How Tottenham’s wage bill compares to their Premier League rivals

According to Capology, Tottenham Hotspur have the seventh highest wage bill across the Premier League behind the other five ‘big six’ clubs and Aston Villa.

With the Premier League now strictly imposing financial regulations rules and demonstrating a willingness to hand points deductions to clubs who do not comply with the profit and sustainability rules, the topic of transfer spending and clubs’ wage bills are increasingly under the scanner.

We already saw during the January transfer window that hardly any Premier League side made any big-money acquisitions and one would expect the same trend to continue in the summer, with several clubs needing to sell players in order to buy.

In fact, it has been well-documented that a host of top-flight teams would have to sell some of their assets before the end of June to ensure they do not fall foul of PSR regulations.

Tottenham are immune to his issue for now and are in a relatively comfortable position with respect to PSR, owing to the tight ship that Daniel Levy has run over the years.

This is demonstrated by the Lilywhites’ wage bill, which is worth just £2.1m per week, placing them seventh in the Premier League. The likes of Manchester United and Manchester City spend almost double that amount on weekly wages for their players.

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Premier League wage bills – Tottenham in seventh

Here’s how the Premier League clubs stack up in terms of their weekly wage bill according to Capology):

1. Man Utd – £3,821,000 per week.

2. Man City – £3,705,000 per week.

3. Arsenal – £3,298,000 per week.

4. Chelsea – £2,978,000 per week.

5. Liverpool – £2,670,000 per week.

6. Aston Villa – £2,135,000 per week.

7. Tottenham – £2,130,000 per week.

8. West Ham – £1,833,000 per week.

9. Newcastle United – £1,638,000 per week.

10. Everton – £1,524,000 per week.

11. Crystal Palace – £1,408,000 per week.

12. Fulham – £1,288,000 per week.

13. Nottingham Forest – £1,283,000 per week.

14. Brighton – £1,165,000 per week.

15. Bournemouth – 973,000 per week.

16. Brentford – £836,000 per week.

17. Wolverhampton Wanderers – £830,000 per week.

18. Burnley – £707,000 per week.

19. Sheffield United – £674,000 per week.

20. Luton Town – £469,000 per week.

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There is no doubt that you will see a number of those top clubs trim down their wage bill over the next few transfer windows as those kinds of salaries are simply not sustainable in the current PSR landscape.

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