‘Arry’’s forgotten men


Now that new manager AVB has went through his first settling in period and led the boys through some pre-season games, there has been much talk of what kind of system he will operate and which players have cemented their place for when the real games begin at the start of the new season. I can’t really see the list of regular starters from last season changing all that much, but it did get me thinking of the fringe players at Spurs who now have the opportunity to make a name for themselves under the new manager and bring an end to their days of warming the bench.

The first name that came to mind was the recently outspoken Giovanni Dos Santos. The young Mexican promised so much when he signed for Spurs a few years back so far has failed to deliver on that promise; whether this was because of his lack of form, disagreements with the manager or the fact that he didn’t fit the shape the team was playing in, who knows. Recently, and for the majority of last season actually, Dos Santos has spoken of his desire to leave Spurs on the next viable mode of transport out of White Hart Lane, but maybe under the new manager, who is known for using more unconventional and attacking formations, he can finally live up to his potential. From the limited times Spurs fans have been able to actually see him play, Gio does seem to have a lot of good attributes. He’s quick, skilful and can pass the ball well so perhaps he could play on the right wing or behind the striker in VDV like style? He could also provide cover for the centre of midfield or play up front if the chips were really down and there were no out and out strikers fit or available. The prospects do look better for Gio now that we’re under new management and I wouldn’t be surprised to see his Spurs career turn around under AVB and the potential new system.

Another of Harry’s forgotten men who has been quick to speak out about their situation is Calamity Gomes, who recently talked of his pleasure that the former boss had been shown the door. Personally, Harry’ actions stuck in the throat a bit toward the end of his Spurs days and I wasn’t at all surprised to see him leave, but I’m afraid Gomes has no one to blame for his position of bench  jockey but himself. The mistakes that guy made at times were absolutely unbelievable and being a Spurs supporter is hard and stressful enough without having your sphincter slam shut like a cigar cutter every time that tool jumped to try and catch a ball! Gomes is one of ‘Arry’s forgottens that deserved to be forgot and for the well being of my heart and those of Spurs fans all around the world I pray he’s either sold or left watching from the sidelines were he can’t do any damage.

To recap, give Gio one last chance. And as for Gomes, sell him to Arsenal; that’s the best position be could possibly be in to help the Tottenham cause.

Come On You Spurs.

By @TottenhamMan777

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  1. Quite funny about Gomes making your 'sphincter . leap every time he went to catch a ball. That was the exact I was until Friedel came in. Well put.

  2. gomes was and always will be a poor mans goalie,get shot or just shoot him, either will do.as for dos santos, i say yes, give him a chance, he might just surprise people

  3. Gomes lacks concentration to say the least and is a liability on the defenders to boot. We have enough trouble getting defenders out there as it is. Dos Santos will move to a warmer climate but the bonus if we use him is he'll be playing to impress.

  4. I hope Dos Santos stays, Spurs fans haven't had chance to see how good/bad he actually is, plus he's been putting in some good performances for Mexico recently..

    • He's performances for Mexico have been consistently impressive. That's why I think he still has something to give

  5. Looking forward to seeing gio get a proper chance. He would impress in cup games under harry then disappear again. Who could blame him wanting out. Hopefully he takes lennons place as he has been shocking for a couple of seasons now.

  6. I've not really followed the fortunes of Gio. He's been out on loan and been out of my mind. He's obviously a talented player. His international performances show this. However, H doesn't take any shit and he gave it. Not turning up for training, out on the town with mates in Spain. Doesn't matter who good you are this means you don't play. Barcelona obviously had some sort of issue with him too. I think it takes a strong manager not to play him. Have such talent and ship them out… This has to be justified to the chairman and board. It can't just be a purely personal dislike.

    Saying this, why not let him have a bash. They've kept him for some reason… Or have they just been unable to offload him! I haven't seen the offers flood in.

    Read the guy the rule book. See how he trains then if he seems committed maybe he gets a game. If he fails the basics sell him quick before his contract expires.

    Few glory games for your country are very different to coaching up to Stoke in Feb.

    What I think I'm saying is I Don't think he's been badly treated. He made his bed now he's lying in it. Chance to make amends, but the last one.

    Gomes? Ta ta


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