as qouted by Chelski fans)But by money.In fairness it would be hard for any one too turn down,3 times the salary that you were on at present.As good as he is,one cannot blame him for wanting to improve gis bank balance.But as a Tottenham fan.I will still consider him,more of a greedy lilltle shitte.Its difficult to say.But Im having no problem.seeing as who has been tapping him up.Funny how the FA never apply thier rules to certain clubs.

    • Maybe if its somebody earning £200 a week and gets an offer of £600 yeah fair enough the guy is already on £50,000 so are you telling me that is'nt enough for a little bit of loyalty.If he played for us for the rest of his career on £50,000 a week he would still die with millions left over in the bank so why does he need more money he is never going to spend.He wants trophies on a plate and does'nt want to earn them the more satisfying HARD way and believe me if this team believed enough in themselves like i believe in them seeing the quality i believe we have then there is trophies for all of them here we are a very talented squad

  3. I like most are getting fed up of harry bloody redknapp and his big mouth. Levy needs to have a word with him!! He wants the cash because once again he has right royally fcuked up in the transfer market again. He has failed to identify a striker, again as per usual only looking at premier based players and one we are looking at a loan deal for! A loan deal?! Are you bloody joking me?! Is harry on some sort of bonus if the club spends fuck all or something. Where’s our ambition?! Redknapp can not be trusted with the luka money. He will weaken the squad by buying average players like parker or over 30s. He EVEN went for eboue for christ sake. This guy is going to ruin spurs. I can’t wait till the day we see the back of redknapp. Stupid quotes like these are NOT made by top managers. Fergie, wenger etc do not speak in this way. Its small club mentality and its what redknapp is used to. The job at spurs is too big for redknapp and he can’t work it. Totally fed up of this big mouthed pratt!

  4. We must keep Luka Modric. If you sell your best players you never progress. We sold Berbatov and were bottom of the league.

    All spurs fans we must oppose any move to sell Modric. If we sell Modric we will never make champions League.

  5. if we back down and sell him we will look like complete fools we have a hard start to the season and if we sell luka and then lose to united and city the fans will be very disappointed considering all the talk that has been said to us about world class player this world class player that.This could all go tits up before half way through september.What you have to take into account is if harry is offered the england job he is off i completly agree with levy not spending to much for harry because he wont commit to us so harry can't exactly say to modric commit to us when he wont himself.I can see harry leaving before the season is over if this goes wrong.Ancelotti anyone ?

  6. Seems like we are going to sell him…big mistake. We should keep him, buy a quality striker and CB and make a serious challenge for TOP 4 this season. I am afraid if we don't do all of these three we slip down the league again…

  7. Ridiculous!
    If we can't sign good players now, why would they sign for us if we've let our best player go!
    We'd just have more money in the babk.

  8. Does Harry know you can only have 11 players on the pitch at any one time?

    With a pessimistic look at our opening fixtures, 2 points from 8 games anyone?

  9. all of you miss trhe point, the little prick signed a contract and he stays even if its the reserves, if spurs sell him it means we are a second rate club. Croatians supported hitler by the way.


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