High Court rules in favour of Spurs


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The High Court has ruled that Tottenham have the right to seek a judicial review of the decision to award the Olympic Stadium to West Ham after the 2012 Games.

Spurs have been granted permission to mount a legal challenge by Mr Justice Collins, whose only task at this stage was to decide whether Tottenham have an “arguable” case.

A further hearing with full arguments from all sides will now have to be held.

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  1. Winning the eventual judicial review, does not mean we will get the stadium. What it means is that the judge has ruled that there was something illegal in the original process, and the award process will have to be undertaken again, correctly.

    If it is ruled that the £40 mill loan is illegal, and the smutty boys put their own money into the pot, they could well be awarded the OS a second time.

  2. Seems that most of the money the club earned, from last season's Champions League, is going towards the stadium plea that majority of Spurs fans don't want. Mr Levy get your priorties right.


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