“I couldn’t put Woody in my 25”


Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has revealed that he is worried for Jonathan Woodgate’s career.

Under new Premier League rules, clubs have to name a squad of 25 senior players by the closure of the summer transfer window, eight of which must be home-grown. Under-21 players are eligible over and above the limit. Clubs can only make changes to the list in January, during the winter transfer window.

“Woody’s nowhere near at the moment, nowhere near,” Redknapp said. “It must be really hard for him at the moment because he’s nowhere near kicking a ball. He’s been out for nearly a year, been in America and Australia but he’s still nowhere near.”

“I couldn’t put Woody in my 25,” Redknapp added. “It’s impossible at the moment and if he doesn’t start playing before [the end of August], he’s got no chance. You can’t have somebody in who’s never going to play, if he’s not going to be fit.

“He’s got to really prove that between now and the start of the season. To have any chance, he’s got to be playing, otherwise you couldn’t possibly have him in the 25. Not at the moment. He’s a long way off now. We’ll see how we go in January.”

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  1. Always was a suspect/very risky signing – and he's proved that beyond doubt. Can we not cash in some insurance policy on the dude? He costs us a fortune for zero return.

  2. I said all along that Woody is finished when i seen him break down in pain without any contact the alarm bells started to ring in my mind . This happened to me a lot younger than Woody and sadley he looks like he has the same disease that struck me at the age of 8 then 16 19 and then aged 23. From 8 it left me and i had a great Football or Rugby Prosbects until my Cartlidge went at 16 then my other one at19 and finaly my spine started fusing and the rest is History . He will have to make his heartbreaking desision to retire and Harry should make him defencive coach along with Ledley and keep there registration intacted just in case a cure or iam wrong and he rcovers

    • Davspurs, this is the reason I've been banging on about getting cover for him and Ledders, because his retirement and or breakdown is only a matter of time as well. Last year we had no cover at certain times and resorted to Hudd stepping in. Corluka and Kabul aren't the answer, so effectively we're down to just Bassong and Dawson right now. Yet we're chasing players that aren't required at ridiculous fees. Know how you feel btw, when an injury stops you playing for good.

  3. ****TRANSFER NEWS ITK****** Man City bidding for JJ as water carrier cos when he's on the pitch no one would actually see what he's doing and he woudn't influence the game in any way whatsoever . . . .

  4. BallBag – Hmmm, Zero return eh? You seem to have forgotten him scoring the winner vs Chelsea in the League cup final. We got one and a half seasons of quality out of him. I didn't want to sign him, but we did. Ultimately, he has succumbed to injury again. The sad thing is that (probably won't happen) if he gets back to fitness in October/November, he cannot play until the new year as he will not be named in the 25 man squad. Surely there should be some special dispensation for him to move somewhere on loan to get back to match fitness. Perhaps he could go down a division mid-season.


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