“He won’t be leaving here cheaply”


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Harry Redknapp has warned potential suitors of Roman Pavlyuchenko that they won’t be getting him on the cheap.

The Russian striker has expressed his desire to leave Tottenham due to a lack of first-team football and has been linked with a move to Roma.

Redknapp said: “That would be up to the chairman but he’s not a player we want to lose. Roman wants to play regularly but it’s been difficult because the other strikers have all been great.

“There has been talk about him having to move to get games but we are happy with him. If he’s not happy and somebody wants to pay the right money for him then something might happen but he won’t be leaving here cheaply.”

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  1. Nothing to do with pavelychenko, but I would like to say, why can’t the rest of Tottenham manager’s past and present see Jermaine Jenas for what he is a total incompetent footballer. He has no vision, no tackling prowess, he contributes absolute bugger all to the team and does not score enough goals, does not set up enough goals. Is it just me or are the rest of the world blind. He is one for better word without being to rude bloody useless. So please can anyone explain to me why Redknapp a renowned manager that supposedly knows a good player when he sees one cant see this one. If Tottenham are to achieve great things which I believe we are on the verge of we must get rid of this kind of dead wood.

  2. Couldnt agree more about Jenas. How the [email protected]@@!!***! does the guy get anywhere near the England team is one of the mysteries of football. He must be blinding in training thats all I can think of ? He has under achieved at Tottenham for past 3 years yet we keep on playing him???? I am at a loss I just cant explain it????

  3. So true, a complete waste of time, championship player at best,
    Rather have Bostock play a part in midfield (if he wasn’t out on loan) to gain a bit of experience until we find that goalscoring midfielder come Janurary….Sandro???


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