Hugo Lloris makes accusation against Mike Dean after Burnley defeat

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris admitted that his side have missed a good opportunity to close the gap on Liverpool and Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table.

A 2-1 defeat to Burnley has left Tottenham’s title hopes in tatters, with referee Mike Dean dominating the headlines for his controversial performance both during and after the final whistle.

Lloris was critical of Dean’ decision to award the Clarets a corner kick which led to their opening goal when it should have been a goal kick to Mauricio Pochettino’s side. Jan Vertonghen’s sliding clearance saw the ball last touch Burnley’s Jeff Hendrix before the ball went out of play.

The Spurs skipper admitted that his side should have defended the corner better when Chris Wood rose above Juan Foyth to head the home side ahead.

Dean’s display did not sit well with the Frenchman who claimed that it is not the first time that the referee has made an error.

Lloris told Sky Sports (as quoted by the BBC): “Obviously it is a big disappointment. Today was a good opportunity for us and we missed it. It was a tough game. We expected a battle.

“We were in the game. We had a good fight and it was difficult to keep the ball on the floor because the pitch was dry and windy.

“We conceded the first goal and it makes things harder. Especially when you concede a corner that didn’t exist. It is part of the game.

“It was an open game when we scored. Unfortunately we didn’t get the result that we wanted.

When asked about controversial corner that led to Burnley’s first goal, he added: “For me it was obvious. It is the responsibility of the referee. Then it is our responsibility not to concede on the corner.

“It is not the first time that type of thing has happened with the same referee but it is not my position to talk about that.”

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  1. “It is not the first time that type of thing has happened with the same referee”
    All started last season when Piers Morgan and his Arsenal supporting friends suggested that Mike Dean ‘liked Spurs; in a cleaver reverse psychology moved that appears to have imbedded itself into Mike Deans mind.
    He immediately went out of his way to prove otherwise in the North London derby giving Arsenal a 2-0 win with an offside goal and the second from a doggy free kick. Not believing their luck the Arsenal supporters repeated the accusation again this season with a similar result and a 4-2 again with Dean in charge, in fact Spurs have only one of seven NL derbies with dean in charge with numerous controversial decisions given against the Lilywhites.
    This practice appears to have spread to every Spurs game he has been in charge for 50% of games lost this season all with controversial decisions that have affected the result, in addition he has booked more Spurs players than any other team. Spurs have lost 18% of their games this season under all other referees and a whooping 60% of those involving Mike Dean.
    Clearly Dean has an issue with Spurs which he has now been called on!
    All Pochettino is asking for is to be treated fairly Mike dean should get Piers Morgan out of his head and become the referee that he has the ability to be.

  2. Does not surprise me! Mike dean seems to be behind many bad decisions when he referees spurs. When spurs played many Utd I have never seen so many bad decisions go the other way. Poor game for the mike dean again!! Maybe he’s getting too old?

  3. Kick racism,in this particular case antismitism,out of…..oh?
    Even Labour party members are leaving cus of it in certain political spheres &spurs subjected AGAIN NEGATIVE bias from the F.A-SHOCK HORROR!?

  4. It seems that Mike Dean is going out of his way to prove he is not a Spurs fan. Okay Mike, I think we’ve got the message. Something needs to be done here to stop this behaviour in Referees, they should be held responsible for the frequently bad decisions they make on a weekly basis, otherwise, what’s the point. Why bother even turning up to play the game, when you already know the outcome???

  5. Mike Dean is a vein glory seeking little turd of a man who has cost us games and many point before yet, yesterday was Poch’s fault!

    Time after time with long term injuries he’ll not rush players back, with one exception Kane.
    Poch says it was his final decision and I believe that, but from being described as the Kane team by Pep to showing such backbone that we close the gap at the top without him and Alli and also get a stunning victory against Dortmund in the Champions League.
    Poch playing Kane from the start sent out a message to his own players – Son mostly that we are still overly relient on Kane.
    The other issue was playing Foyth who still needs to develop his muscle bulk against a team as physical as Burnley

  6. It wasn’t a corner, but that’s not why we lost. Moaning about that is, frankly, embarrassing. We always lose games of this nature, what I call crunch games, where winning would give us real hope. Very disappointed – again.


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