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Harry Redknapp claimed that he never has a good refereeing display from Howard Webb.

The referee, who will be England’s representative at the World Cup failed to award some crucial decisions in Tottenham’s 3-1 win against Blackburn, including a decision not to award Spurs a penalty when Gareth Bale was blatantly brought down in the box by Michel Salgado.

“I never have a good day with Webb,” said Redknapp.

“I could tell you five or six games he has refereed, I seem to be very unlucky. Certainly we had two good shouts (for a penalty) and for their goal our keeper was fouled, I could see from where I was sitting.”

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  1. The Sunday Supplement show hosted by well known journalists on Sky Sports 1 recently commented that Howard Webb and Mike Dean had not covered themselves in glory when caught singing ‘you’ll never walk alone’ dury a boozy session in the bar at a referees conference in Spain. Think back to the Liverpool game earlier this season and his strange decision making and also this afternoon and it’s not too difficult to see why he made those judgements.

  2. Webb is the worst ref in the league. It is quite embarassing that he will represent England. Tat Cnut sux and gives the worst decision ever. Of course he is also crumble under pressure. Disgusting .

  3. I really wonder what Webb Howard has against us. There is not a shade of doubt that Bale was tripped. It was so obvious and we deserved a penalty.

  4. I really wonder what Webb Howard has against us. There is not a shade of doubt that Bale was tripped. It was so obvious and we deserved a penalty.

  5. For once this biased twit was bad for both teams we should had two penalties and what was wrong with rovers 2nd "goal"

  6. Rovers’ second goal was a result of a handball, it may have been accidental, but his (Kalinic’s) arm was out-stretched and he gained an obvious advantage from it. Howard Webb hardly covered himself in glory today and I’m sure both sets of fans (especially Spurs fans) have gone home feeling aggrieved by Webbs reluctance to give decisions. It was especially baffling when he seemed to point to the spot for a Spurs penalty (even the Blackburn players thought a penalty had been given) only to give a goal kick. Overall it was a poor performance from someone who is supposed to be at the peak of his proffession.

  7. A very poorly officiated game. If that’s the best England has to offer the World Cup, would it not make better sense to send no-one? Does anyone really need to see three yellows to one player in a game again? Shame on the FA and Shame Shame Shame Shame on Webb

  8. The question I keep asking myself is if these referees are being monitored by a referees panel, then what is the up shot of their verdicts on rubbish displays of refereeing decisions like Howard Webb’s today? That was truly awful. I could sympathise if he was some distance from the incident but he was literally five yards away and then to confuse things further after giving what at first appears to be the correct decision he then signals a goal kick. So it would appear the answer to the question as to what happens to refs who have howlers on a regular basis like Howard Webb is to reward them by making them Englands representatives at this summers world cup finals. What kind of message are we sending out? That this is our best? But why are we surprised when the governing body of this game we love pay hundreds of pounds to travel and watch even more on replica shirts can totally disregard the views of the masses by not considering goal line technology that would in my view add an extra dimension to an already beautiful game not to mention save clubs potentially millions from relegation or champions league revenue re: Spurs Manchester united 2005 Pedro Mendes. This game of the peoples is now in the hands of the few who don’t have a clue. Heaven help us. Lillywhitetilidie.

  9. i would like to know who picks the referees that go to the world cup, the last time they picked that twat poll who ended up giving one player 3 yellow cards & was told to f*uck-off home soon after, is anyone telling me that webb is the best that we have got?, i used to think he was reasonable, it looks as though he now determined to be news.

  10. Vs Manure when we were 2-0 up he gave THAT penalty despite Gomes clearly getting the ball – it even changed direction from Webbs angle. Then vs Chelsea at 1-0 down when Keane was fouled, he didn’t give a penalty but didn’t book Keane; even Keane ran after him and asked “if it’s not a penalty then why don’t you book me?” Then vs Liverpool Crouch was fouled for a pen but not given and Defoe had perfectly good goal inexplicably disallowed. Now we don’t get penalties for fouls on Bale. Their first goal was blatant foul on Dawson, Samba was climbing on him like he was a climbing frame. Thankfully their second goal was rightfully disallowed for the handball (deliberate or not, he used it to control the ball before hitting it) in the build up. When I saw he was the ref I said “we’ll be denied at least one penalty to day”. Thankfully he did not let me down.

  11. the ref was a disaster.so close to the bale trip,he ignored it.millions of tv viewers saw the trip as broad as daylight.their goal ,again a blackburn player put his hands on dawsons shoulders and used him to haul himself up to head the goal.3 officials saw nothing.just show the tv replay and there would be a riot.the hawkeye experiment was not approved by fifa.the british FA wanted it.

  12. OK I know I’ll get shot for this,but honestly it looked as though Bale exaggerated the contact on the one challenge,yes there was a coming together of legs and that should be enough but players as a whole have not helped themselves by diving as this has made referees extra cautionate in their decisions,Bale also had a rye smile on his face when asked about the penalty claims,cheeky.

  13. Send in johnny Singh. 5 years ago he reff’d my sunday league(Harrow) (west middsx saturday league)he now is
    a third official in the prem and Reff’s Coca cola level games.
    (Brilliantly)Point being that because of the proliferation of the
    debauched and stomach renching ‘Tv personality/celeb’Sky has helped to cultivate a generation of (EXPERTS)..?? meritted for bowing to fame over substance.(Andy up his arse Gray)Attempting to single handedly redefine the natural and untamable task of
    (bottling wind)is honestly laughable. for those of us whos mind
    works perfectly well with our own eyes …a piss take.
    Graham Poll has done things which defy belief (Even in the real world)and Webb has fulfilled his fuedal dynasty against us for as
    long as I can remember.
    Lets just hope they do the French games…and send any trace of
    Arsenal home with absolutely F**** all.


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