‘He’s about to shoot me’ – Emerson Royal opens up on his harrowing ordeal 

Emerson Royal
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Emerson Royal has now explained the details behind the harrowing incident outside a nightclub last week that finished with gunfire. 

The Tottenham right-back experienced one of the worst moments of his life as he looked to enjoy a post-season holiday in his native Brazil. The 23-year-old was the victim of an attempted robbery, which resulted in a shoot-out between the police and the mugger. 

According to reports (The Telegraph), 29 shots were fired between the two, with the robber being wounded in the back. In a statement, police said the thief was later taken to hospital and local media reported that his life was not under threat (BBC).

Thankfully, the Spurs star came out of the ordeal unharmed but he has now admitted he was quite lucky to escape with his life.

Emerson revealed that he was with several of his family members when the incident occurred in the early hours of the morning.

He told Sportv (07/06/22 – as relayed by Sport Witness): “At that moment, God controlled me in a way… because it felt like nothing was happening. I approached the bandit, saying ‘calm down, calm down, everyone is calm, I’ll give you what you want’.

“When I give him what he wants, I approach him, because I’d already seen his evil look. I saw that he wasn’t just for the watch.

“When I hand it to him, he walks away and unlocks his gun to shoot me. When he’s about to shoot me, I pushed him, slap the gun and he shoots in the air. He fired. 

“It was at that moment, when I pushed him, that he loses his balance and the cop shoots him. Then when he hits the shot, the rush starts. I say it’s God at the moment.

“Because we were in a square, there were 15 people more or less. In a small square. And he starts shooting everywhere and doesn’t hit anyone. He fired 17 or 19 shots if I’m not mistaken. 

“He had a gun that was a 9mm, if I’m not mistaken, semi-automatic. It’s a weapon that is not normal for a bandit, nor a policeman.

“Then I understood that it was a moment that could cost me my life, but it served as a lesson for me to be careful in several situations. And I’m calm now.”

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I cannot even imagine how Emerson must have felt the moment he realised that the burglar was about to shoot at him. Most people in that situation would have completely panicked and froze but it sounds like the 23-year-old’s survival instinct kicked in and the evasive action he took ended up saving his life.

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