“He’s a fabulous player and would be a brilliant addition to any team”


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Harry Redknapp has admitted that he would be interested in bringing Luis Fabiano to Tottenham.

The Brazilian striker is in the last year of his contract at Sevilla and is expected to leave the Spanish club in the summer.

Yes, I like him,” Redknapp told ESPN Soccernet. “He’s a fabulous player and would be a brilliant addition to any team.

“It was put to us that he might be available, but we’ve not made contact with his club Sevilla and, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t sat down to discuss any transfer targets with our chairman Daniel Levy, apart from trying to do a deal with Joe Cole.

“I am not unhappy with the squad I have, but of course if a special player came along I would look at it, and Fabiano is a special player all right.

“For sure, he is a class act, but I don’t know what he earns. He might be on mega money, so it might prove to be impossible for us.”

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  1. Great news! This shows Arry is looking for quality that will improve the team & Fabs is quality but his wages is WAY OUT OF OUR LEAGUE. Arry take a risk on Zamora, Cole C, Klose, Huntelaar- those in our wage bracket??

    • how much is he fucking on then mate ,is he good enough for the bigger clubs , fabs should come for a couple years prove himself in our league then go for a nice profit just like that lazy fucker berbatov anyway he would be a good playmate for gomez we should find out if him and gomez are mates that would help if they were.

  2. Forlan and/or Fabiano would be magic.

    Hopefully Gomes has been telling him fairytales of life in North London.. Where the traffic is minimal, the sun is shining and nobody is ever stabbed..

    • Have you ever seen 'City of God'?

      Well it's based on a true story and there are 5 yr old Brazilian kids running around with hand-guns. So he might actually be tempted by a city where a stabbing is the worst that can happen.

      However, he might decide that the money isn't good enough and get a job as a head teacher at a primary school instead.

  3. We keep getting linked with a different player everyday one minute its fabiano the next bellamy then saurez. I don’t think we will no who we are signing until the moment it happens. I would really like some of the players we have been linked with. To better our team I feel 4 signings would do it richards to play at right back, cole to play in a more forward midfield role, scott parker to play as a second sitting midfielder with hudd and finally forlan as a all round striker who can play up front on his own for the champions league or as a pair when we play 442 in the prem. I would also look at bellamy if we were to sell 2 of our strikers as I feel keane and pav could be moved on.


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